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Don’t Believe He’s The Perfect Guy, He’s Far From That

Don’t Believe He’s The Perfect Guy, He’s Far From That

You’re probably in a relationship where you’re giving your all to make it work and not let the guy walk away from you. You also probably think that he loves you the same way you love him and that he’s the perfect guy for you.

You can’t imagine life without him and every second that you spend apart feels like an eternity for you.

But here’s the kicker. You’ve actually created an illusion of him, and you’re not really in love with the real him, but with that illusion.

You can’t say that you genuinely love him when you know he’s never shown you he really cares for you and that you mean the world to him. You can’t tell me that he’s your everything when his actions and words have only brought you pain and misery.

He’s a man who doesn’t respect you at all and isn’t afraid to lose you forever. That’s the only real truth and we both know that. So stop dreaming about having a future with him because he’s not the right one for you.

The truth is, he’s been using you for his selfish needs and pretending that he loves you, when in reality, you’ve never been his love.

DONE! Don't Believe He's The Perfect Guy, He's Far From That

Everything that you two are, you created in your own mind because you needed to comfort yourself in some way.

He’s far from a perfect guy and no matter how hard it is for you to admit that, you need to do it for the sake of your sanity. The sooner you break free from that illusion, the better it’ll be for you.

And I understand that you’re angry and frustrated because you know that if you do accept that he never really loved you, it would break your heart into a million pieces. You’ll only resent yourself for believing that a man like him could ever be capable of loving you.

If you want to cry, then just do it. Embrace the pain that you’re feeling and let the healing process begin.

At least you’re honest about your feelings, which is more than you can say for him.

I know you may be overwhelmed and confused about how to leave the man you love most, but at the same time, you know isn’t good for you.

If you’re perfectly honest with yourself, you know you have no future with him and that you never want him to be the father of your children.

DONE! Don't Believe He's The Perfect Guy, He's Far From That

But afterward, you’ll feel nothing. Those negative emotions that ate at you will fade and your heart will be empty of him. There’ll be only distant memories of when the two of you were together and you’ll be free at last.

That’s when you’ll start living again and not be a prisoner of a man who only wanted to keep you by his side because of his narcissistic streak. You’ll regain control over your own life and decisions.

And one day, you’ll come to your senses and see that I’m telling you the truth.

There will come a day when you’ll say enough is enough and realize that he doesn’t deserve you at all. It’ll dawn on you that he’s just a player who stripped you of the opportunity to meet the love of your life.

You’ll understand that the bits and pieces of love that he’s been giving you, isn’t the kind of love you actually deserve to have.

Truthfully, you deserve to have a man who loves you with his whole heart and won’t let you suffer in any way. Someone with a pure soul who’ll be there for you whenever and wherever you need him.

So, don’t you dare settle for anything less than that.

DONE! Don't Believe He's The Perfect Guy, He's Far From That

Your current man is far from being the perfect guy. When you finally meet the right man and all your needs and wants are satisfied, that’s when you realize how wrongly loved you’ve been all this time.

Even though it’s difficult for you to hear this now, you need to face reality and accept your mistakes. That’s the only way you’ll learn from them.

At least you’ll know that you’re safe from letting anyone use you ever again, and from accepting someone who has no intention of staying in your life for the long haul.

Sometimes, you just need to be honest with yourself and break free from the figment you have created.

That’s the only way you’ll learn that you’re worth experiencing true love and that someday a real man will come who’ll love you the way you are.

There are times when people are blinded by love and fail to see things as they really are. They listen to their heart instead of their mind.

DONE! Don't Believe He's The Perfect Guy, He's Far From That

But you won’t let that happen to you – not again. You’ll break the illusion of him as a perfect guy because he was never that. You’ll walk away from him and focus on your own emotions for once.

And you’ll give yourself time to properly heal.

Believe me, God will send you the right guy. Sooner or later your paths will cross, but you need to be patient and prepare yourself to embrace all the love that he’ll give you.

Don't Believe He's The Perfect Guy, He's Far From That

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