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Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Has it ever happened to you that you called your crush cute, and then it made you think… Wait!? Do guys like being called cute?

Most of us have probably thought about this at least once. And now, you’re here seeking some answers. It’s a complex question because every individual is different. But I can tell you what most guys think about that nickname.

Scroll down and find out!

Why do guys like being called cute?

You see, most of the guys do like being called cute!

I say most because there are some who have mixed feelings about the word. They believe it makes them seem weak or feminine. However, you shouldn’t worry whether you should call your crush cute, he’ll most likely love it!

Apart from the fact that it breaks the foundations of toxic masculinity, there are many more reasons to call a guy cute. Here are 10 of them.

1. It shows you’re close

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

We usually give nicknames and compliments to the people we are close to or like, right? So when a guy hears you calling him “cute,” that’s something that will most likely make him happy. Why?

Simply because it is a sign that the two of you are close. Whether you’re friends or potential future partners, receiving compliments from the people you care about feels great.

And not only that, we are social creatures and we love good company. If the person we’re into gives us a nickname or a compliment like this one, we’ll be over the moon.

It’s totally normal and expected. Especially because guys don’t hear this word as often as girls do. So when you call them cute, they’ll think you see them in a way that you don’t see others.

2. It makes them feel loved

Just as it shows them the two of you are close, it can also make them feel loved. And everybody likes and wants to be loved, right?

Compliments are more complicated than you’d think. It’s like that because we need to find a perfect balance. If we never give them, the person won’t feel appreciated. But if we overdo it, it won’t sound sincere and will lose its impact. So we need to be wise in our choice and frequency of compliments.

As I said, guys don’t hear that they’re cute that often, so it will surprise them in a good way. They’ll feel like you just told them their behavior is more adorable than the behavior regular guys have. That will separate them from the rest of the male world, and they’ll feel loved, appreciated, and proud.

3. It feeds their emotional side

DONE Do Guys Like Being Called Cute 11 Reasons They Do 2

This world has made guys think that they have to be tough, strong, and insensitive. But in fact, every human being breaks from time to time, and we are all definitely emotional.

The compliments guys usually receive are mostly about their looks. How strong their arms are, how beautiful that six-pack is or how cool their hairstyle is that day. Sure, these are all nice things to hear, and you’d never be upset to hear them.

But we’d all like to hear some more original compliments, something about our personality or what makes us unique. So, what do you think, do guys like being called cute?

Of course! Because it tells them you don’t find them just handsome or muscular. You think they are cute! And that refers to both their personality and their looks. It’s a perfect combo!

They’re finally able to show their softer side, and they won’t be afraid that you’ll judge them.

4. It boosts their confidence

Calling someone cute is flattering. And flattery always boosts our confidence.

Hearing something nice about ourselves makes us feel amazing. Especially if it’s something we don’t hear that often. Being called cute while doing something or expressing their feelings, isn’t something guys experience a lot throughout their lives.

And because of that, they might feel awkward behaving or feeling a certain way. But if you point out how adorable they look when they’re talking about the things they love, explaining their hobbies, or just doing something, it will melt their hearts.

It will also give them the confidence to continue enjoying those things and they’ll see themselves in a different light. Instead of still feeling awkward, they can finally start feeling proud about it.

5. They actually want to hear it

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Society made different standards for men and women. Even when it comes to compliments. So, we end up wondering “Do guys like being called cute?” But think about it: Who wouldn’t like hearing something nice?

It’s just that girls are usually the ones who are called cute. Because of that, many guys feel ashamed when they do something and then hear someone appreciating their cuteness.

But even if they don’t admit it, it really makes them happy to hear it. And deep down, they want it to be a compliment reserved for guys too.

This one can be connected to the previous point of it boosting their confidence. Maybe they feel ashamed of doing a particular job, talking in a certain way, or simply just behaving the way they do. But if you tell them it’s cute, they’ll immediately be more relaxed and you’ll be able to see their relief.

This way, you’re encouraging him to be himself and feel proud of everything he’s doing. It’s important to break the stereotypes such as “cute” being the word reserved strictly for girls. Compliments should never be given according to gender.

6. It makes them feel unique

Praising someone for the way they look is the easiest thing to do. Sure, it’s nice to hear, but it won’t touch your heart that much.

But compliments that have the power to make you emotional are the ones that are about your personality – about you as a person. When someone points out how adorable our actions are, it sticks with us for a long time.

Think about how many times you’ve heard that you’re dressed nicely, or your new hairstyle looks amazing. Lots of times probably. And yes, it made you happy and you were thankful. But it all lasted for a few minutes, and then you just continued doing whatever you were busy with.

However, do you remember when someone told you the way you speak is just so cute? Or maybe it was the way you walk, smile, or dance? How did that make you feel? How long did it last? Well, if you still remember it, that’s excellent proof of how different these kinds of compliments hit.

7. It improves their mood

DONE Do Guys Like Being Called Cute 11 Reasons They Do 4

What else can a simple compliment like that do? It can improve someone’s mood. When you think about it, it’s a win-win situation.

Why? Well, it’s very simple. Compliments make us feel good.

You tell a guy you care about that he’s cute. It lifts his spirits. He’s more cheerful, relaxed, happier, and even cuter and more emotional. After that, you’re also very proud and joyful because you know you’ve just made his day.

It’s such an uncommon flattering remark for a guy, that you’ll definitely catch him off guard. It will surprise him, but in the nicest way possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make someone’s day.

8. It makes them feel younger

Many guys adore being called cute for one simple reason – it makes them feel younger!

It’s true that some of them see it in a negative way, and think you’re calling them childish and immature. But if you choose the right moment and have sincere intentions, they won’t misinterpret it. So, there’s no need to be scared.

It should be seen as if someone just told you that even though you’re mature, you still have a cheerful kid inside you. And that’s an amazing thing to hear.

It shows that you’re still fun to be around, even though you’re an adult. And on top of that, it can give the guy a chance to feel like a kid again and escape his adult problems, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

9. It shows you’re relaxed around them

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Whether you’re just friends, at the beginning of a relationship, or still just flirting, calling someone cute is an amazing way to wax lyrical about them.

It’s great because it doesn’t put too much pressure on either one of you. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re flirting, but on the other hand, you can make it sound a bit flirtatious if you are aiming for that effect.

Either way, it’s a strong enough compliment that will help you make someone feel good about themselves. It will even make that guy appreciate you more because you just made him feel special and happy.

This simple word shows him that you’re comfortable while you’re with him. That way he’ll be assured that he’s doing a great job as your friend, partner, or maybe crush.

10. It’s a great compliment

If you’re still unsure and you’re still wondering do guys like being called cute, I have a positive explanation for you.

It’s such a great compliment because it can be both romantic and platonic. Even though the word cute seems a bit more emotionally charged, it doesn’t have to mean that the emotion behind the word is romantic. It can refer to loving someone in a platonic way, too.

A friend can still point out when something you’re doing or saying is cute. That way you’re hyping each other up and creating a safe space for you both. And we all need that type of friendship in our lives.

11. It can make them smile

DONE Do Guys Like Being Called Cute 11 Reasons They Do 6

Kind words always make people smile. It makes you feel good about yourself and you don’t mind hearing it every day, even if you’re the shy type. That said, it’s possible that some compliments might make you feel a little embarrassed or create an awkward atmosphere.

For instance, you’ve been working out recently, but you’re trying hard not to get too bulky. Then you meet a friend, and she commends you on how strong your arms look, and how amazing your muscles are. She didn’t mean it as a bad thing.

It was a compliment, but since it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, it created a certain awkwardness. The good thing, though, is that you can always laugh it off and turn it into a joke. A compliment is still a compliment, as long as it’s intended as such.

The same thing goes for guys. If you called him cute, but it visibly made him uncomfortable, don’t make it more unpleasant by explaining why you decided to use that adjective. Instead, run with it and turn it into a joke. It will make the both of you laugh, I promise!

11 reasons guys might not like it when you call them cute

I already mentioned that some guys aren’t big fans of being associated with the word “cute.” And here are 10 explanations for you.

1) They think it means they’re weak or feminine.

2) They believe it suits women a lot better than it suits them.

3) They think it’s not desirable to be cute, and they need to be strong and mature.

4) They think you’re making fun of them.

5) They don’t see it as a compliment because they want to be called handsome or hot.

6) They think they aren’t good-looking enough, so you just called them cute out of pity.

7) They associate it with being friend-zoned.

8) They believe that being called cute means they’re too childish.

9) They’re scared that being cute makes them seem too emotional.

10) They think it insults their masculinity.

11) They don’t like it because it makes them wonder if they are too skinny or short.

13 other terms of endearment you can use for guys

If you outright asked your partner if guys like being called cute and he answered no, it’s time for you to find another nice term of endearment for him. Luckily for you, I have 13 ideas you can use. Let’s check them out together.

1. No nickname, just his name

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Some people just don’t like having a nickname. It annoys them. Some guys think that pretty much all the nicknames are already used. But what’s unique is their name together with their face.

If his name is Lucas, then his opinion may be that he’s the only Lucas with the face and body like that. So he would prefer if you would just call him by his birth name, as he feels that it’s something that defines him.

Another fun fact is that some guys find it attractive when their girls call them by their full name. So you could try that and see how he reacts.

2. Babe

You can hardly make a mistake if you call him “babe.” It’s the most common nickname out there and it wouldn’t be if it wasn’t good.

It just has such a loving ring to it, for both guys and girls. Try using it in different sentences and you’ll see how sweet it sounds.

3. Handsome

DONE Do Guys Like Being Called Cute 11 Reasons They Do 8

If he doesn’t fancy being called “cute,” chances are he was hoping you’d call him “handsome” instead.

Maybe your guy wants to feel powerful, hot, strong, and masculine. Therefore, by giving him this nickname, you’ll be helping him boost his confidence.

4. Loverboy

If you’ve watched that teen drama Riverdale, you had a chance to hear Veronica calling her partner “Loverboy.”

I liked it from the moment I heard it. It sounds so powerful and hot. You’re basically telling him that he’s the one you love, but it’s important that he’s your boy and no one else’s.

5. Bae

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

This one hasn’t been around for that long. If I recall correctly, it started being popular at the dawn of the era of Vines, old YouTubers, Tumblr, and Twitter.

However, even though it’s pretty new, it wouldn’t have stuck around if it didn’t work. Some say it might sound cringe, but I think they just don’t realize something about that word. And that’s its meaning.

Honestly, it’s one of the best abbreviations ever. Do you know what “bae” stands for?

“Before Anyone Else.” Isn’t that adorable? A catchy little word with a huge meaning behind it. Your partner should love it, especially after you reveal to him its secret message.

6. Hero

One of the biggest wishes a guy usually has is to be someone’s hero. So if you decide to call him this, it’s sure to melt his heart.

It will show him how happy you are to have him. That you think of him as your guardian and knight in shining armor – the one who will always keep you safe.

But only use it if you really think he’s your hero. If he’s not, choose another one because you might end up hurting him if you’re lying.

7. Honey

DONE Do Guys Like Being Called Cute 11 Reasons They Do 10

This is another example of a sweet little term of endearment that he’ll love! You can even combine it with other words, like Honeybun, which sounds even cuter.

On top of that, it sounds rather elegant. Imagine saying, “Honey, could you please pass me the phone?” But it can also sound very dramatic when you’re disappointed in him, or you want something. Then you can say something like: “But honey, we’ve talked about this…”

8. Superstar

This one can be used for both sides. You can call each other superstars. There’s even Beatrich’s song Superstar that goes “We are the superstars, super, super, superstars. Yeah, we the ones, who have the power” – you can make it “your song.”

I think it is a unique idea with a cute message behind it. And honestly, it would sound so cool if the two of you had the same nickname for each other.

9. Hunk

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

Hunk is a term we use for people who are well-built, handsome, attractive, and hot.

If you start calling him “hunk,” you’ll keep him hyped and help him boost his confidence. It’s a great choice for guys who love sports, working out, and those who pay a lot of attention to their appearance.

He will really appreciate it coming from you because your opinion is the one he cares about most.

10. Prince

Ever since we were kids we got used to the stories about a prince on a white horse. While girls wanted to find one, boys wanted to be one.

If you call him “prince,” you’ll make him believe he’s your savior and the one who protects you from everything and everyone. And guys love that (that’s why they also like the above-mentioned “hero.”)

11. Corazón

DONE Do Guys Like Being Called Cute 11 Reasons They Do 12

Spanish sounds oh-so-romantic. And using one of their words is an amazing idea for a loved one.

So my suggestion for you is corazón. It means the “heart” in Spanish. It’s a perfect way of telling someone you love them and they have your heart.

There are many famous Spanish songs that include this word. Save one and add it to one of your favorite videos together. Then you can send it to him for your anniversary.

12. Soulmate

A soulmate is a person who knows you better than anyone else and loves you just the way you are.

So if you tell him he’s your soulmate, he’ll know your relationship is the real deal. And that the two of you are meant for each other. It’s a meaningful nickname for the person you truly love.

It will definitely make him over-the-moon happy.

13. Something only the two of you know

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

“I spent some time wondering do guys like being called cute. Eventually, I realized that my boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan of these romantic nicknames and now I have no idea how to call him.”

Well, this final idea is my favorite. If your guy doesn’t like any of the mentioned nicknames then you can choose one that will mean something to both of you.

If the two of you enjoy watching football, and you cheer for Chelsea, call each other “Blue,” or “Red” if you love Liverpool. Maybe, you watched some TV shows or movies together, take some references from them and use them as a special nickname.

That way you’ll have something that’s public (because people will be aware of your nickname), but also private because only you know why you’ve chosen it.

Now that we’ve reached the end, I hope you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Even though compliments are always welcome, we should think about them before we say them. There are plenty of things we can point out and appreciate, and I’m sure you’ll find the right one.

Understanding Your Man: Do Guys Like Being Called Cute?

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