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Every Woman Worthy Of Love Will Want These 8 Things From Her Man

Every Woman Worthy Of Love Will Want These 8 Things From Her Man

1. Honest and open communication

Every Woman Worthy Of Love Will Want These 8 Things From Her Man

If you know you’re worthy of love, then you should demand open and honest communication from your man.

One of the foundations of a good relationship is honest communication.

If you don’t have proper communication with your partner, your relationship is most likely to fail as you won’t have the ability to openly talk to your partner about your feelings and emotions.

You know how much you bring to the table, so that’s why you should demand from your partner to always share his dreams, goals, and emotions with you.

That way you can plan your future together and you won’t pull your hair out wondering what he thinks about a particular matter.

Good communication is the pillar that keeps you a strong couple.

If you keep your emotions bottled up inside you, eventually you’ll pop your lid and not be able to take your relationship to the next level.

2. Commitment

The thing about dating nowadays is that’s very easy to get lost in the sea of boys and never really meet a real man who’ll stay committed to one girl.

And even though phones make it easier to connect with others, they also make it really easy to cheat on your partner.

That’s why it’s very hard to find a real man among all the immature boys – one who’ll stay committed and not have the need to look elsewhere.

Another thing that I found to be very frequent in today’s relationships is narcissism.

Guys who’ll take advantage of you and not even bother to explain why they left you.

Rare are those who’re ready to commit from the very start and you, as a woman who knows she’s worthy of love, demand commitment from your man.

I’m not saying that you should get engaged on the second date, but he has to recognize how valuable you are and how much better his life is since you became part of it.

3. Empathy

 Every Woman Worthy Of Love Will Want These 8 Things From Her Man

Women know that men have a hard time expressing their emotions.

It’s difficult for them to accept they have feelings because most of their lives they’re taught that showing emotions means you’re weak and not manly enough.

But if you’re living with a man who doesn’t show empathy, it can be as if you’re living with a monster.

As a woman who knows her worth, you won’t condone a man who won’t be there for you, someone who’ll never shed a tear for you or sacrifice anything to make you feel loved.

If a man really loves you, he won’t have a problem feeling empathy not only toward you but your friends and family too.

He won’t be scared to show it because he knows that he’s loved by you and that his emotions don’t mean he’s weak.

4. Respect

Alongside open communication, respect is something that should never be compromised on.

A relationship without respect will never work, no matter how hard you try in other areas.

Every romantic relationship is perfect in the beginning, but as the honeymoon stage fades away, respect is what keeps you two together.

If you have a guy who accepts you for who you are and respects your opinion, no matter how different it is from his, then you’ll get what you always wanted in a romantic relationship.

You’ll never question his loyalty and you’ll never think about whether or not the guy you’re dating loves you.

5. Honesty

Every Woman Worthy Of Love Will Want These 8 Things From Her Man

Finding a guy who’s honest and never withholds the truth is a difficult task. Some might say it’s impossible.

But you shouldn’t ignore this trait just because he’s handsome and checks off your other boxes.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones who have a guy who’s honest, then hold onto him because he’s a true gem – just like you are.

You might’ve heard it somewhere, but honesty is something that comes naturally as you fall in love with each other and start opening up about certain stuff.

Another thing to consider is that some guys keep secrets from their girls because they don’t want to hurt them.

6. Compromise

Nobody’s perfect, we all know that.

And if you want your relationship to work and if you know you’re worthy of love, then you’ll expect your man to make compromises for you the same way you’d do for him.

Everyone chases their own dreams and goals, but when you’re in a relationship, both of you are working together to make them come true.

And along the way, you’ll make some concessions to satisfy him in any way he needs.

Another advantage of making compromises is that you’ll show your partner that you’re mature enough to handle any obstacle that might pop up on your journey to achieving your dreams.

7. Support

Every Woman Worthy Of Love Will Want These 8 Things From Her Man

I know you’re an independent woman, but you’ll still need a man who’s going to support you in your pursuit of your dreams and goals.

You don’t need someone who’s going to prevent you from becoming a superwoman, someone who’ll hold you back from the things you want.

You need a real man who’ll give you the much-needed push and lift you when you fall down.

If he doesn’t accept you in your worst moments, then he sure doesn’t deserve you in your best ones.

8. Love

Last but certainly not least, for a successful relationship, you need to have love.

It’s an essential ingredient if you want to have your happily-ever-after story.

Love can be a powerful thing if it’s given and received properly. It can help you feel alive again and heal your past wounds and scars.

It can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine and at the same time as if you’ve finally arrived home.

So, if you know you’re worthy of love, these are the 8 things that you should demand from your partner!

Every Woman Worthy Of Love Will Want These 8 Things From Her Man