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Detoxification: Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

Detoxification: Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

At some point in our life, we get in touch with people who bring us more harm than good.

This can be someone you’ve known for a few months or a lifelong friend you’ve known forever.

The time you have spent together makes no difference as you’ve come to the realization that the best solution is to cut them out of your life.

This harmful variety of people are toxic and they can make your life extremely hard.

But who are toxic people?

Detoxification Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

A toxic person can be hiding inside anyone, from your parents and close family members, to friends and your significant other.

This makes it hard to recognize them as you expect that your partner, close friends, or family members are there to help you, not bring you down.

However, always keep in mind that toxic people are great liars, manipulators, and actors and that they are obsessed with themselves.

They will never support you or your ideas, and they will always leave you feeling like you did something wrong.

After you’ve spent some time with a toxic person, you will feel like your energy has been completely drained out of you.

You will feel empty and like nothing is left and the reason for this is the toxicity that this type of person projects onto you.

They can destroy you like nothing else and you won’t even be aware of what is going on.

Detoxification Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

The main issue with this type of person is that they don’t see themselves in their true light, which means that you can’t help them change as they can’t see any reason for it.

They are aggressively sure in themselves and you can’t get through to them, through all those shields of toxicity.

Toxic people will always bring you down and point out your flaws. No matter what you do, don’t expect support from them.

The reason why they do this is that they can’t agree with the fact that someone may be better than them.

Instead, they believe that they are always right and that their opinions are the ones that you should listen to.

Besides not providing any kind of support, they will also make you doubt yourself.

Even when you feel proud or optimistic about an idea, after a conversation with a toxic person, you will start questioning your decisions.

Detoxification Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

This can be extremely hard as all of us listen to our friends, family members and partner for advice but when you have a toxic person in close vicinity, be sure that they will play with your mind.

Toxic people are great manipulators and they can easily trick you into believing them.

They will make you trust them that their idea is the right one and that you should listen to them.

Whatever they do is done only to create drama. Toxic people love drama, and they could feed on it instead of food!

They will create conflicts between people just to see the show that will happen in front of their eyes.

Nevertheless, whenever they find themselves in a situation that needs to be solved, toxic people will come running to you but they will not do that because they truly believe that you can help them; instead, they will do it so they can blame you for every piece of advice you give them!

Moreover, they will also expect you to find any kind of solution for them.

Detoxification Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

They will blame you for their problems and expect you to solve them but no matter what you do, they will never feel happy or satisfied, and it will never be enough.

This type of person will never apologize for anything they do as they don’t feel that they are the source of the problem.

You will struggle to communicate with them as you will see that they are really not interested in your help.

The only thing they want is to be the center of attention!

They will take away all of your joy, and later, they will blame you for being depressed and worn out.

The best solution for dealing with toxic people like this and improving the quality of your life is to cut them off.

How to cut off toxic people?

Detoxification Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

In order to detoxify your life, the first thing you need to do is understand who the person with toxic qualities is and after that, make sure you set boundaries and make them aware that you will not be climbing any more mountains for them as they don’t deserve it.

Make it clear in your head that you won’t tolerate them anymore and that you will put yourself first, and don’t make them fool you with them saying that they desperately need your help.

It is just the final shot they will take in order to get you back in their life.

Be prepared that they will not give up easily, as they want you to stay in their life.

You are their source of abuse, which they use in order to make themselves feel better.

What happens after?

Detoxification Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

After you cut off the toxic people from your life, you will feel lighter and happier.

There will be no more drama as the main sources of your stress and anxiety will be taken care of.

Then you will have time to focus on the healthy relationships that you have with other people, as you will have freed yourself from the constant dependence that toxic people put on you.

You will find inner peace and your self-esteem will grow as you get rid of all of the problems they transferred onto you.

Walking away from toxic people may be really hard but you need to remember that you are doing this for yourself.

Once you see that other people are not treating you the way they should, feel free to make yourself a priority.

You are the most important person in your life and no relationship is worth you being damaged.

Detoxification: Life After Cutting Off Toxic People

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