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Crawling Back To You: The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

Crawling Back To You: The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

I don’t want to begin this story with the same old cliché but I guess I’ll have to. It’s the only right way to get to the bottom of the scenario we’re about to dig into.

Break-ups are hard. They are painful, they suck all of the energy out of you, and they make you feel like you don’t want to get out of your bed for days, months, or even years.

The moment your relationship ends, you start experiencing excruciating pain and as the days go by, it feels as if it only gets worse. As you’re lying in your bed and wishing that you’d never even met him in the first place, you probably feel like you’ll never be able to move on.

You’re crawling back to him through your memories but at the same time, you don’t ever want to see him again. I know that you don’t think you’ll ever make it out of this mess but you still have no idea how strong you are and how fast you’ll get back on your feet.

However, that first week after D-day won’t be easy and you must get yourself ready to escape the pain. Maybe if I open your eyes and give you a better understanding of everything you’ll go through within those seven days, it’ll be easier to come out of it like a warrior.

It’s worth a shot, right?

Day 1

DONE! Crawling Back To You The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

You’ll wake up tired, as you spent the whole night crying, and when you open your eyes, you still can’t remember what reality you’re living in.

As you take out your phone and start typing him a message, you accidentally glance at the last one that was sent.

That’s when it’ll hit you that the two of you broke up the night before and you’ll instantly feel your chest getting tighter. It’ll get hard to breathe and you’ll carefully put your phone aside as you don’t want to call him by accident.

At that moment, it’ll become clear that you didn’t dream that he left you. It was all way too real and it’s only now that you’ll realize that.

After that, you’ll start sobbing, even though there are no more tears left in your eyes. You’ll desperately try to stop thinking about him but deep down, you know that he’ll be the only recurring thought for a while.

On this day, you probably won’t feel like getting out of bed and you’ll try to soften the sadness with a ton of ice cream and a box of pizza.

Sad songs will play in the background as you try to talk to your best friend about what happened the night before.

Day one always sucks but you’ll get through it, I promise you.

Day 2

DONE! Crawling Back To You The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

On this day, you’ll probably start going through all of the memories you once shared. You’ll think of all of the dreams you wanted to achieve together and the secrets only the two of you knew about.

It’ll be hard to realize that the only person you could be yourself with is now gone from your life. You’ll probably feel like you’re left all alone and you won’t have any idea of how to move forward.

But you’ll have to think about that some other day. Today, you only have enough energy to keep replaying all of the memories you shared with him.

Even though it hurts to know that you probably won’t ever hold him again, recalling those moments you once went through together is the only thing you’ll feel like doing at the moment.

Day 3

DONE! Crawling Back To You The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

Your friends will be begging you to go out with them. They’ll keep repeating how you need company so that you don’t think about him all the time.

And even though you don’t feel like hanging out with anyone, you still get ready because deep down, you hope that you’ll stumble upon him. You’ll keep thinking that he’ll change his mind once he sees you.

You think that he’ll text you just to let you know that he needs to talk to you, as he realized that he doesn’t want to lose you.

But trust me, even if he saw you right now, there’s little chance that he would even consider getting back together with you.

If anything, you’d only be devastated that he’s having the time of his life with his pals while you feel completely broken on the inside.

“It would be way better if I stayed at home,” may then be the only idea on your mind, after thinking it through.

Day 4

DONE! Crawling Back To You The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

On this day, you’ll probably begin one more round of crying. Everything will remind you of him and you’ll hate the fact that you keep seeing him everywhere around you.

You’ll notice the lamp on your table and you’ll remember his smiling face as he gave you it as a present for your birthday.

You told him how you needed a source of light close to your bed so you could read before you fell asleep as your old lamp wasn’t working properly and he made sure to remember and bought you a new one.

You’ll then start to hate how considerate he always was with you. He always listened to you and knew how to put a smile on your face.

As you look away, your eyes will focus on all of the pictures that are glued to your wall. There are many of them, of your friends, your family, and your pet but of course, you’ll only see the ones where the two of you are together.

You’ll get up and take them all down and you’ll even consider taking everything that reminds you of him in any way out of your room.

But then it’ll become clear that you could potentially only end up with a blanket and a pillow, as every other thing still has his stamp on it.

Day 5

DONE! Crawling Back To You The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

You’ll gather all of your energy and make sure to get out of your bed, only to climb back into it and hide under the sheets.

At this point, it’ll be hard to believe that someone who used to text you every hour of the day hasn’t sent you a single message for more than ninety hours.

As you try to fight with the realization that your relationship is over, you’ll open his Instagram and start scrolling through his pictures.

You’ll try to be as low-key as possible, making sure not to like any of his posts, as you don’t want to give him the satisfaction.

Then you’ll remember that you should probably delete all of the pictures with him now that your relationship has come to an end. And as you do that, the only thing you’ll want to happen is to get a text from him.

You’ll wish for him to tell you that he made a mistake and that he can’t live without you. But as the day goes by, you’ll still stare at your phone in vain.

The message won’t come and it probably never will, even though that’s not something you want to hear right now.

Day 6

DONE! Crawling Back To You The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

Reality will hit you and you’ll realize that there’s a high possibility that you’ll never get back together. You’ll realize that his feelings for you will decrease and so will yours.

Eventually, you won’t be able to remember the smell of his cologne. You’ll forget the sound of his voice as he just woke up.

At some point, his hand won’t fit in yours anymore, as they’ll have been separated for way too long.

You’ll know you’ve already drunk your last coffee with him, you kissed him for the last time and you already danced to your favorite song for the last time too.

From now on, he’ll probably keep living only in your memories. He’ll just be a part of your past and nothing more than that.

Once you realize that, you’ll feel like crying one more time before finally continuing to live your life in a normal way. So, give yourself a moment and let all of those emotions that got trapped inside of you finally out of your system.

Have one big cry and allow yourself to slowly let go.

Day 7

DONE! Crawling Back To You The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

By now, you’ll have realized that you must move on. Even though it’ll be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done, you must gain the courage and heal.

Take it one step at a time, though, as you don’t have to rush anything. You can take as long as you need but no matter what, you can’t keep standing in the same spot.

Even when you make things clear to yourself, you’ll still know that there will be some days when you’ll keep craving him as if he’s the water you need to live.

He’ll be the only thing on your mind, even if you do your best to not think about him.

The road will be rocky and you’ll be aware of that but at the same time, there’s no other way to go if you want to allow yourself to heal. You must cross all of the obstacles since it’s your only way out of the pain.

Break-ups suck but you can survive them and become stronger after them. You simply need to believe in yourself.

Crawling Back To You: The Harsh Reality Of The First Week After A Breakup

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