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Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

There’s one thing that’s particularly frustrating when it comes to dating. Let me introduce you to the well-known phenomenon of mixed signals – the torture of today’s dating world.

We hear about them all the time.

“He told me that he can’t wait to see me again, but acts too busy to meet up with me.”

“He’s the first one to watch my Instagram stories, but never has time to text me.”

“He tells me that he’s into me, but flirts with other girls.”

Do these phrases sound familiar? Have you ever been in a similar situation where a guy played hot-and-cold, gave you both yes and no as an answer?

If you know what I’m talking about, then you know just how frustrating these mixed signals are. They’re the horror of the dating world and make you feel like you have no control over your life.

One moment, you’re hearing these sweet words and receiving kind gestures.

DONE! Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

The next, you’re given the cold shoulder. That’s how things work with mixed signals.

You’re constantly up and down – it’s a real roller coaster of emotions.

In the beginning, you feel over the moon.

You truly believe that your relationship stands a chance and could be the thing you’ve been looking for your whole life.

Then a moment later, you feel like a toy that someone’s been playing with until they got bored, at which point they decided to leave you on the side.

Maybe they’ll come back to you. Maybe not. Who knows.

Because I know how painful this all feels as I’ve learned it from personal experience, I beg you to do this one thing:

Please, take mixed signals as a NO because that’s what they actually are.

DONE! Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

If he liked you, he’d call you. He wouldn’t be scrolling through his Instagram while leaving your message on unread.

If he wanted to see you, he would knock on your door and take you out. He wouldn’t pretend to be busy while hanging out with his friends.

If he wanted to be with you, he would ask you to be his girlfriend. He wouldn’t flirt with other girls while keeping you as a side option.

When it comes to love, it’s pretty simple, actually. Someone either likes you or not, he wants to be with you or not. It’s straightforward.

But it’s us humans that make the matter more complicated than it is. It’s us humans who keep looking for excuses because we’re afraid of losing someone who isn’t even good enough for us in the first place.

Why? Because we’re scared that we’ll end up alone in this world. We’re scared of loneliness.

We hear the word and dodge it like the plague so it never catches us.

But trust me, it’s always better to be alone than with someone who’s not worth your time and energy.

DONE! Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

It’s better to be alone and know where you’re standing than to be with someone who keeps playing with your feelings.

People like that will keep giving you mixed signals till the end of your life because you’ve let them do that from the very beginning.

Why would they stop now?

Mixed signals bring pain that will leave you awake the whole night, trying to figure out if the guy actually likes you or not.

They’re what stays the main topic of a best friends’ conversation because you alone can’t figure out the truth.

They make it confusing to know your current status and they always fail to give you a concrete answer.

It feels like sitting on the grass and picking off the petals, saying “He loves me, loves me not” while the truth is actually right in front of you.

I know that you overthought every detail of your last date.

DONE! Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

You analyzed every single piece of information that you had just to get to the bottom of that burning question: “Is he interested in me?”

You’ve given him many chances, thinking that sooner or later he’d stop with his mixed signals and give you the truth instead. But that day still hasn’t come.

You’re still waiting for his text, even though he told you he’d reach out to you.

You’re still waiting for his call, even though he told you that he can’t wait to see you again.

But hear me out. Those mixed signals that he keeps giving you are there to keep you on the hook.

They serve to keep you closer to him while still remaining at a safe distance.

This gives him space to go on with his life as he wants, all while having you on the side whenever he needs you.

That’s why I want you to love yourself enough to walk away from the one who has no real intentions with you.

Do yourself a favor and take his mixed signals as a NO.

DONE! Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

In his head, they’re just an easier way to let you know that he’s not interested in you the way you want him to be.

To say those words out loud would mean to break your heart.

But to give you mixed signals would mean that after some time, you’d willingly walk away from him.

This clears his conscience as he never openly rejected you. He never broke your heart, right?

But what he doesn’t know is that with every mixed signal he sent you, your heart cracked a little. And the crack got ever deeper as time passed.

He played with your emotions and made you feel like you had no worth.

All those things hide behind his act of sending you mixed signals.

Now, it’s up to you to make a change and do something good for yourself. It’s up to you to choose your feelings over his little game.

It’s obvious that his mixed signals are a clear sign that he doesn’t like you the way you want him to. He’s just doesn’t have the guts to say it out loud.

DONE! Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

So, please, do yourself a favor and don’t let him send you mixed signals anymore.

It’s obvious what they stand for and they’re sure not a sign of love.

Respect yourself enough to walk away from a guy who’s too much of a coward to tell you that he doesn’t like you so he keeps playing hot-and-cold with you.

You’re worth so much more than waiting for him to make up his mind.

Do Yourself A Favor And Take Mixed Signals As A NO

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