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He Doesn’t Deserve A Second Chance If He Does These 4 Things

He Doesn’t Deserve A Second Chance If He Does These 4 Things

Throughout your life, you’ll encounter people who’ve been through a lot and those who’ve made mistakes. That’s just how life goes.

That’s why you shouldn’t believe it’s the end of the world if the guy you’re dating has made a mistake or hurt you unwillingly.

Like everything in life, mistakes do happen, but learning how to forgive them and move on is actually the key to a happy and healthy life. I know it isn’t easy to forgive someone who made you go through hell, but it’s never a good idea to hold grudges against someone.

Even you have hurt someone at some point and I know that you totally regret doing it. If only we could build a time machine and going back in time to undo certain things!

So, don’t think that your man doesn’t regret hurting you and feel genuine remorse after what he did to you. If he’s aware of your feelings, he may just deserve a second chance from you.

On the other hand, there are people who never truly grasp the consequences of their actions – people who did bad things to you and didn’t feel sorry afterward. People who intentionally hurt you and make you feel guilty for their manipulative behavior.

Those people are toxic, egotistical maniacs who sure don’t deserve a second chance. There’s no way you should let them ruin your life a second time.

They’re usually narcissists in disguise, waiting to catch you by surprise. Learn to never believe their “sorry,” because all they do is deceive you into thinking it’s your fault and not theirs.

If you have a man who does the following things to you, then he doesn’t deserve a second chance. All he does deserve is seeing you walking out on him.

1. He keeps emphasizing your flaws

DONE! He Doesn't Deserve A Second Chance If He Does These 4 Things

Look out for the guy who never fails to highlight all of your shortcomings. He’s a real maniac who will always find a way to make you look like the inferior and wrong one, all while not recognizing his own poor behavior.

He simply uses you as a scapegoat – blaming everything on you and emphasizing your flaws.

Never be with a man who stoops that low and makes you feel like you’re worthless. You’ll never be enough for someone who is wrong for you.

Remember, you’re a person with feelings. Don’t ever let a man walk all over you and say that you’re unlovable.

If he keeps hammering on your imperfections, that’s an obvious sign he doesn’t appreciate or respect you, and you should definitely let go of him.

2. He’s incapable of saying he’s sorry

DONE! He Doesn't Deserve A Second Chance If He Does These 4 Things

There are certain red flags that you should look out for when determining whether or not the guy you’re dating is right for you.

If he’s unable to apologize, this clearly shows he’s not the man you’re going the spend the rest of your life with.

Being able to say you’re sorry is necessary if you want to build a healthy and successful relationship.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not every man or woman has the courage to own up to them. And if he doesn’t do that, then he’s clearly a narcissist who believes he’s perfect the way he is.

If your man can’t say that he’s sorry when an apology is due, then you should hightail it out of there.

It’s difficult to grasp the level of narcissism one must have to think about himself as impeccable. But one thing’s for sure: You should never settle for a relationship with such a man.

3. He refuses to take responsibility for his actions

DONE! He Doesn't Deserve A Second Chance If He Does These 4 Things

Because this guy thinks that he’s faultless, he never takes responsibility for his actions.

Every time he makes a mistake, he finds some excuse. His charming, manipulative personality forces you to believe every word he utters – like you’re the one to blame for his actions!

But, you’re innocent and he’s not man enough to own up to any of his mistakes and do what needs to be done to fix them.

He’s just a toxic manipulator. Open your eyes and see through his deceptions and lies.

4. He makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin

DONE! He Doesn't Deserve A Second Chance If He Does These 4 Things

Every time you meet up with him, you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You simply can’t relax because you have to pretend to be someone you’re not.

You think that it’s your fault, but it isn’t. It’s his!

He’s the one who doesn’t let you be who you are. And if you ever do show your true colors, he’ll quickly pick you apart.

He’s never there when you need him. He won’t support you in your goals and dreams. And he’ll never love you enough so that you can grow into a superwoman.

He’ll always force you to hide parts of yourself because he thinks you need to change those “undesirable” characteristics.

And he’ll devalue you at every opportunity he gets. He’ll try to mold you into who he wants you to be. You won’t feel comfortable just being yourself and it feels horrible.

You deserve so much better, you’ve just got to be patient and leave this narcissist in disguise.

A guy who doesn’t make you feel good in your own skin doesn’t deserve a second chance.

He Doesn't Deserve A Second Chance If He Does These 4 Things