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10 Signs You’re Dating the One You Are Meant to be With

10 Signs You’re Dating the One You Are Meant to be With

Most people who are dating, and have a good relationship know if they are in that kind of a relationship in which they will stay long. You can just feel if you are meant to be together.

Rules in a relationship are not always simple, but sometimes you should let your heart leads you instead of your head. Just try to follow your feelings and listen to your inner voice.

If you find yourself in any of these signs, then you can surely know that person you are dating is the one you are meant to be with.

1. You don’t have to act in front of them to show yourself in a better light.

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Be sure that they like you the way you really are. You don’t have to act in front of them.

You can be funny or weird in the exact same way as you are alone. Being yourself is what they want and appreciate in any healthy relationship.

2. You see more than living life together.

It means that you are not only planning your life but much more than that. If you are at the beginning of a relationship, thoughts of having kids are ridiculous.

You don’t even think about it. But if your person is the one you want to grow old with, then thoughts of having kids is just like a natural sequel of your relationship.

3. Material things.

As long as you are getting the adventures of life, you don’t matter for material things. Choosing them over anything material is your goal.

But, on the other side, it is kind of important to think about future and achievements. If you want to have big plans together, like having your own house or apartment, then you need to consider the material things.

4. There is no jealousy because of others.

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Comparing yourself and your relationship with others is in your past after you met someone who you feel complete with, and someone who inspires you in all ways. There is no any other relationship you can be envy about.

5. When you hear ‘don’t get married’ you are astonished.

You found your person, you are filled and happy. When you hear that older people use to say ‘don’t get married’ you don’t get it.

The only thing that you know, and that you are sure of, is that you and your partner will do anything to make a long-lasting love.

6. Support each other back in each situation.

When each of you has some problems, those are problems that you are going to solve together.

Besides you get to the point in the relationship where you have your own secrets or jokes. Moving to someplace where there is no way anyone will bother you, would be fantastic.

7. You know them in the core.

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And no one knows you better than they do. After many dating, you ask yourself, if you ever really know any of those people. But this person and this relationship can’t compare to any other.

8. Struggling when you are trying to define your feelings.

Your feelings are unspeakable. You do your best in trying to describe other and to your partner what do you feel, but it is far away from that.

9. You are different and yet so same.

There are no two same human beings. Being different in a relationship could make one another to catch the fancy of some things they usually don’t do or like.

But still, you share some same interests. It can be a good movie, a long walk or the same taste of food. Spending time together is just easy and both of you enjoy it.

10. There is no the end as far as you can see.

In so many cases, people in a relationship can see the end. Either if it is because someone is moving or it’s just about feelings, the end is about to come.

You don’t see it that way. You feel that your relationship has no expiry date. And both of you are trying to go through any situation.

Suddenly, you started to believe in destiny. You surely know that you are meant to be with your partner.

10 Signs You’re Dating the One You Are Meant to be With

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