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Don’t Think You Can Come Back Like Nothing Ever Happened

Don’t Think You Can Come Back Like Nothing Ever Happened

Who do you think gave you permission to come back to me like nothing ever happened? Do you really believe I’d ever give you a second chance after what you’ve done to me?

I will only say this once: You don’t deserve me.

You’re the one who gave up on us. It wasn’t my fault that you decided to chase another girl.

It was you who ghosted me for days, not me. You didn’t even have the guts to tell me the reason you left me. You thought I didn’t deserve a proper explanation.

Dumping me without closure and without giving me any answers proved to be your greatest mistake you ever made. Why? Because once I stop caring about you, I won’t let you come back to me, ever again.

You don’t deserve a second chance because you were the one who vanished out of my life. You didn’t have the decency to say to my face that you’re breaking up with me. Like an immature boy, you decided to just vanish and never return any of my calls or messages.

You were too much of a coward to face me, thinking your best option was just to disappear like nothing ever happened. But you didn’t think about the consequences of your actions.

I did nothing to push you away from me. I never even mentioned that I needed a break or anything of the sort. I had zero intention to abandon you. I couldn’t do that to you. You meant so much to me.

But I learned my lesson, so I let you go.

DONE! Don't Think You Can Come Back Like Nothing Ever Happened

Then now, when I’m one step away from healing fully, you decide to march in my life as if nothing ever happened?

Do you really think I would stoop so low to give you another chance? You should be ashamed of yourself to even think I would.

How can you look me in the eyes after everything you’ve done?

Did some of your friends tell you that I was over you, so you decided to come back just to ruin my life all over again? Or did you finally realize what you did wrong and now you seek redemption?

You hurt me enough in this life, so that’s why I won’t make mistake of giving you another chance.

Why aren’t you man enough to back up your words with actions and just leave me alone? After all, you already walked out on me once, why won’t you do it again?

Unlike you, I stick to my own words and promises.

At the very beginning of our relationship, I told you I don’t give people second chances. It’s not how life goes. You rarely ever get another opportunity to make things better or to repeat the same mistake twice.

That’s why I learned my lesson. I won’t let you break my heart once more because I know I couldn’t bear it.

Once you left me, I became wiser not to trust guys like you.

DONE! Don't Think You Can Come Back Like Nothing Ever Happened

That’s why I’ll stand behind my words. I won’t give you a second chance because you don’t deserve it. Guys like you don’t do things differently the second time. They only care about themselves.

And don’t you dare to think that these words have anything to do with the emotions I might have for you. I really loved you. But now, I love myself more. I won’t let you manipulate me to think that it was all my fault.

You disrespected me in every way. I put up with your harsh words and bad behavior because I thought you cared how I felt. But you never did. You just vanished like nothing ever happened.

You see, I refuse to be someone’s second option. If you don’t prioritize me, I won’t prioritize you. I’m refuse to be someone’s afterthought.

I will never put my life on hold and wait for you to come back to me. A strong woman doesn’t beg, chase, or force. I’ll just walk away.

And I’m not the type of woman to put up with your lies and empty promises. I’m not someone who’ll let you treat me that badly just so you won’t leave me.

I’m not letting you hurt me anymore because I deserve so much more. And I’m not the same girl that you met in the beginning. I had to change and I had to grow to forget about you.

I’m not settling for breadcrumbs of affection and love, ever again. You can’t play those silly mind games with me anymore.

I finally learned that I have to love myself more if I ever want to find unconditional love.

DONE! Don't Think You Can Come Back Like Nothing Ever Happened

And from now on, I’m prioritizing myself over anyone else. I won’t waste any time on toxic people who don’t deserve my effort or energy. I’m not settling for a relationship that is doomed to fail anyway.

Sorry to inform you, but I won’t be the one who’ll serve as your ego booster. I refuse to be your measly seconds, the person you come to once others leave you.

I’m worth much more than your lies, half-truths, and deceptions.

You’re too late. So don’t you dare come back to me like nothing ever happened!

Don't Think You Can Come Back Like Nothing Ever Happened

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