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God Will Give You What You Want, But You First Need To Make A Move

All of us have been there. We’ve blamed God for putting us through pain and suffering.

We wait and wait for Him to do something with our lives – something that will help us and finally put an end to the pain.

Praying before going to bed, praying when we rise.

We ask God to free us from the burdens of the world and stop the temptation He’s putting us through.

But what are all of us doing at that time?

I will honestly tell you: We’re doing nothing. We’re waiting for a change in our lives, without making a move.

We rely on God, waiting for Him to fix all of our problems without even thinking that maybe we’re the ones who first need to do something.

God can’t always be the one who saves us from the pain. Sometimes, it’s our job to make the first move so God can bring his end of the deal.

So maybe now it’s your turn…
DONE - God Will Give You What You Want, But You First Need To Make A Move

Let’s say that you’ve gone through a bad breakup.

You’re lying in your bed, unable to move, fighting back all of the memories, spending days and nights praying to God to help you move on and get you to a better place.

Days and nights, but nothing seems to change. Each night brings the same pain and each dawn little relief.

You are stuck in a circle you can’t escape.

Without any progress, you blame God that He’s forgotten you.

You yell at Him in your dreams, telling him that He doesn’t love you and that you should have never trusted him.

Then, when you wake up, you say your morning prayers, and again, you wait for Him to make a difference.

But what if it’s your turn to play? Maybe God is waiting for you to make a move. Have you ever considered that?

DONE - God Will Give You What You Want, But You First Need To Make A Move

Maybe God wants you to do something with your life instead of lying still and not moving.

Maybe God wants you to get out of bed, get ready, and move on with your life.

You need to show Him that you’re willing to work on yourself to get to a better place. That’s when He will help you!

You can’t expect Him to work for you when you aren’t even working for yourself.
You need to snatch out of the stagnancy that you’ve put yourself in.

It’s normal to make a mistake – there is nothing strange about that. But the problem appears afterward, when we give ourselves fully to that mistake.

We don’t look for ways to fix it. Instead, we wait for God to solve our issues.

Over and over again, we always do the same thing. And when we see that nothing is changing, we blame God for not doing anything for us.

DONE - God Will Give You What You Want, But You First Need To Make A Move

At the same time, we ignore the fact that we are the ones who aren’t doing anything too.

We’re the ones waiting for the magic to happen, without even considering what our next step should be.

We never go looking for a solution, no matter if it’s right or wrong.

Instead, we sit and wait, hoping that God is holding and pulling all the strings.

But trust me when I say: This will work once or twice.

After that, God won’t be willing to solve your issues for you if He sees that you never do anything for yourself.

He will give you what you want, but first, you need to move. He will help you get what you need, but first, you need to work for it.

When He sees you’re making an effort, He will help you. When He sees you want to solve your own mistakes, He will be there for you.

DONE - God Will Give You What You Want, But You First Need To Make A Move

You will take one step and God will take a hundred.

The point is you need to take the first one.

When you get up from bed and say “I will get my life in shape and I will fix my own mistakes,” God will make sure to be there, right beside you.

You’ll feel His presence as everything will be easier.

Slowly and steadily, you’ll get yourself out of the routine you were stuck in and finally be in a brighter place.

You’ll change as a person. But you’ll change for the better.

You’ll finally be the version of yourself you always wanted to be.

Each day will now be a new beginning and each night an opportunity to reflect and create new wishes in your head.

When you wake up, you’ll move on with your mission of fixing what needs to be fixed, and God will see your persistence.

DONE - God Will Give You What You Want, But You First Need To Make A Move

Once again, He will push you forward, and without a struggle, you will get what you want.

When you stop wishing and start acting, God will provide you with everything you’re asking for.

New doors will open and new opportunities will shower you.

Everywhere you turn, you will see something good for yourself.

You’ll no longer blame God for not helping you because you won’t expect

Him to do everything for you. Instead, you’ll act and He’ll be there for support.

When He sees how hard you’re working, He’ll make sure to get you whatever you truly need.

So, instead of spending your whole life waiting and blaming others for your problems, MAKE A MOVE and see what will happen.

DONE - God Will Give You What You Want, But You First Need To Make A Move
Run, fight, and change for your goals. This is the only way to get what you want.

Be the main character in your life story and don’t always expect others to do the things for you.

Firstly, you need to help yourself. After that, God will be on your side. He’ll be the best protector you’ve ever known.

God Will Give You What You Want, But You First Need To Make A Move

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