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Great Women Who Choose To Stay Single End Up Being The Happiest

Most people tend to think that good women have an easier time finding the right partner and settling down in a happy relationship.

But that’s not true. Things are not always as they seem to be.

Many females have thought to themselves, “I’m a good woman,” after experiencing some kind of breakup or rejection.

It soothes the ugly truth that someone else spurned them and now they’re single.

But why are the best women always single? 

DONE! Great Women Who Choose To Stay Single End Up Being The Happiest

Is the reason why they choose to be single because men don’t know what it means to have a good woman by their side or how valuable they are?

Or is it because they just haven’t met the right man in a sea of boys? A guy who’ll appreciate what she has to offer?

Or maybe guys prefer women whom they can control and treat how they want? Or is it all of the above?

Maybe the reason why they’re still single is that men are intimidated by those women, who are gorgeous and smart, and it’s the fear of being rejected that keeps guys away from them.

The reason why the best women are always single might be because they’re comfortable with who they are.

DONE! Great Women Who Choose To Stay Single End Up Being The Happiest

They’re comfortable in their own skin and they have no need for a partner to make them happy; they found their happiness within themselves.

Instead of being in a bad relationship that is doomed to fail anyway, they’re willing to spend their time alone, keeping busy with their interests and working on achieving their goals.

They don’t need a man to tell them they look beautiful to feel that way because they already learned that beauty comes within yourself first.

And when they eventually do find a partner, it’ll be because it was their choice to have a man by their side and not because they fear being alone.

They don’t actually need a man but rather choose to have one.

Another reason why a good woman decides to stay single is that she doesn’t want to be in a toxic relationship.

DONE! Great Women Who Choose To Stay Single End Up Being The Happiest

A good woman possesses a sixth sense and she can tell a toxic man from a mile away.

And if she sees any of the traits of a toxic guy, she’ll quickly move away from him because she would rather be alone than in a toxic relationship.

A good woman knows it’s just a waste of time to be in such a relationship.

Her emotions would be wrecked and she would never be happy with someone like that.

This woman won’t give a man a second chance and she won’t forgive him if she sees that he’s being toxic.

She won’t bother spending another minute on a relationship that will bring her only misery and sorrow.

She knows that she doesn’t deserve to feel that way.

Also, another reason why good women are always single might be because men are afraid to approach them.

DONE! Great Women Who Choose To Stay Single End Up Being The Happiest

It’s difficult to understand, but when you exude such confidence and when you have every quality that a man can ask for, many guys will be terrified to approach you.

They’ll feel like they’re not good enough for such a lady.

They won’t even make a move because they don’t think there’s a chance they could ever have a woman like that.

And let’s be honest, most men have problems with their ego. They have this fear of being rejected, they’re petrified of it.

For them, it means to take a leap of faith and they don’t want to take the risk.

Though if there’s a guy who has the courage to approach a good woman, then it means he has the guts to do so.

One more reason why good women choose to be single is that they’re tired of playing mind games.

DONE! Great Women Who Choose To Stay Single End Up Being The Happiest

They simply don’t have time for that.

These women exude self-love and respect themselves enough to know they’ll never engage in any kind of childish mind games.

They occupy themselves with enough activities so they don’t have time to waste on someone who doesn’t deserve them.

Time is of the essence for them. Sooner or later, everything will fall into its place and they know that.

It’s just they don’t want their energy to be drained by a guy who doesn’t respect or love them.

They choose to be happy and fully enjoy life until someone who proves to be a worthy candidate approaches them.

A guy who’ll convince that great woman that not all men are the same.

Also, great women don’t settle for anything less than what they deserve.

DONE! Great Women Who Choose To Stay Single End Up Being The Happiest

If they quickly realize that he’s not worthy of their time or effort, they’ll soon get rid of that guy and move on with their life as if nothing happened.

It took them a long time and many heartbreaks to figure out what they really want in a relationship.

So they won’t settle for anything less than what they deserve.

They don’t want that mediocre love. Instead, they want that great one.

And it’s beautiful that they embrace that, which they don’t see as being offensive or rude.

They truly believe that God will bring them the most beautiful things.

That’s why they decide to wait patiently for that one guy who’ll sweep them off their feet.

Great women know they deserve a good man and they won’t waste their time focused on anyone else.

And why should they? They’re gorgeous, beautiful, and smart.

A good woman will help a man level up and will give him the opportunity to prove himself over and over again.

Remember – you’re a great woman, so never forget your worth, and don’t think you should depend on some guy to make you happy.

You’re enough for yourself!

Great Women Who Choose To Stay Single End Up Being The Happiest

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