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The Secret Meaning Of Dreams About Falling In Love

The Secret Meaning Of Dreams About Falling In Love

Many people say that our dreams exist to tell us something. It can be our deepest desires or the biggest fears we have. But it’s mostly something we don’t talk about that often. That’s why many people have dreams about falling in love.

Lots of people don’t remember their dreams at all. But those who do usually get interested in finding the meaning behind them. Anything that we’ve seen in our lives, from random objects to people on the streets can be included in our dreams.

They are mostly formed by the feelings we had the previous day. If we are sad, scared, or angry we are more likely to have a nightmare. What happens when we go to bed feeling cheerful is that we’ll most likely dream about something beautiful.

And what’s more beautiful than love? However, dreaming about it can sometimes confuse us. Especially if it included a person we didn’t expect to see in that kind of a dream. If you want to find out the truth behind those dreams, keep reading because you’re in for a real treat.

Are you having dreams about falling in love?

The Secret Meaning Of Dreams About Falling In Love

Everyone dreams about falling in love. And if you don’t think you ever dreamt like that, it’s impossible. It’s just that you probably don’t remember it or it happened a long time ago.

Dreams like that are very common. Not only for the people who are already in love with someone but for those who aren’t or who are wishing to find a partner. Sometimes they make us feel great, but sometimes they leave us feeling confused.

Sometimes the person that appears is someone we actually like, or at least we liked some time in the past. It could be our current partner or an ex. But what happens to some people is that they dream about finding love with some completely random people.

However, all of these situations can leave many questions. “Why am I dreaming about my boyfriend, is there something wrong or it’s a sign that everything is going well? Who is the guy I dreamt about? Why did my brain remind me of my ex? Is it a sign of something or it’s just a coincidence?

Luckily for you, I’ve gathered the answers to your questions. Are you ready to finally find the truth behind dreams about falling in love? I bet you are, so let’s not wait anymore!

Why are you dreaming about falling in love?

Firstly, we want to see why are you even dreaming about it. There are many possible reasons, but I wrote those that are most common. Read them and try to think whether some of these can be applied to you.

If you’ve had multiple dreams about falling in love, then the chances are you’ll relate to the things you’re about to read.

1) You’re lonely

DONE The Truth Behind Dreams About Falling In Love 2

Have you spent the night dreaming about falling in love with someone? Then it’s highly possible that you’re feeling lonely in your life. Loneliness is something that’s pretty difficult to detect and sometimes it’s also hard to differentiate it from sadness.

As those two are really good friends. But having these dreams can be a big sign. It’s likely that your inner self is trying to tell you something. Probably that you really want to find someone special in your life. It wants to tell you that you would be much happier if you found someone to love.

And it doesn’t have to be a romantic kind of relationship. It can also be that you’re just in need of a person who will be there for you no matter what. Maybe you had someone like that, but now you don’t anymore and you’re trying to fill the void.

Maybe these will dreams continue. If they do, then I’ll suggest you open yourself to some new experiences. That way you might find amazing, platonic love. Or even a person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, and you’ll never have to feel lonely again.

2) You’re in doubt

Another possible message that’s hiding behind dreams about falling in love is that you’re in doubt. Think about your life and your past. Is there someone you’re seeing or at least liking at the moment? And is there someone from your past you’re thinking about from time to time?

You can be in doubt about many things. Maybe you like a person, everything is going well, but you still feel like something is wrong. So you’re unsure whether you want to continue going out or you want to listen to your gut feeling.

Maybe you’re in a situation where you need to choose between two people. And you just don’t know how to solve the problem. Or you want to move on and start a new relationship, but thinking about your ex is still keeping you tied up.

If you recognized yourself in these situations then it’s likely that you’ll often dream about finding love. Those dreams will try to help you make a choice. It’s something that’s bothering you while you’re awake, and it has enough power to enter your dreams too.

3) You’re constantly thinking about that person

The Secret Meaning Of Dreams About Falling In Love

If there is a person in your life that you often think about, you’ll probably have to see them in your dreams quite often. But why does it happen?

That’s because we usually dream about something that’s on our minds during the times when we’re awake. So if there’s a person that you think about a lot, then there is a high chance they will enter your dreams.

Usually, it’s someone you like. Maybe you already admitted to yourself the fact that you fancy that person. But what can also happen is that you’re still unaware of the fact that you wish to be in a relationship with that special someone, and now your mind is trying to tell you that by making you dream.

Either way, the dream can help you. If you already know that you like that person, it can motivate you to make a move. And if you weren’t sure about your feelings, maybe you’ll wake up one day and your dream will open your eyes.

4) You want to experience true love

And the last most common reason for dreaming about falling in love is that you really want to experience what true love feels like.

We spent our lives surrounded by love stories. Barbie and Ken, Rose and Jack, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, and many more couples we’ve had a chance to read about forever.

It’s no wonder that we end up dreaming about experiencing something like that. When you think about it, the songs we listen to are mostly about love, the movies we see, and the books we read. Even some historical events we learned about.

Love is something we daydream about, but also something that can easily visit us while we’re sleeping. Those dreams might encourage you to do something about your love life. So they might be even beneficial.

And up until you find your true love, you’ll probably often have to deal with dreams about that.

Dreams about falling in love with:

DONE The Truth Behind Dreams About Falling In Love 4

And now it’s time to see what it means when you fall in love with certain people in your dreams. We can dream about anyone we’ve ever seen. It can be a person we know, someone we passed by in the streets, a fictional character, the person we like, or even someone we aren’t big fans of.

Dreaming about all of these people has some kind of meaning and I’m here to help you find it. Let’s go!

1) Your current partner

If you’re dreaming about falling in love with your real-life partner, it is most commonly a sign that your relationship is doing great. That dream actually serves as a reminder of how happy the two of you are together, and how amazing your relationship is.

So this dream mostly happens when someone is satisfied with the relationship they’re in, but sometimes it can also point out that something is missing.

What do I mean by that? If you feel that the love is fading away in your relationship, the dream could be a kind of a desire to go back to everything you felt at the beginning of your relationship. It wants to help you feel the love you’re missing at the moment.

This dream should not be seen as something that’s there to discourage you. You can look at it as a reminder of how amazing your relationship used to look before, and if it was possible once, you can go back to it again. And it can also motivate you to find different ways for the two of you to connect.

2) Your ex

The Secret Meaning Of Dreams About Falling In Love

Dreams about falling in love with your ex have much power to disturb our peace when we wake up. They usually catch us unprepared so we end up waking up with tons of questions.

“Does that mean I miss my ex? Is my ex also thinking about me? Are we still somehow connected? Why don’t I hate that person after everything that’s happened? Are my feelings for them coming back?” and many more questions that keep us busy for days.

When you’re dreaming about fixing the relationship you had with your ex it could mean a few different things. Firstly, it could simply mean that something reminded you of them. And you were unaware of that fact until you fell asleep.

Then it could also mean that you miss what you had with them. Maybe the time that passed made you realize that some problems were not as big as they seemed back then. And now you’re wondering whether you’ve made a mistake breaking up.

And finally, it can also mean that you’re seeking closure. Remember the day when the two of you broke up, and see whether you said everything you wanted to. You probably didn’t so now when everything is good between the two of you in your dream, you have the chance to fix that.

3) A stranger

Have you ever had a dream that you fell in love with a stranger? The meaning behind that dream depends on whether you were in a relationship at that moment or not. If you were single, and your dream was pleasant, it is a good thing.

That dream most likely indicated that you will soon meet a person who’ll catch your attention. Or that you are bound to experience some pretty good times with a person. No matter if you’re planning on entering a relationship or not.

On the other hand, if you have a partner but you still dreamt a dream like this, then it has an entirely different meaning. It is possible that your sub-conscience is trying to warn you about the problems in your current relationship.

Maybe you don’t want to admit some things to yourself. For example, the relationship you’re in right now is not making you as happy as it should. And now your mind is using dreams to show you something. Maybe it’s what you can find in life if you make some changes.

But think carefully before making a decision.

4) Somebody evil

DONE The Truth Behind Dreams About Falling In Love 6

What can also happen while you’re asleep is that you dream about falling in love with a person from your life that you consider evil. It can even be a character from the movies. Then when you wake up you are left wondering why would such a person be attractive to you.

Some people also dream about scarier situations such as falling in love with the devil himself. Or it can even be a person from their life that they associate with negative and repulsive energy.

Even though these dreams might leave you feeling scared and confused, you shouldn’t worry about them so much. Those dreams usually mean that you are searching for yourself. These dreams are not really about starting a romance. But they are about searching for the things that attract you and why they do.

People who are more curious and adventurous are the ones who have dreams like this more often than other people. If you had them, then it means that you want to get to know yourself better. You want to find out everything about yourself, including your bad sides.

And keep in mind that being attracted by darkness isn’t always a bad thing. In most cases, it just means that you’re the kind of person who wants to learn and widen your horizons. You are interested in getting to know the world. That’s because you believe that that’s how you’ll get familiar with both, good and evil.

However, there’s also a possible negative side to dreams like this. It could mean you are attracted to negative ideas. Or even that there’s someone in your life who tries to manipulate you. They usually do that by presenting themselves in a good way, when they are the opposite of that.

Always be careful and try to figure out why certain things attract you.

Final words

It’s the end of our journey through the dreamland. I hope you enjoyed it. And that you’ve found the answers to the questions you had about dreams about falling in love. Remember that our dreams usually have some meaning behind them, but sometimes they don’t actually tell you anything.

It usually happens when we are too occupied with something that we even project it in our dreams. But you’ll always know when that happens. If that’s not the case, then you probably had a dream with a deeper meaning.

The Secret Meaning Of Dreams About Falling In Love

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