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From The Moment I Saw You I Knew You Were Trouble But I Couldn’t Resist You

From The Moment I Saw You I Knew You Were Trouble But I Couldn’t Resist You

You gave me ‘the look’ and I fell for you instantly. The moment our eyes met, I got weak at the knees.

It felt like I would literally fall because I fell in love as soon as I saw those beautiful dark eyes that made you look so mysterious.

That amazing hair and a smile that always made me wonder what you were up to were also the reasons I felt butterflies in my stomach. How could I possibly resist you?

I didn’t have a chance. My mind was telling me that you were trouble, but my heart didn’t want to listen.

It instead tried to convince me that you were the one for me, no matter how much my brain screamed that it was a bad idea. My foolish heart made me ignore my mind, which was sure it was going to be a mistake to fall for you.

I couldn’t be stronger than the spell you put on me with your charm. My mind lost the battle with my heart because I couldn’t help myself.

It was impossible for me to ignore the overwhelming feeling of love at first sight. That kind of love has the power to make you forget about everything else.

My heart won and gave itself to you to break it… knowing that it would be broken.

The purpose of the mind is to protect the heart, and I should have listened to it. From the moment I saw you, it told me you were trouble.

The heart is foolish, and it shouldn’t be listened to because it gets itself hurt. The funny thing about it is that it doesn’t care that it will get broken and that is why the mind tries to protect it and keep it under control. 

If only I had understood that sooner, I wouldn’t have had to go through all this pain. Now I know what to do next time, and I’m not going to let myself make the same mistake twice.

I didn’t even know what had happened, because it was like you put a spell on me and completely made me forget who I was. You became the center of my world, and nothing else mattered to me.

I ignored all the warning signs, even though there were so many, and I muted my brain. It was like I couldn’t do anything to stop what was happening, and I lost all control.

What is so irresistible about bad guys that makes good girls go crazy about them? It happens so often, and it’s like we’re powerless against that illogical attraction.

From The Moment I Saw You I Knew You Were Trouble But I Couldn't Resist You

When I was with you, I could never predict what your next move was going to be. It was like our relationship was a big adventure designed for adrenaline junkies.

You were unlike anyone I had ever known before, and at first it was fun keeping up with you. However, I soon realized that I needed someone different, someone who was more serious and ready to commit.

I didn’t fool myself that you were ever going to change, and it would have been wrong of me to ask you to. You wouldn’t let anyone control you, and that’s what attracted me to you in the first place.

The truth about you is that you’re an alpha male who does whatever he wants, the way he wants to. I could never marry someone like that, but it was an irresistible trap for my heart.

You were a mistake, maybe even my biggest one, but also my favorite one. I have to admit that you made me feel alive, like I had never felt before.

I’ll never forget you, and I’m well aware of that. I’m also aware that you had feelings for me too, even though you maybe wouldn’t like to admit how strong they were.

However, you are scared of commitment, and you’re a bad boy who is destined to be a bad boy forever so you’ll never do anything to change, and it’s just something I can’t settle for.

From The Moment I Saw You I Knew You Were Trouble But I Couldn't Resist You

It hurts so badly that we broke up, but there are things I’m grateful for. You changed me and made me appreciate life.

I knew you were trouble from the start, but it doesn’t help me now that I’m experiencing the pain of the break-up. No matter how much it hurts, I have to let go, and I know that.

I know that time heals broken hearts so my mind and my heart are in a battle again, but this time, I’ll choose to listen to my mind.

It will have to explain to my heart that I needed to let you go and that it was for the best. My heart got broken as it knew it would be, and now my mind has to take over and heal it.

I’ll always remember that look you gave me and your playful smile that swept me off my feet. Your hauntingly beautiful eyes will stay in my memory forever.

I listened to my heart, and it got me hurt like my mind knew it would. Now it’s time for me to listen to my mind and move on.

I’m done with bad boys, and it’s time for me to be a good girl again and find someone more like me. A relationship can be peaceful and without an adrenaline rush.

From The Moment I Saw You I Knew You Were Trouble But I Couldn't Resist You

I will always remember what we had, but it’s not what I want my love life to look like. Someone else will come into my life, and I’ll fall in love.

That someone will be a real man who knows how to treat a woman and does all the right things. I’ll stay single until I find him, until I get over you, because I still miss you sometimes. My heart still yearns for you no matter how much pain you caused it.

With its last beat, it would still whisper your name and call for you. However, my heart doesn’t rule anymore, and my mind has taken charge.

Don’t worry about my heart, it will soon heal, and it will beat for someone else with the same passion. Hearts are silly that way, and that is why it’s important to know when to listen to the mind.

From The Moment I Saw You I Knew You Were Trouble But I Couldn't Resist You
From The Moment I Saw You I Knew You Were Trouble But I Couldn't Resist You 5

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