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13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

He pulled away and now you’re left wondering how to get him interested again – and fast. 

He pulled away from you so fast that you’re left questioning whether the signs you saw were all in your head. Those signs obviously screamed at you that he liked you as well.

The man you’re so interested in – be it your ex-boyfriend, crush, best friend, whoever – is supposed to be crazy about you. However, his current behavior is telling you another story.

You want to make him interested again and you want it to happen fast. 

Emotions are complex and unique to every person. They’re not the easiest to understand. 

So when you want to bring someone back into your life, you have to consider how they feel about you and what they think of you. 

This is quite a common problem people face when they’re so in love with someone that they don’t realize they might’ve been clingy or overbearing. 

He’s probably been losing interest for a while and you simply didn’t see the signs. Sometimes, we so want to believe that we’re just as important to them as they are to us that we’re blinded by the truth.

If it’s your male friend, you might still be around him because of your friend group. On the other hand, if it’s someone else, you might not even be able to see them.

So is there even a way to get him interested again and do it fast?

13 tips on how to get him interested again fast

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

I don’t think that people can get interested in someone as fast as they lose interest.

Sometimes, you could say just one word that they don’t like and they’d walk away from you.

One wrong move and they’re gone. Mostly because it’s so hard to gain someone’s trust, while losing it is the easiest thing in the world.

On the other hand, there are times when you did everything right yet his feelings for you simply vanished. 

You must admit that there were times when you’d talk to someone and for no particular reason you simply stopped talking to him.

You didn’t want to leave him hanging like that, but the emotions simply fizzled and you couldn’t explain it even if you wanted to.

Now, all you want is his attention back. You want him keen on you like he was before and you want to get him interested again fast. 

Is there a way to do it without looking too desperate? 

He might give you a hard time and it might not be as quick as you wish, but these tips will undeniably help you.

The only thing you need to realize is that the decision is inevitably his. You can’t control his emotions (neither can he, for that matter). 

If he chooses to stay away, it’s not your fault. It’s his own thing and you shouldn’t feel bad about not regaining his attention.

1. Assess what went wrong

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

Does he have troubles in his own life? Did he pull back to give you time to think about something he told you?

Were you two in a long-distance relationship or any type of committed relationship that left him longing for you, even though he knew he couldn’t be right there with you at that moment?

What happened between the two of you before he went AWOL? 

It might’ve even been something small that you didn’t even give a second thought at that moment. It might’ve set him off and made him withdraw. 

Take your time assessing what went wrong. It wouldn’t even be a bad idea to make your own little list of guesses.

I know you don’t want to overthink things, but believe me when I tell you that you won’t. You know this man so well! 

You probably know what would make him mad or disinterested, so try to look at things objectively and pinpoint what went wrong.

This is the first step before you start regaining his interest and attention.

2. Stop being accommodating

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

Let me start this off by saying that there’s nothing wrong with being nice and kind.

However, when you compromise certain things that should be important to you, that’s when you become too accommodating.

You need to understand that if you don’t respect yourself, he’ll lose his interest quite fast.

There are many ways you can be too accommodating. 

When you thinking about how to get him interested again fast, the number one thing to realize is that your values aren’t negotiable. 

For example, when you tell him that you don’t want to go out and he won’t stop begging, you comply. That makes you too available.

Another example is when you let him do things to you that you never signed up for. 

Or you said you wouldn’t eat meat ever again and he takes you out on a date to a steakhouse. 

Yes, these things sound horrible and if he actually made you do anything you didn’t want to, he isn’t even worthy of your time and effort.

However, let’s say that he did those things in order to test you and you complied.

An overly accommodating woman who is willing to give up everything for love is a huge turn-off for a man. 

A strong man knows that he needs a strong woman by his side. If you want him interested again, show him that you don’t bow down to anyone.

3. Put effort into your appearance

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

Your appearance plays a huge part in how much he’s attracted to you.

I know, I know. Aren’t we done with superficial men who believe that all a woman should be is beautiful?

But let me ask you, how do you feel when you know that you look absolutely beautiful?

Don’t you walk around with your head held a little higher?

That confidence is one of the things that he found most attractive in you.

If you want to have that again, you will have to make peace with the fact that men truly are visual creatures. 

Remember the first time you went out? How much effort you put into looking your best on your first date with him? 

Yes, he fell hard, right then and there. 

Now, even though you might not see him as often, make sure to always look your best. Especially when you go out with friends!

Show him what he’s missing and you’ll pique his interest. 

To get him interested again fast, just remember that your confidence is your most attractive asset. 

Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good in your own skin.

4. Post pictures of yourself online

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

We want to believe that social media isn’t as important as it is, but we can’t deny how much of our lives are reflected on it. 

Does this man follow you? Does he like your posts and see your stories? 

If he’s able to see all your posts and like them, then make sure to make every single pic count. 

You can even ask your friend to take pictures of you and go somewhere for a quick photoshoot.

Those little, fun things will make the process of getting him back much more enjoyable.

You can always take it a step further and post those pics when you know that he’ll be online.

This isn’t even a secret tip anymore. If you want to know how to get him interested again fast, this is probably your best bet.

He’ll text you right after or he might comment on the picture. And even if he doesn’t, he’s seen your selfie and liked it. 

The next time he sees you, he’ll remember that photo and it’ll remind him of what he’s missing. 

Believe me, it’s worth it to put more time and effort into your Instagram and Snapchat pictures.

5. Show genuine interest

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

When he’s talking to you about something, show genuine interest in the topic he brought up.

Don’t just look at him and nod your head every once in a while. 

He’ll lose interest in you the very moment he sees that you’re not even able to listen to him.

That’s why it’s so important to be engaging when you two talk. Ask him questions about the topic. 

It’s even better for you if it isn’t something you know much about. 

You’ll be able to ask him all sorts of questions and show him what a good listener you are.

Then, when you see the perfect moment, make sure to let him know your side of the story. 

He’ll see you as his comfort zone. He’ll know that you’re someone who understands him and is always there to listen to him. 

Most men can’t find common ground with women on the things they enjoy, so this is the perfect moment for you to show off how special you are. 

But the important thing is that you don’t become extremely clingy and overly enthusiastic.

Then you’ll just be a bother to him. Let him talk for a little while so that you can spark his interest again.

6. Flirt with him

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

There’s nothing that brings two people more together than flirty banter. 

When you two happen to be in the same friend group, you just need to make sure not to be creepy when you’re flirting with him.

Don’t touch him and or be too straightforward. 

What you do want to have is a little bantering game. Show him that you still have bite and you’re still fun to be around. 

Joke and be funny with everyone. He won’t be able to take his eyes off your pretty smile. 

When you go up to him and touch him, it’ll only make him uncomfortable.

When you’re too straightforward and you compliment him with all those people around, it’ll be embarrassing to him.

No, we don’t want that. 

You want to be part of the conversation while also eating him up whole with your eyes.

Steal brief, seductive glances his way.

Let your eyes roam his body a few times (don’t overdo it!) and let him see how much you want him without saying a word. 

7. Use your body language

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

You’ve probably heard how effective body language is when you need to show someone you like them. 

As stated before, don’t touch him too much. Even if you have to retract your hand at the last second, don’t touch him!

You can mimic his stance. Mimic his own body language. It’s a next-level flirting technique that’ll help you get him.

Walk with your chin up and your shoulders back. Keep your spine straight. 

You can even cross your hands in front of yourself and let your feminine attributes speak for themselves. 

You’ll be the number one woman in his life in no time.

However, make sure he knows that it’s for his eyes only. When you’re doing all this, keep eye contact with him.

When you think about how to get him interested again fast, show him how gorgeous you are and that you’re still attracted to him.

Trust me, you can do that just fine without being overbearing. 

8. Give him time

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

You probably don’t want that. Especially not when you’re thinking about how to get him interested again fast.

You want this issue to be solved as soon as possible, but that’s not always possible. You have to give human emotions time to develop. 

Sometimes he won’t even know how he feels about you. So it’ll take him some time to sort out his own confusion. 

His love life is probably not the only problem he has – there are other things on his mind too.

That’s why the best thing you can do is give him some time. 

Unreciprocated feelings are awful, I know, but some things can’t happen overnight. 

Last year, you wouldn’t have even thought about this sort of thing because you were probably sure you’d end up with him. 

But in the early stages, when he first pulls away, he does it for a reason. So give him some time to figure things out himself. 

9. Stop putting him on a pedestal

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

When you’re crushing on someone, you put them on a very high pedestal. Sometimes way too high.

This happens mostly when we’re young and inexperienced. When you believe that they’re absolutely gorgeous and irreplaceable.

That’s also the time when our confidence is at its lowest.

When you put him on a pedestal, you’re giving him way too much power over you.

You’re telling him that he’s better than you and that he has the power to demand your worship.

But he doesn’t. You shouldn’t keep anyone but yourself that high up. 

Instead, try reminding yourself that he’s human too. There is nothing extremely special about him.

There are so many things about him that are imperfect. Sure, you might find them cute, but he’s struggling just as much as you are. 

Why would you give someone this position in the first place when we’re all imperfect beings? He’s special to you, yes.

But that doesn’t mean that you should think of yourself as less.

When you do this, he’ll know that you respect yourself.

Also, this will give him enough space to start wondering why you stopped swooning over him so much.

10. Have a life outside of him

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

Don’t just respond to his text messages and phone calls whenever he wants to talk to you. Don’t run to him whenever he wants to see you.

Have a life outside of him and the two of you. 

You can’t tell me that a woman who has a fulfilling and blooming social life isn’t the most attractive person ever!

When you have friends and go out with them, he’ll see how happy you are and want to become a part of that world. 

This will also help you post better pics on social media, which will in turn help him realize that even though you want him, you don’t need him.

You two can only have a real connection once you’re at the same level. 

If you don’t know how to get him interested again fast, you really have to understand the importance of leading a happy, independent life.

Apart from it being healthy for you, it’s attractive too.  

11. Improve yourself

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

Is this man you’re crushing on the man you perhaps are in love with – someone extremely gorgeous inside and out?

You know that he’s smart and he’s capable of doing anything he sets his mind to.

Are you also ambitious? Are you motivated to become a better version of yourself?

Well, you can’t expect him to get interested again fast if you don’t have the drive to improve yourself.

If he’s truly such an amazing human being, then he needs an equal by his side.

You can’t just settle for a low-paying job to give yourself more time to party while he’s studying hard to become a successful lawyer one day. 

You need to improve yourself in ways that’ll help him see that you truly are his equal.

This is again, one of the things that might take some time. The results aren’t instantaneous.

But it’s better to invest some time in gaining his interest again than it is to lose him forever. 

Improve yourself in every way you want to! Remember that hobby you abandoned? Go and pick up where you left off!

Don’t just sit around and wait for him to see how awesome you are.

He needs someone who’ll be able to give him mental stimulation as well, so go read that book!

These things will benefit you greatly, but also your relationship with him. 

12. Make his friends like you

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

While you’re working on yourself and giving him time, make sure to give his friends a reason to like you.

Where do they go out to? Are you in touch with them? Are they your mutual friends?

Whatever the case, let them speak for you. All you have to do is be a social butterfly and let them love you. 

They’ll go to him and report on everything you’ve said and done. 

This is especially effective if the two of you are exes. However, this also works if you were two people who just texted for a while. 

Either way, it’ll help you catch his interest. If his friends love you, he’ll follow soon after. 

Of course, be sure to not overdo it. If you want to get him interested again fast, you don’t want to seem too clingy or fake.

So don’t just show up when they go out and buy their affection with drinks. You really need to have a genuine connection with them for this to work. 

13. Move on if he’s not interested

DONE! 13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

How to get him interested again fast is only a question that should be asked when there is a certain spark between the two of you.

If you have to beg and plead him to give you even the smallest amount of attention, then he’s not worth it.

You don’t get a man to be interested in you by blindly running after him or always giving him free passage to your heart. No.

You’re probably tired of pretending like you don’t care. You’ve been pretending like you’re not interested for a while now and it’s getting old.

But if he’s not interested in you and doesn’t plan to come back to you, then it’s time to move on. 

I know it’ll be hard. More often than not, you’ll be left feeling like you lost a chance with someone great. 

On the other hand, how great can he be when he doesn’t care about the amount of effort and time you put into talking to him?

You were always there for him, listening to him, and loving him unconditionally. 

The only thing he’s doing now is moving on to someone else and you should be able to do the same thing. 

You’re not obligated to wait for him to change his mind. That’s why you need to move on if he’s not interested. There’s no way you can influence him and his decisions anymore.

13 Effective Tips To Get Him Interested Again (FAST!)

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