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Don’t Settle For Mediocre Love, Hold Out For A Great One

It’s only natural to crave genuine love and affection.

The need to love and be loved is wired in our DNA. And the fact that you get to share your life with someone else is thrilling.

The unique feeling of being loved by a person we choose to spend our lifetime with, and who inevitably brings joy and contentment to our life. 

You should never hold back when asking for love to complement your life.

It’s an amazing feeling that you get when you have that special someone by your side, and you know they’re going to be there for you no matter what.

However, sometimes we settle for a mediocre love.

When you settle for someone who you know isn’t the right one for you, you decide to settle for a toxic relationship that’ll never succeed and you won’t feel truly loved, ever.

Most of us have a hard time accepting the bitter truth and don’t have the courage to leave.

Because, let’s face it, it’s easier to settle for that mediocre love than leave the person you’ve spent the past year or two with.

Never settle for a relationship that makes you feel miserable and unloved.

DONE! Don't Settle For Mediocre Love, Hold Out For A Great One

Remember, the ultimate life goal is to have someone beside you who’ll bring out the best in you.

And if your current partner doesn’t do that, then maybe you should consider leaving.

If you decide to stay in such a relationship, you’ll never reach your true potential and you’re going to eventually hate the person you have become.

So, gather the courage and leave before it’s too late, before the sands of time run out on you.

Why do you want to stay with a person who doesn’t make you happy and joyful?

Don’t settle just because you’re comfortable with him. You need to break out of your comfort zone if you ever wish to find out your true potential.

I know you’ve been through a lot with this person, but if you feel unloved and unfulfilled, what’s the point of your relationship anyway?

Eventually, you’ll learn to never put up with mediocre love ever again.

Don’t be discouraged if your friends tell you that you’re too picky when it comes to dating, because frankly, you shouldn’t care about that.

It’s not that you’re picky, it’s just that you refuse to ever be in a relationship that makes you anything less than happy.

You want to experience true happiness and you want to feel loved again.

Don’t settle for mediocre love. Instead, hold out for a great one.

DONE! Don't Settle For Mediocre Love, Hold Out For A Great One

When you settle for mediocre love, you’re just standing in the way of your own happiness.

You can’t expect a mediocre man to make you feel genuinely loved.

How are you supposed to meet the love of your life, your forever person, if you’re filling your life and giving away your emotions to an average man?

When you settle for a mediocre relationship, you’re actually blocking your own opportunities to reach nirvana.

You’re rejecting the idea of having a man who’ll give you all of his love and in return expect nothing but your genuine love.

Every one of us searches for love, but you need to realize that a relationship isn’t supposed to fix you.

DONE! Don't Settle For Mediocre Love, Hold Out For A Great One

If you’re not feeling like yourself, if you dislike who you’ve become in your current relationship, then it’s better that you leave than to settle for mediocrity.

You have the right to feel complete and comfortable in your own relationship, but your happiness should never depend on your partner.

Don’t let your quest in finding your true love turn into a desperate cry for help.

You have to know your own worth before settling down in a relationship. Only then will you feel loved.

You shouldn’t settle for an almost-love just because you have to have someone in your life who’ll fill the void in you.

It’s unhealthy and unfair – both on you and your partner.

Affection and dedication should come naturally in a relationship, not feel forced.

Don’t feel like you’re obliged to be in a relationship just because everyone around you is in one.

You’re responsible for your own happiness, and you owe it to yourself to find a love that’ll bring you peace and happiness.

Don’t settle for mediocrity, wait for greatness.

DONE! Don't Settle For Mediocre Love, Hold Out For A Great One

You shouldn’t settle for someone who forces you to walk on eggshells.

Don’t be in a relationship in which you’re being constantly belittled by a partner who only feeds on your insecurities.

They will only stay by your side to exploit you and feed their own ego.

Don’t stay in a relationship that makes you anything less than happy.

Why? Because you’re far from an average girl. You’re just suppressing those deep yearnings for love, but instead, you should embrace it.

You’re the one who is responsible for your own joy in life.

DONE! Don't Settle For Mediocre Love, Hold Out For A Great One

And when you feel loved, you’ll grow into a superwoman.

Wait for that someone who’ll make your life better just by being by your side.

A person who knows how to make you feel like you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Wait for the person who’ll have only eyes for you and nobody else. Someone with whom love will come easy and naturally.

Wait for that great person who knows that no relationship is perfect but still chooses you and your relationship.

Such a person knows that you have to put in the effort to make it work and will never take you for granted.

Trust me, the right one is out there, but you shouldn’t settle for mediocre love, ever.

Don’t settle for less.

And if you don’t know how to recognize if the next one is the right one, trust your gut. Believe me, you’ll know when you see this special person.

Don't Settle For Mediocre Love, Hold Out For A Great One

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