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Happiness Is A Choice Essay: 16 Steps To Happiness

Happiness Is A Choice Essay: 16 Steps To Happiness

I watched Shay Carl’s Happiness is a Choice video about the painting that carries that name and thought to myself: today, I will choose to be happy. It got me thinking about true happiness and how you can choose to be happy or sad. Happy people have something in common, and that is the positivity they spread around. Positive people make a conscious decision to lead a happy life. In this happiness is a choice essay, I will hopefully reach out to all of you who think happiness is not an option and convince you to stop thinking about why happiness is not a choice, because it really is, and I am going to tell you why. I am also going to tell you about 8 steps to being happy in this happiness is a choice essay.

Happiness is a choice essay

The definition of happiness would be that it is a sense of joy, well-being or contentment. When people are lucky, safe or successful, they feel happiness. Research shows that 40% of our happiness is in our hands, so it has inspired me to write this happiness is a choice essay.

You choose your own happiness, and we are as happy as we decide to be. Happy people know that true happiness is all about positivity, and it is a conscious decision. Sometimes a bad thing happens to us, such as having to break up with a loved one, and it’s hard to keep having a positive attitude. But positive people make a conscious choice to be happy, and research proves that just by trying to be happy, we already become happier.

The meaning of happiness is a choice is that you need to have a positive attitude to have a happy life. Even when a bad thing happens to you, try to make a conscious choice to be happy because everything happens for a reason, and maybe you had to break up with your loved one because he was just not your soulmate, and your real soulmate is on his way, so you need to be single for him to finally shower you with love.

The definition of happiness can actually be whatever you want it to be because you can choose your own happiness. But in order to find happiness and lead a good life, you have to really care about your well-being. Read on because in this happiness is a choice essay, I will suggest some things you could do to achieve happiness.

16 steps to happiness

1. Your happiness should be your main goal

You have to choose to be happy and put your own happiness first, as your primary goal. If something in your life is stopping you from being happy, change it. What if some of your beliefs are actually making you unhappy? Put in an effort to change. Remove toxic people from your life and surround yourselves with those who influence you positively.

2. Smile more often

Everyone becomes more beautiful when they smile. In order to find happiness, you have to invite it into your life, and you do this by smiling more often. A smile is a symbol of positive energy, and you need it to find happiness and have the good life you deserve to have.

3. Be grateful

If you care about your own happiness, you need to become grateful for what you have. A lot of people focus on what they don’t have, and that invites negative energy into their lives. Think about what you do have rather than what you don’t have and be grateful for it.

4. Do things that make you happy

Do whatever it is that makes you happy. Why not find a new hobby as well? I am taking acting classes, and it has been making me happy for a while now. A lot of people find happiness when they find a hobby which they love. For me, it is acting, and it has really lifted my spirits, so I make sure never to miss a class.

5. Let yourself be happy

This happiness essay is here to remind you that you need to take care of your well-being and allow yourself to feel happiness. You need to let yourself be happy and be assured that you deserve happiness just like everyone else.

6. Meditate

Everyone can practice feeling more open and more relaxed to be able to visualize happiness and invite it into their life, which is why meditation is a great way of achieving happiness. All you need to do is sit and try to clear your mind. It will help you be in a better mood.

7. Have empathy

Work on your empathy. You can do this through meditation or simply by paying more attention to other people and carefully listening to what they have to say.

8. Keep positive things in mind

People tend to take positive moments for granted and remember only the bad things. That is the wrong approach. Instead, try to keep positive things in mind and remember all the good things that happen to you.

9. Try to be happy

As I said before, research proves that trying to be happy makes you happier already. By trying to be happy, you also have better odds of achieving happiness.

10. Accept that happiness is a choice and decide to be happy

To get yourself on the path to happiness, you need to accept the fact that happiness is a choice and choose your own happiness. Studies show that you can significantly affect your views on life by changing your mindset and attitudes about things.

Appreciate the little things in life that make you feel peaceful and avoid things that don’t. Try writing down a list of things that make you smile and start your day by remembering some of them and smile because you surely have reasons to do so.

11. Take a break

Relationships, work, money and even traffic cause us to feel stressed out. So don’t hesitate to take a break once in a while, and go on a vacation to clear your head. Put your happiness first, and get away from everything every now and again.

12. Keep your family and friends close

Happiness is never about being selfish, so keep your family and friends close so you can share it. Be thankful for having those people around you and tell them that. Thank them and explain to them in what ways they are a part of your happiness.

It will make them happy as well. And a study on happiness has suggested that having good relationships significantly contributes to a person’s happiness.

13. Remember that hard work pays off

Nothing good comes easily, and the same goes for happiness. You have to make a choice to be happy and commit to it. I was unhappy with my job, so I quit and made a decision to work from home from then on and do what I love.

So I read a lot and learned about things that interest me, bought myself a laptop and decorated my home to make a small office. I took a course to help me learn what I wanted to do and did all kinds of tests until my efforts paid off and I found a job I love doing from the comfort of my home. It makes me happy every day, and all I really had to do was decide that I want to be happy.

14. Take things slow

What you could have figured out in the previous example is that happiness might be a choice you make in a blink of an eye, but it doesn’t always come to you that fast. You need to take it slow and have faith that you will get what you want in the end.

Don’t rush yourself and take time to slow down and smell the roses. Know that everything happens for a reason so there might be some mistakes on the way to happiness, but if you just stay positive, you will get what you deserve and that is a happy life.

15. Accept what you cannot control

People tend to become anxious because of their need to constantly stay in control. So the next time this happens to you, ask yourself if this is something you can control. And if the answer is no, accept that.

You need to understand that you cannot control how other people feel. But you can control how you feel. Don’t try to take control of things that are beyond your understanding but instead, take time to appreciate the things you do that lift your spirits and make you smile every time you think of them.

16. Don’t worry, be happy

Listen to this advice because sometimes there is no point in worrying, so don’t stress about the things in life that you cannot influence. When a reason for worrying appears, ask yourself – can I do something about it?

If you can’t, what’s the point of worrying? Try to think positive and good things will happen so you will finally be able to enjoy the happiness that you deserve.

happiness is a choice essay: 16 steps to happiness

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