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Get Into His Head: Is He Interested Or Just Nice?

Get Into His Head: Is He Interested Or Just Nice?

Are you wondering if your new crush is interested or if he’s just being nice? Look no further because in this article we’ll go through some telltale signs that he actually is crazy about you and wants you in his life.

I know that it may be a bit confusing to accept whichever the outcome will be, but I’m sure you’ll survive. At the end of the day, he’s not the only person you’ll ever like that much. If you figure out that he’s just nice, simply move on and continue with your life. The right guy will show up.

On the other hand, if you conclude that he’s interested in you and there is some potential for a romantic relationship, don’t hesitate to help him a bit. Reciprocate, and in no time he’ll ask you out. Sometimes, guys need a little approval from your side to know that you’re okay with what’s happening.

1. His body language says a lot

DONE! Is He Interested Or Just Nice

Okay, pay attention to his body language. Is he blushing when you compliment him? When you go out with your group of friends, is he sitting close to you? Has he hugged you more often recently? All of this indicates that the guy likes you and he’s not just being nice toward you.

When a guy is being nice and polite, you won’t notice some of the obvious body language signs that he’s into you. You won’t catch him staring at you, and he won’t smile in your direction every time your eyes meet.

However, if he’s trying to find excuses to touch you, maintains eye contact with you, and subtly changes sides with you when you’re walking so he’s closer to the busy street, I assure you, this guy fell head over heels for you.

2. Analyze the questions he’s asking

Stop for a second and think about all the questions he has asked you since you met. Did they gradually become more personal? Is he interested in your hobbies and all those little things you’re passionate about? If your answer is yes, the guy likes you and there’s no doubt about it.

When a man is interested in you, he’ll try to find out as much as possible about your personal life and even the smallest details about you. He’ll want to know more about your childhood and how you felt when your first pet died.

Trust me, if he’s trying to connect with you on a deeper level, that guy is interested. A lot.

3. He’s obviously flirting

DONE! Is He Interested Or Just Nice

Okay, there are some subtle ways to flirt, and not every compliment has to be perceived as such. But if you can see that he’s obviously flirting and not trying to hide it, you know it already. Why are you afraid to admit it? Tell him you like him, you won’t scare him away.

Tell me, is he leaning in to hear you better when you’re talking? Or is he casually brushing your hand when you’re walking around and then he apologizes even though he’d like your fingers to be entwined?

You’ll simply give him more space and let him approach you properly. Who knows, maybe he’ll ask you out on a date and you may start something wonderful. Don’t shy away from your crush in these moments. Grab the opportunity to flirt back as well.

4. He initiates the conversation

This one is also really important. If a guy is truly interested in you, he’s going to be the one who’ll initiate the conversation. He’ll ask you how your day went, or if you were out with friends and how did you like that band that was playing last night.

He may initiate the video calling sessions as well, or ask you to study together. When a guy is interested he’ll do almost anything to grab your attention. The hardest part will be to keep you interested, but that’s where humor jumps in.

He’ll probably use funny pickup lines, or use puns while he’s texting. Look for those little signs, but make sure you get out of the talking stage ASAP!

5. He’s spending a lot of time with you

DONE! Is He Interested Or Just Nice

No matter that you’re not dating, he chooses to spend a lot of time with you. He’s turning down his pals so he can go out for a coffee with you. Lovely, isn’t it? When a guy wants to be near you, he clearly enjoys your company and there’s no other place he’d rather be than with you.

Perhaps he even lied that he doesn’t understand something, so you can help him. If he’s trying to stick by your side more often than not, he’s certainly interested in you. Don’t be surprised if he tells you he likes you after the first sign from you that you may feel something too!

6. He makes it clear that he’s single

I don’t know why I even have to mention this one, but if a guy makes it clear that he’s single in your presence, he’s definitely interested in you. Mentioning his relationship status only helps you understand that he wants to change that, and he wants you to be his girlfriend.

Did he ask you if you have a boyfriend? I thought so. Maybe he got a bit sad when you said that you’re kind of in a relationship, or that you’re not interested right now. But, let me tell you this. If he genuinely likes you and wants to be with you, he’ll stick around.

He won’t give up on you and he’ll make it obvious that he wants to make you happy. When you notice that the guy is going out and about to make you smile, don’t let him go.

7. He remembers little details about you

DONE! Is He Interested Or Just Nice

What’s your favorite color? How do you like your coffee? What do you do in your free time? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I’m sure he does. Especially if he’s your bestie. He’ll remember every single detail about you, no matter how tiny it is.

He’s the one who knows that you love to read books on rainy days and that you always drink tea even if it’s summer. When you’re writing you draw a little circle instead of dots and he can recognize your handwriting in a heartbeat.

Blue is your favorite color because it calms you down, but you prefer to wear black clothes. He knows all of this and much more! These are obvious signs that your best friend is silently in love with you. We’re not even talking about him being interested.

When a man truly dedicates his time to meeting one girl and chooses to stay by her side through all of the ups and downs, it’s pure love. Don’t miss out on that. He’ll make you feel valued, appreciated, and loved simply because he cares for you a lot.

You’ll know it deep down if his intentions are pure and you’ll feel his emotions in the way he touches you, talks with you, and even looks at you. And it will appear as an otherworldly experience. Enjoy it, girl!

Get Into His Head: Is He Interested Or Just Nice?

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