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Fake Vs. Real Relationships – Helping You See Through His Mask

Fake Vs. Real Relationships – Helping You See Through His Mask

Is the love that you have with your partner fake or genuine? You’ve found yourself in a real dilemma: a fake relationship vs. a real one – which one is it?

Some people don’t always say what they mean when in a relationship. Sometimes, partners find it difficult to express their opinion and that can cause miscommunication. Also, it could be that your partner doesn’t know what he wants from you and ends up giving you mixed signals.

Let’s say that your significant other recently got out of a relationship and you gave him a chance to prove to you that he’s over his ex. There’s a possibility that he thinks he’s over her. But in reality, he still wants to be with her, while at the same time, he doesn’t want to hurt you either.

He’s somewhere on the fence with his emotions and such a man will never commit to you. He knows that he can’t deliver the things he initially promised, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting you.

In the end, you give him a chance and end up being hurt by a man who wasn’t sure whether his feelings for you were genuine or not.

So, how do you know if what you have with your partner is real or fake love? Can you conclude from his words that he’s honest about his feelings?

What are some other ways you can use to identify real love and protect your soft heart? Let’s find out.

1. Short-tempered vs. Tolerant

Fake Vs. Real Relationships – Helping You See Through His Mask

A partner who loves you with all his heart is patient and tolerant. He’s able to endure everything that you may throw at him and he also practices forgiveness instead of holding grudges.

But that doesn’t mean that you and your partner can do whatever you please without respecting each other’s wishes and requests.

Instead, it means that you know everyone makes mistakes and you won’t flip out the moment your significant other says or does something wrong.

On the other hand, fake relationships lack patience and a will to compromise on things.

A pseudo lover doesn’t have the desire to forgive you for your shortcomings and would rather punish you with hurtful words – in the process destroying your relationship.

If this is happening to you, then your duty is to confront your partner about it and see if you can resolve the issue together.

If you’re unable to do that, then it might be time to walk away from the toxic relationship before it hurts you even more than it already has.

2. Hurtful vs. Protective

DONE Fake Vs. Real Relationships – Helping You See Through His Mask 2

Some people believe that real love doesn’t hurt at all, but that’s not true. If your love is real, then you’ll have open and honest communication with your partner that won’t always necessarily end in compromise.

But the fact that both of you opened to each other and shared your thoughts freely means that you’re willing to put an equal amount of effort to protect your relationship in the long run.

When a relationship has strong foundations, there’s no problem that can shake it.

On the flip side, a fake relationship doesn’t involve deep, honest, and meaningful conversations. Instead, it forces you to doubt yourself and your feelings, which damages your relationship piece by painful piece.

A partner who is pretending to love you won’t care if he says some hurtful words. He’ll inflict as much pain as he deems necessary to prove his superiority.

3. Cruelty vs. Kindness

Fake vs. real relationships – or we could call it kindness vs. cruelty.

Real love is all about compassion and giving everything you’ve got to your partner, while fake love is emotionless and heartless, to put it mildly.

A partner with sincere feelings for you will always show you he cares about you and loves you more than you’d ever expected. But a fake lover will only offer you pain and cruelty that you certainly don’t deserve to experience.

Perhaps your partner said something bad to one of your friends and you’ve tried to explain to him how that’s made you feel.

If he honestly loves you, then he’ll listen to what you have to say and do his best to understand your side of the story before reacting.

But a fake lover won’t give you an opportunity to express your opinion. He’ll immediately bombard you with false allegations.

4. Narcissism vs. Sacrifice

Fake Vs. Real Relationships – Helping You See Through His Mask

If you’re having a dilemma in differentiating a fake relationship from a real one, just try to think of a time where your partner sacrificed himself for the benefit of your love.

Ask yourself: Does he even care how his decision will affect me and my feelings? It could be something as insignificant and small as deciding where to go out on a date or what you’re going to do.

A man who truly loves you is all about sacrifice and mutual understanding. A fake lover isn’t.

The truth is, if you’re in a fake relationship, then your partner will only care about himself and prioritize himself over you. He’ll be selfish and self-absorbed, which will negatively affect your relationship.

5. Lying vs. Honesty

DONE Fake Vs. Real Relationships – Helping You See Through His Mask 4

You’ll know that your partner really loves you when both of you are encouraging each other to be completely honest, even if the truth hurts.

This type of transparency eliminates any doubt that you might have in your partner and paves the way for a faithful, loving relationship.

On the other hand, fake relationships are filled with lies and deception. A person who doesn’t genuinely love you will always choose to keep you in the dark because he doesn’t think you deserve to know the truth.

A relationship like that has no future as it’s established on shaky foundations.

Fake Vs. Real Relationships – Helping You See Through His Mask

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