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The Facts You Didn’t Know About A Gamma Male

You’ve heard about alpha and beta males, even the sigma male, but how about the gamma male?

It’s surprising how little we really know about gamma men… so let’s dig deep to find out all there is about a gamma’s personality.

We’ll discuss how to spot a gamma male, but you first need to learn the definition of the gamma male.

Who is a gamma male? What is he like? What’s dating a gamma male like?

You’re going to learn all about it, and then gamma’s personality won’t be such a mystery anymore.

Once you find out the definition of a gamma male, it will be easy for you to learn how to spot a gamma male.

Gamma men are out there, and they’re not so bad!

Let’s find out all there is about the gamma male.

The gamma male

Somewhere between alpha and beta, you’ll find a gamma male.

Maybe he once was an alpha and started that way as a boy, but he toned all that down while he was growing up. 

The thing is, he started to be more socially conscious.

If he was a beta male at first, he learned to fight back and grew into a stronger man.

Either way, a gamma male attracts your rational mind as well as your primitive mind.

He’s not one of those who leads the pack, but he doesn’t follow the pack either. In fact, he has nothing to do with the pack whatsoever.

He looks after his own needs but will try to look after your needs as well.

This type of man is confident when it comes to his self-worth and his looks.

Such confidence can be pretty attractive in a man, yet you always feel like he’s going to be around as long as you want him to.

We’ll talk some more about dating this type of man later on, but let’s first make it clear what he’s like.

What is a gamma male?

Why are gamma males so rarely mentioned? Even those who mention them tend to describe them as boring.

To be honest, a gamma male is not likely to be noticed in a room, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t wonderful.

He is a charismatic person and a team player.

A gamma male thinks for himself, he is confident and self-aware. This is the type of man who can balance his masculine and his feminine natures.

All of us have both feminine and masculine energy, but not all of us find that balance.

To make it clearer, the feminine nature is to listen and receive as well as nurture and the masculine nature is action-based and it’s to protect, lead, and hunt.

So, why don’t people talk more about gamma men?

Well, even though gamma seems like a great guy, he gets passed over and this is because he isn’t really noticeable or the life of the party.

He doesn’t call attention to himself like an alpha does so women are attracted to this man only after noticing him or having a conversation with him.

That conversation is something that must happen for women to understand how great he is.

He isn’t one of those men who needs approval from other people to make a move in his life.

Simply put, he isn’t an extreme type and it can even be said that he’s somewhat invisible.

He can be great, but there’s nothing spectacular about him.

This man isn’t a beta, but he’s not an alpha either.

His presence and personality usually blend in with his surroundings, and he’s just… there.

People like him, and he doesn’t have such a tough time finding girls but there’s nothing really remarkable or memorable about him.

He’s not an inherent follower, nor a born leader, but depending on the situation, he can do either of those things.

How to spot a gamma male

When a gamma male has an argument with someone, and it seems like he’s wrong, he just thinks that person doesn’t really understand him.

This means that when in a discussion where he thinks that he might be wrong, he’ll become snarky, make some bad jokes, and attempt to change the subject.

What happens when someone has an opinion that’s contrary to his, and he thinks he has a good defense to hand right away?

He’ll look for ways that are unrelated to make that person seem less knowledgeable about the topic.

He will even go so far as to label that person as not being a good person in the first place.

Definitions and words don’t really matter to him in a discussion so if someone disagrees with him, he will argue unfairly.

Try quoting the dictionary even, and he’ll say that the dictionary is also wrong.

You’ll learn more about how to spot a gamma male once you read the following text about his personality.

Gamma’s personality

He is a shy guy, and he doesn’t ever have the courage it takes to be the one who makes the first move.

Comparing him to alphas and betas shows clear differences.

This is a man who will work hard to achieve his goals but he won’t be willing to go the extra mile in order to finish something.

He can be aware that it will help him gain the respect he needs so much, but he still won’t want to do it.

All he really wants is to be famous, whatever it takes, but he fails every time.

When it comes to business, getting things done is what he wants, even if he doesn’t try hard, and he can be sneaky.

He will nod his head to anything his boss says, and won’t ever speak his mind about anything.

Dating a gamma male

When it comes to relationships, this guy can be hard to handle and this is because he can become obsessed with the woman he likes.

He could even become a stalker if she doesn’t agree to go out on a date or if she tries to avoid him.

The truth is, he lacks the self-esteem he needs to think that he’ll be enough so he doesn’t think he’ll ever be good enough, no matter how much effort he puts into it and as I said before, he isn’t interested in other people’s opinions and likes to be alone.

The problem with dating him is that he’s often extremely clingy, which is what causes his relationships to fail.

What happens when he falls for you? Well, he falls in love hard, he starts thinking that you’re the best girl in the whole world and that he can always trust you.

Unfortunately, that is why he’s too blindly in love to see when a girl is taking advantage of him.

If you asked him, however, he would rather be deceived than be aware.

All in all, he’s a sensitive guy who sympathizes with others.

The Facts You Didn’t Know About A Gamma Male
The Facts You Didn’t Know About A Gamma Male 2

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