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Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

Don’t go back to someone who almost destroyed you. I know that your reaction is probably, “Why would I listen to you?” but at least hear me out.

Even if you don’t take my advice, I know that you’re aware deep down that going back to him is a huge mistake.

You’re aware that things will change for a couple of days, but once you lower your guard, he’ll treat you the same again… with a total lack of care.

Yes, people can change, and sometimes they do, but it’s not easy and they have to want to change.

Those who don’t think that there’s something wrong with them never will.

Deep down, you’re aware that he’ll never change and will make you miserable.

DONE! Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

You’re aware that he isn’t someone you can trust. He repeatedly failed you, disappointed you, and let you down.

Just remember all the tears you cried next to him, begging him to at least try to change. It happened so many times…

He almost destroyed you and you came close to an actual breakdown because it was impossible to take anymore… and he swore that he would change.

You have to understand that he said whatever you wanted to hear in those moments.

He did anything just to calm you down and calm down the difficult situation…

Do you think that it’s because he cares about you? No, it’s just so he would be able to continue doing basically whatever he wanted.

He’s a sneaky person who you’re considering trusting again. Even if you go back to him, can you really open up to him again that easily?

You’ll try and force yourself but your subconscious wants to protect you… So, it will build very high walls around you and you won’t even know that they’re there.

DONE! Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

Even if you choose to make a big mistake by letting him come back on his knees, you won’t be able to share anything with that man.

You won’t be able to tell him your deepest emotions or your secrets. You’ll instead keep your happiness and your fears to yourself.

Don’t even wonder why when you already know the answer.

Did he ever really listen to you? Do you think that he ever cared for anything you had to say?

No. That’s the man you want to be with, the man you want to keep giving second chances to, the man who doesn’t even love you.

Does he deserve getting not just a second but a thousandth chance you’re about to give him?

He isn’t someone you can rely on. Where was he whenever you needed support or help?

DONE! Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

He was out with his friends having a great time and not even thinking about you.

He must have had more important business to take care of because everything was more important than you.

He was everywhere other than where he should have been – next to you, holding you in his arms.

Whenever you felt sad or faced a problem, he left you alone to deal with it on your own.

A man who loves you would be there for you, to hold you and wipe away your tears.

Just remember how you felt when you sat by him and cried in anger and frustration.

Remember how low you fell and how he didn’t even think about helping you get up.

Don’t go back to a man who didn’t love you but only wanted to have you.

He wanted a woman all to himself without caring for her and that’s the way jealous and possessive people act.

He only gave you crumbs of his attention, but acted jealous when you searched for it elsewhere.

DONE! Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

You weren’t even allowed to spend time with your friends just because he wanted you to be constantly available to him.

Whenever you managed to spend time with someone else or go out without him, he called you…

Do you know why? He never trusted you at all.

You discarded those who actually cared about you because of someone who never did.

Was this toxic man worth it? His fake love wasn’t worth rejecting those who genuinely loved you.

You unknowingly hurt a lot of people just to stay in a relationship that was already over long ago.

A self-centered man who took you for granted was more important to you than anyone else, including yourself.

He never appreciated anything you did for him, nor did he appreciate you. That would happen again.

How much love, energy, and time did you waste on a person who didn’t deserve any? Just think about that.

DONE! Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

Whenever your mind wanders back to this toxic man, remind yourself of something important… You settled for a lot less than you actually deserve.

Remind yourself of the pain caused by the neglect you had to face every day.

Just remember all the difficult situations that you had to face alone because he didn’t want to be there.

Don’t go back to a man who promises you that he’ll change. Words are meaningless when they’re not backed up by actions, and his never were.

Don’t believe him because it’s easy to speak words but it’s not so easy to prove them with actions.

You should only believe what his actions tell you. Don’t ever go back to him because everything he’s done proves that he doesn’t care about you.

Please don’t ever go back to someone who almost destroyed you because he’ll finish the job. Someone who breaks you isn’t someone who’ll fix you.

DONE! Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

You’ll just end up holding a grudge against this man for as long as you live.

Deep down, you’ll blame him for being scared or extra cautious about love and for not being able to trust anyone.

You’ll never be the same again, even if you don’t realize it now.

He almost destroyed you. Don’t let him finish what he started and don’t think that he’s the one who’ll fix you if he broke you.

He’s just a part of your past now and he needs to stay there. All he should represent to you is an example of things no one should do.

The only things he gave you were wounds on your broken heart that haven’t healed yet. Let them heal by staying away from him.

He doesn’t deserve you and you deserve a lot more. Please, don’t ever forget that.

Don’t Ever Go Back To Someone Who Almost Destroyed You

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