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He Calls You Insane When You Prove To Him You Can’t Be Manipulated

He Calls You Insane When You Prove To Him You Can’t Be Manipulated

Finally, you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands and stand up for yourself for once in your life. The thing that surprised you the most is that your partner at that time called you insane, but you wanted to prove to him and others that you can’t be manipulated.

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you ever been in a situation where your boyfriend or your friends and family have declared you crazy because you took control of your own life?

I know that you’ve put up with so many bad things throughout your life. You’ve tolerated bad behavior for far too long from people who were closest to you.

You’ve been manipulated, disrespected, used so many times, but you refused to talk about it. You just kept quiet and hoped that one day you’d wake up and that your loved one and friends would change for the better.

Now, you’ve decided to put a stop to all of that and finally chosen to prioritize yourself. I get how difficult it was for you to do that, but you had to if you wanted to keep your sanity.

Taking a stand will drive away toxic people.

DONE! He Calls You Insane When You Prove To Him You Can't Be Manipulated

Being in a state of mind where other people’s opinions don’t matter to you as much as it previously did can feel liberating.

But only you know how much you suffered over the past few months. His toxic behavior has had a tremendous impact on your mental health and he’s always tried to keep you inside his bubble.

Your decision to stand up for yourself has removed not just him but also many other people from your life.

But it’s the best thing that you could ever have done for yourself. He was bad for you anyway – he didn’t deserve to be a part of your life.

Even though he wasn’t always like that, something snapped in him.

You never believed that he had a dark side, but the situation took a turn for the worse once he figured out he had you in the palm of his hand. Eventually, he started to forget about you and not care how you were feeling or if you were happy at all.

DONE! He Calls You Insane When You Prove To Him You Can't Be Manipulated

Everything changed when he realized he couldn’t use you anymore. You showed him that you refused to allow him to treat you that way. That was the first time you heard someone called you insane.

And people can be like that sometimes.

I understand that it must have hurt you. And right now, you might even start reconsidering whether or not your behavior was appropriate.

Keep in mind that it’s not you. It’s him who is crazy.

You should never feel guilty for how you’re feeling. People who are closest to us can have the tendency to mistreat us. They want to control and manipulate us for their benefit.

However, you need to remember that he only called you crazy because he wanted you to doubt yourself. You’re completely aware of what you deserve and what you’re getting.

Saying NO to him means you know what your limits are.

DONE! He Calls You Insane When You Prove To Him You Can't Be Manipulated

Don’t feel bad for setting boundaries in your life. Distancing yourself from your toxic ex can only prove to be beneficial and bring the best in you.

It’ll keep you away from those immature guys who don’t know what they want from their lives and only break your heart.

Knowing your limits means that you recognize when you’re had enough of something. You know when certain things in your life are unacceptable and respect yourself enough to not let anyone cross them.

Don’t be afraid to let go. After all, being single is better than being in a toxic relationship.

Calling you crazy is just another way for him to manipulate you.

Remember, he’s a toxic manipulator who wants you to listen to his every word. He wants you to make you think that you’re overreacting and that you’ll come begging him to accept you back.

His intention is to make you question your self-worth and humiliate you in any way possible. And calling you insane is another one of the tricks he uses to gain control over your life.

But this time he won’t succeed. And you know why? Because you won’t fall for his cheap frauds and empty promises ever again.

He’s pretending to be the victim.

DONE! He Calls You Insane When You Prove To Him You Can't Be Manipulated

He’s calling you crazy because he wants others to see that he’s the victim in your story. He’ll go around and create stories that suit him so that others think you’re the guilty one.

He won’t even apologize to you when he realizes his mistake. Instead, he’ll try to make you look insane.

It’ll happen over and over again until you break that vicious circle and cut him out of your life forever.

But you won’t be a victim either. Your decision to stand up for yourself will make you a winner who shows everyone how strong and independent you actually are.

Don’t let him win!

Look at this as a battle between you and your toxic ex. The rules of war are being broken as he uses sneaky ways to intimidate you and make you doubt yourself. Don’t allow him that!

Hold on because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Good always defeats evil.

Believe in yourself and you’ll become a superwoman. Don’t let your toxic ex change you ever. Calling you insane means nothing when you know you won’t be anyone’s fool.

He Calls You Insane When You Prove To Him You Can't Be Manipulated

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