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Dear God, I’m Begging You To Give Me Strength To Let Go of Those Who Hurt Me

Dear God,

Please stop me from getting attached to people who aren’t meant to be in my life.

Stop me from getting close to anyone who has no intention of sticking around.

I know you have a plan for me and that I shouldn’t question it.

I’m not doing that really, I’m just begging you: Please make things a little easier for me.

Don’t let me wish for what I can’t have. Stop me from holding on to those who aren’t supposed to stay in my life.

Don’t let me love a person who is just going to hurt me and break my heart. I don’t know if I could handle it again because I think it would destroy me.

Throughout my life, I always had the same problem. I fall for the wrong person and just get myself hurt.

All I want is to stop meeting the wrong people and start surrounding myself with the right ones.

I want to meet a person who’s not going to be bad for me. Can’t I meet someone who’ll come to stay and make me happy instead of miserable?

I’m starting to lose hope that it will ever happen, but I pray for it. I pray for someone who’ll treat me right and never hurt me on purpose.

The truth is, I get attached to people too fast. I grow close to them too early and eventually pay the price.

DONE! Dear God, I’m Begging You To Give Me Strength To Let Go of Those Who Hurt Me

They always leave me in the end and, instead of closing the door behind them, I miss them and beg them to stay.

Even though they hurt me and aren’t meant to be in my life, I leave the door wide open, hoping they’ll come back.

I know I should actually be happy that the wrong people aren’t in my life anymore, but I feel broken instead.

No matter how clearly they’re bad for me, I’d rather let them hurt me again than properly heal.

I’m begging you not to let me fall for someone who’s not supposed to be mine.

My heart doesn’t choose what’s good for me. Instead, it makes me believe that I need someone who’s either bad for me or not meant to be mine.

Please help me resist wanting something that isn’t meant for me. I’m doing my best to be a good person and stay hopeful that there’s a plan for me, but it’s hard.

DONE! Dear God, I’m Begging You To Give Me Strength To Let Go of Those Who Hurt Me

I need just a little of your help to change and start living a better life.

Help me grow closer to those who only bring me peace, joy, and calm. Bring people with good intentions into my life.

I want to be close to people who only need my companionship and nothing else.

I’m tired of being used by those who just want to get something from me.

Help me surround myself with good people and let go of those who just make me wonder whether they should be in my life.

Please give me enough wisdom to recognize toxic people before they become a part of my life.

Teach me to see through them and not get fooled by the masks they wear.

Only then will I be able to stay away from them and prevent them from causing me pain.

Help me become aware that I deserve a lot more, and don’t let me fall into the same trap again.

Yes, I admit that my faith was shaken, but it was never lost. I still believe that you have a plan for me and that you’ll guide me to where I’m supposed to be.

DONE! Dear God, I’m Begging You To Give Me Strength To Let Go of Those Who Hurt Me

All I need is some sort of a sign that I’m on the path to get there. Please give me some reassurance that everything’s still going according to your plan.

People have tested my faith and almost made me lose it, but I know that you give me only what I can handle.

Please help me forget about people who are still in my heart but don’t even think about me.

I’m afraid that they’ll always stay in my memory, and it just causes me pain.

Help me realize that they’ve actually done me a favor by walking out of my life.

Make me see that it’s for the best, that I’ll be happy with someone else who’ll know how to value me.

Don’t let people make a fool out of me just because I care about them. I’m tired of loving those who don’t feel the same way about me.

Please give me enough strength to let go of those who hurt me… Don’t let me wear my heart on my sleeve around those who’ll just break it.

I know I can’t get everything I wish for right away. I understand that and am okay with it… But I’m begging you to help me accept my current reality and give me the patience to hold on until I get what’s meant for me.

DONE! Dear God, I’m Begging You To Give Me Strength To Let Go of Those Who Hurt Me

Stop me from caring about those who don’t even deserve my love to begin with.

Help me find those whose love is as pure and genuine as I believe mine is.

Don’t let me give my heart to someone who has no intention of keeping it safe.

I’ll patiently wait for your blessings, knowing that you have a plan for me…

But please, stop me from planning my life around those who are only a temporary part of it.

Don’t let me wish for something that doesn’t belong in my life and lead me to the path I should be taking.

I’m tired of investing in those who aren’t meant to be by my side in the future.

Please give me some sort of a sign when I meet someone who’s willing to stay.

I just can’t watch people walk in and out of my life anymore.

I’ll wait for as long as it takes, but please send me those who actually belong in my life and future.

I’m grateful for everything you send my way, and I’ll keep having faith in your divine plan.

Dear God, I’m Begging You To Give Me Strength To Let Go of Those Who Hurt Me

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