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Even If You’re Strong, You’re Allowed To Hate Being Single

Even If You’re Strong, You’re Allowed To Hate Being Single

How many times have you looked at your life and realized that you actually hate being single? It’s not so much about being lonely, it’s more about being alone when you have so much love to share.

But, are you even supposed to talk about something like this? Will people think you’re weak and unhappy if you open up about it?

The one good thing is that you’re not the only woman out there who’s going through this. We just don’t talk about this issue enough, so you feel like you’re an isolated case. You’re not. You just haven’t had someone to tell you that it’s okay.

When people talk about a strong woman, they always idealize the idea that she’s happy by being completely by herself. Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t women out there who think like this, but it’s never this black and white.

DONE! Even If You're Strong, You're Allowed To Hate Being Single

It would be such a sad world if we didn’t experience this huge array of colors we call emotions. All of your emotions are valid and you have a right to express them because they’re not hurting anyone.

You’re the type of girl who loves her independence. You thrive on it because you know that you’ve put so much effort into becoming the woman that you are today. You haven’t got to this point overnight nor has someone just given you all that you have in your life right now.

You’ve dated. You’ve dated a few guys throughout your life, but they’ve always made you regret this decision. Either they would break your heart and shatter it into million pieces, or they would show you that you deserve so much better.

Now, you’re confused about why you’re single. You feel like you’ve done everything by the book and it’s just a matter of time until the right one comes along – yet you’re so lonely.

You crave the feeling of having someone by your side. There’s this hole within your chest because you have all this love that you can’t share with anyone. It’s stuck in your throat, only adding to the pain you’re already experiencing.

DONE! Even If You're Strong, You're Allowed To Hate Being Single

There’s something to be said about this feeling. Because it’s not just loneliness, it’s the lack of a best friend and a lover, all rolled up into one person who’s perfect for you.

You want to lie next to someone and listen to them share their deepest and darkest secrets. You want to know their favorite color, special interests – even their weird obsessions.

There’s this nagging feeling of emptiness that can’t be exchanged for an amazing career or lively group of friends. However hard you’ve tried, it just doesn’t fit the bill.

If you’re perfectly honest with yourself, you hate being single at this point. It’s exhausting because you can’t find much time for dates, and besides, they always turn out to be questionable. Each time you get home from a date, you end up questioning your own decisions and love in general.

You’re desperately trying to find someone who will love you just as much as you love them. It can’t be that hard to find someone who’s happy to spend each and every day with you. Right?

But you can’t tell this your friends, can you? You feel like they’ll judge you because they see you as a strong woman. Saying that you’re miserable right now will only give them a reason to question you further.

DONE! Even If You're Strong, You're Allowed To Hate Being Single

The main difference is that almost all of your friends have a significant other. They tell you that you should be happy you’re single. Heck, they make it seem like the best thing in the world.

Could it be because they don’t actually love their partner? Well, probably. But you’re not going to explain these things to them. They simply don’t understand where you’re coming from.

They see you as the definition of “empowered.” That’s all fine and dandy, but when night falls and you have to lie alone in your bed, it sucks.

You despise being single. And you know what? You have a right to feel this way, just like anyone else does. It doesn’t make you any less empowered if you say you’d love to have someone by your side.

Just because you’re a strong woman, doesn’t have to mean that you should stay single for the rest of time. It feels nice to take care of someone and to be taken care of. You’re not weak for wanting that sense of stability and the warmth of another person.

Sometimes, it feels like people simply don’t understand these things. They tell you that you’re just overreacting and you should just enjoy your single life while you can.

DONE! Even If You're Strong, You're Allowed To Hate Being Single

What they don’t seem to think of is the fact that a romantic relationship doesn’t have to be codependent to work. They think that needing someone is the only way to stay with a partner. But you don’t need anyone, you want someone by your side.

The fact that you hate being single just says enough about your willingness to understand your emotions. There’s so much love within your heart and your entire body, that it just feels cruel to keep it to yourself. You want to share it!

I can tell you with certainty that you’ll find someone if you don’t give up. Don’t just throw in the towel and expect yourself to be fine with whatever life throws your way, because there’s so much more to love and relationships than we let on.

You’re currently working on yourself. You’re the main character of your own story.

Even If You're Strong, You're Allowed To Hate Being Single

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