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He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

After he left you brokenhearted, it took a lot of time for you to fully recover and heal your wounds.

It wasn’t possible to simply snap out of it when the pain was much more real than his love for you ever was.

You had to go through all the stages of grief and cry your eyes out until you could finally open them.

Once you did, you saw the future ahead of you again, after feeling for such a long time that there was no tomorrow.

Finally, you didn’t miss him as much as you did at the beginning of your recovery.

Your wounds haven’t completely healed yet but you’ve accepted that it’s really over.

You didn’t continue to hope that he’d knock on your door one day and beg you for forgiveness. Most importantly, you realized that you had to learn to live without him no matter how hard it was.

DONE! He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

His absence in your life started to bother you less than it did at first, and you managed to function without him.

Something else kept bugging you though… You never got to have the closure you so desperately needed in order to move on.

Your entire relationship needed an explanation for you to make peace with what happened.

What was the reason why your ex-boyfriend never treated you the way you deserved?

You didn’t need him so badly anymore, but you needed an answer to that question.

He didn’t treat you right and, now that you come to think about it, he actually only caused you harm.

At first, you thought that he broke your heart by leaving you… but now you’re aware that he was breaking your heart the entire time you were in a relationship.

DONE! He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

You were together for a long time, and all he did was use every chance he got to hurt and humiliate you.

You had a sense of self-worth before him… but he almost completely destroyed it during your relationship.

According to your ex, you were never good enough. No matter how hard you tried to be enough for him, he never appreciated your efforts.

He never even respected you the way he should have, let alone treated you with respect.

Hurting you even seemed to be the only way your ex could be happy. It’s like he actually enjoyed watching you cry because of him.

When you’d beg him for his love and attention, he’d even find pleasure in seeing you humiliate yourself.

Now that he’s just a part of your past, you want to know why he acted that way.

You never deserved that kind of treatment from him… and what kind of person could even find pleasure in hurting someone who gives them nothing but love?

All you did was try to make him happy and all he did was hurt you. How could you have deserved that after only showing him pure love and understanding?

DONE! He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

You tried to be the best girlfriend a guy could hope for and you put so much effort into it for years.

Despite his bad behavior, you gave him your heart, respected him, and thought that the two of you could have a future together.

Now you know that he’s not the man you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with… and all you want is answers.

He’s not going to dignify you with any, so I’ll explain it for him. This guy is a narcissistic and toxic egomaniac who only ever thinks about himself.

He might have made you think that he’s a person who has high self-esteem, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

This man is actually incredibly insecure, and even though his actions prove that, that fact doesn’t justify them.

He has mental and emotional issues and he realized that putting you down was a way to heal them, at least temporarily.

Devaluing you was the only way he could feel worthy. Destroying your self-esteem made him feel confident.

Putting you down made him feel better about himself and that’s the reason he treated you so poorly. He was actually aware of how amazing you are and it intimidated him.

DONE! He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

Your ex knew that he didn’t deserve you and it scared him that you’d one day realize that you’d settled for less.

By humiliating you, he thought that he could avoid that. He couldn’t rise up to your level, so he dragged you down to his.

You thought that he was the dominant and strong one in your relationship because he wanted you to think that.

In reality, he’s just a big coward who proved his weakness by hurting you.

He wasn’t strong enough to fight his own demons, so he projected them onto you.

Instead of gathering the courage to face his insecurities and deal with them, he wanted to make you just as insecure as he was.

It was only that way that he wouldn’t feel so inferior and his fragile ego would be satisfied.

Maybe you think that your ex never loved you, but the truth is that he never loved himself. He acted like he hated you because he hated himself.

DONE! He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

When he looked at you, he only saw what he could never become.

Your qualities just made him feel frustrated and bad about himself. All your accomplishments just reminded him of all his failures.

He felt like a failure and wanted you to feel that way so that he wouldn’t.

How can that be love? That’s not even how a healthy human being thinks and behaves.

I hope that you know your answers now and that they’ve helped you finally find some closure.

The truth is, your ex did you a favor by walking out of your life. He actually gave you a chance to have a much better one.

Leaving you might have been the only decent thing he ever did for you.

DONE! He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

Don’t keep wondering why he hurt you and why you were never good enough for him.

Now you know the real answer and I can bet that it’s the truth he’ll never be brave enough to admit.

You were good enough, but he wasn’t and he was aware of that. He just proved his weakness when he hurt you.

He Just Proved His Weakness When He Hurt You

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