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Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy: 9 Ways To Protect It

Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Joy: 9 Ways To Protect It

In a world full of problems, envy and rudeness, find a spark that will keep you happy. Don’t let anyone steal your joy!

Our smile is precious and we must protect it at all costs. We’ve all had a chance to come in contact with someone who was rude to us or even talked badly about our appearance or personality. It hurt our feelings and ruined the whole day.

Was it supposed to be ruined, though? With the right mindset, no.

Even though life can be tough sometimes, there are many things that can still make us cheerful. We can find happiness in a beautiful sunset, our favorite flowers, or the person we really love. The only thing we need is to focus on everything good that’s going on around us.

“Don’t let anyone steal your joy!”: How to live by this rule?

If you’re struggling with keeping your joy, I prepared 9 tips that can help you live your life to the fullest. You deserve to be happy, and after you apply these steps, each day will feel like a gift from God.

Are you ready for such a change? I bet you are!

1) Don’t let anyone’s negativity steal your smile

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy 9 Ways To Protect It

Just like every single person on Earth, we also have some everyday problems. However, it’s up to us to choose how we want to face them. Are we going to fight? Or let it eat out our happiness?

Lots of people decide to give up because that seems easier than trying to fix something. What they don’t understand is that it messes with their life in the long term. Too much negativity can drain every drop of joy we have in our minds and bodies.

One famous American rapper called NF once wrote a few perfect lines that describe what happens to you when you let yourself down.

“I fell in love with my pain and I slept with my regrets
Happiness saw it happen, maybe that’s why she up and left
Joy called me a cheater, said she ain’t coming back…”

Those people, who’ve been imprisoned by the negativity and sorrow, tend to spread their misery around. Some of them do it unintentionally, yet some actually enjoy doing that. Knowing that someone is as despondent as they are, shows them that they aren’t alone. It even gives them some inner peace.

Even though it might be a helpful tool for them, it’s definitely not for the people in their company. So we need to learn how to fight them. You know how they say, “goes in one ear and out the other”. We all have our problems, but there are also plenty of things to cherish in life.

Focus on them, and don’t let anyone steal your joy by spreading their negative monologues around.

2) Stop comparing yourself to others

It’s the 21st century and we have to admit that comparing ourselves to other people is very common. It usually starts because of the time we spend on social media. It’s a virtual place where we’re able to see how joyful the lives of other people are.

Pictures from their trips, romantic dinners, concerts, engagement parties, gender reveals… everything we’re able to see on a daily basis. And it’s completely natural for us to compare all of these events with the ones that are happening in our lives.

Always be aware that not everything you see on those platforms is real. Nobody posts about their life issues, failures, and worries.

And no, it doesn’t mean they’re living carefree lives and sipping champagne. Everybody has problems, it’s just that we choose to share our best memories with the rest of the world.

In order to stay happy, we need to understand that there will always be some people who are better, richer, or more successful than us. On the other hand, someone will look at us that way. It’s how the world works. So these situations shouldn’t steal your joy.

So be smart, use your social media as a powerful tool to boost your motivation, and not something that will destroy your spark. Follow the people who inspire you, learn from them, and never compare yourself to them. You have plenty of reasons to be happy with your life.

3) Your happiness shouldn’t depend on other people

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy 9 Ways To Protect It

This is much easier said than done, but don’t give up yet! Let me explain something to you.

Yes, humans are social creatures, and it’s true that approval or validation always feels good. However, it’s important to know that we don’t need to depend on that.

Let self-esteem be your special recipe for happiness. However, be careful not to add over-reliance on validation (from other people) to your “cake of joy“.

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but someone stopped you from doing it? Maybe you really liked some hair color, or you dreamt about having a tattoo? What about some bigger choices in your life? How did you choose your university or your job?

It’s very likely that people from your life had a lot to say about that. Maybe you wanted to study art, but someone told you that there’s not enough money for you in that field. Or you wanted to be an economist, but someone advised you there are too many of them.

It’s common for people to be aggressive when it comes to sharing their opinion on something. It’s okay to politely listen to them (if they’re also being respectful), but keep in mind that it’s your life that they are talking about.

Your hair color or a tattoo is something that’s only on your body, not theirs. And the choice of your university and job should be yours only. You’re the only one who knows what truly makes you happy and what you want to do with your life.

So focus on that and always be aware that you are good enough! Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Listen to your heart and act accordingly.

4) There’s no need to feel bad just because someone’s angry

During your lifetime you’ll get the chance to experience lots of people getting mad at you. Sometimes it will be reasonable, but many times you won’t even know why the problem occurred.

Both options can affect your mood. If you know the reason it’s much easier to deal with the problem. However, if a person never told you anything and you just have to guess why they’re angry, it is much more difficult.

Thinking about those things can bring so much stress into your life. You’ll probably keep questioning yourself in order to find out what is it that you’ve done wrong. Maybe you said something you shouldn’t have? Or you forgot to do something you’d promised?

On the other hand, you don’t even remember making a promise. So it must be something else…but what?

Well, the real answer is that it doesn’t have to be your fault all the time. Just because someone is angry at you, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve wronged them. Maybe they just needed to find someone else to blame for their own problems and you were the closest person around.

Think about the situation. Do you think that something you did hurt that person? If yes, simply apologize to them and explain why it happened.

However, if you can’t see the reason why, ignore it. I know it’s easy to start feeling down when someone’s mad at you, but you have to remember that some people just like to take their anger out on their friends and family.

That’s not worth losing your precious smile! These are just some people who are on the quest to steal your joy.

5) Appreciate what you have

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy 9 Ways To Protect It

It’s normal that we always want more, but it’s important to appreciate what we already have!

Let’s go back. Do you remember how much you wanted that phone you have right now? Or that dress you saw the other day? What about the beautiful flower in your room? These are just some of the things you wanted, and now you have them.

There are tons of examples of the things we desired and then got. Every time we want to eat something and we’re able to buy it. Every time we want to travel somewhere, and then we actually go there and so on.

However, after we get what we wished for, we tend to switch our focus to other things we want, but don’t have yet. Stop! Enjoy the moment. Remember how much it made you happy when your wish was in your hands for the first time. Why stop appreciating it after some time?

It doesn’t have to be about the things we can buy. We need to appreciate the people we have around us. Our family and friends who’ve been with us through everything. Call them, tell them how much they mean to you. You’ll make their day, and their happiness will make yours.

6) Don’t be afraid to say “No”

I know it’s not always easy to say “No”, but you have to learn how to take care of yourself. You don’t have to be afraid that you’ll seem unapproachable or rude if you refuse to do something. Don’t let anyone steal your joy by making you do something that doesn’t bring any happiness to your life.

It’s important to know that you’re the only one who’s in charge. Some people are cunning, and they’ll try so hard to make you do something that will make them happy. Sometimes you may even feel like you’re obliged to do so. But you are not!

Always put yourself first. Trust me, life becomes so much easier after that. Of course, there will be some situations that you’ll still have to do that don’t make you that happy. Like going to the doctor, or working during some weekends.

However, when it comes to situations in which you can choose how to act, always do what will make you the happiest. If you don’t care about yourself, who will?

7) Don’t let your work define your mood

Work can be very stressful. But, it’s also something that should stay within the working hours.

Whatever happens, you shouldn’t feel the need to bring it back home with you. Maybe you had a small fight with your colleague, or you didn’t finish what you planned…don’t worry. Everything will be okay!

It’s normal to wake up on the wrong foot. Sometimes we just can’t seem to do anything without making a mistake. Of course, it is frustrating and that feeling of frustration just forces us to make even more mistakes. So, calm down!

I know that sometimes some project or a person can take way too much energy, time, and happiness. But always be aware that it’s something that will stay behind you when you come back home. Once you leave your workplace, you’re free to recharge your batteries and enjoy the rest of the day.

In life, there are some things that we can control, and some that we, unfortunately, cannot. So why spend so much time stressing about them?

Don’t let your work define the mood for the rest of the day. And most importantly don’t let it steal your joy!

8) Always have fun!

It’s your life and you only have one ticket. So make sure you leave with memories and not dreams you never fulfilled.

When was the last time you did something that made you truly happy? Sometimes we get so caught up in our obligations that we forget to enjoy the life we have. It’s important to always find some time for ourselves.

Think about something fun that you really love doing. Going to the spa center, cinema, clubbing with your friends, or having a game night with your family? Whatever it is, make sure to do something for yourself every day.

Sometimes you’ll be so busy that you’ll feel like you barely have enough time for a good night’s sleep. Don’t let your obligations steal your joy. You should always try to leave some free time for yourself, at least to read a few pages of that book you really like, or to watch a new episode of your fav TV show.

9) Never forget how valuable you are

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy 9 Ways To Protect It

And last, but not least – never ever forget how valuable you are! Every single one of us is special because of something.

You are unique, capable, smart, fun, beautiful, loved, and full of potential. If these are not the reasons to smile, I don’t know what are. Celebrate the person you are! Be proud and work on your self-esteem. Always work hard, but still try to do the things you enjoy.

There will always be some people who will try to bring you down. But with the right mindset, you will be able to protect your happiness and have a great and bright life.

Of course, it’s totally normal to feel down from time to time. We all do. When that moment comes, take some time for yourself and you’ll definitely find the right solution.

And now, when we’ve reached the end, I wish you all the best. Go live your best life and make many memories. Be happy, and healthy. Always keep that beautiful smile of yours.

And don’t forget these wise words: Don’t let anyone steal your joy!

Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy: 9 Ways To Protect It