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Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Don’t Sound Desperate

Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Don’t Sound Desperate

Did the guy you like finally ask you out? Perfect! The only thing left to do now is to confirm a date, right?

Okay girl, inhale deeply and exhale slowly, please. I know it’s a big deal when your crush asks you out, but you have to remember to breathe. If you keep overthinking it, your nerves may get the best out of it and the whole date will turn into a disaster.

So, what’s the problem? You’re wondering how to confirm a date and you don’t want to sound desperate – that’s easy. I’ll guide you through it, but you’ll have to do the scary part on your own, I’m sorry.

You both agreed to this, so probably he’s as excited as you are and there are basically no wrong moves now. Be casual and don’t spend too much time choosing the right words, because you’ll only make things more complicated than they actually are.

Flirty texts will also do the work, just make sure you’re keeping it classy. I mean, you don’t want him to regret asking you out, right?

In the beginning, I’ll share some tips with you and at the end of this article, you’ll be able to find some examples that you can send him as a text and confirm that date. Are you ready?

Simple tips on how to confirm a date and don’t sound desperate

Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Don't Sound Desperate

Confirming a date for us will never be easy. I guess that every single girl struggles with finding the right words. But here’s the catch, you don’t have to!

Something attracted him to you and he decided to take you out. There’s no reason to spend too much time thinking about all the ways this can go wrong, in fact, stop it right now. You have to be confident and know your worth.

Grabbing his attention was kind of easy and now is the time to keep him interested. You already know everything about it, but your anxiety is taking over and you feel like you could fail at the start. Don’t worry, I’ll help you with that.

Keep reading to figure things out. It’s not rocket science, I promise.

1. Be direct

I know that this makes you want to pack your bags and disappear from the Earth, but trust me, it’s the best way to confirm a date. Being straightforward with your date will only show him that you’re confident and that you’re not overthinking it.

You won’t sound needy or put some pressure on him if you tactfully check if the deal is still on. Let’s be real, you probably postponed some of your obligations (even if it’s a me-time routine) to go out with him, and I know you don’t want to be left hanging.

Also, make sure you don’t text him something like “It’s okay if your plans changed“, or “I know you’re busy, we can postpone this thing“. Just don’t.

I think I don’t have to tell you how desperate this sounds, right? Not only you’re proving to him that you don’t respect your time enough, because you already planned it ahead, but you’re giving him a chance to bail out. Most of the guys will use it because he’s just as nervous as you are.

2. Include the details and confirm a date

DONE Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Dont Sound Desperate 2

If you want to keep it as casual as possible and at the same time double-check that both of you know the exact time and place of the encounter, include the details in your text.

You can easily get distracted and everyday obligations sometimes simply pile up and you have to solve them as soon as possible. As a result, you end up forgetting some of the things you agreed to do, with your friends for example.

This can be the case with this agreement as well, but it’s not an excuse. If you want to take this relationship further, you have to put some effort into it and show respect to one another. You have to start things right in order for them to develop further and become something beautiful.

Therefore, make sure you both know when and where you’re meeting and confirm that date on the day it’s happening, if not a day or two before.

3. Make a suggestion

You’ve heard that a new place in town just opened yesterday and you’d like to go there and pick something from their menu; suggest that! Don’t think that simply because he invited you out, you cannot choose where to go.

If there is a place you’d like to go to, tell him. You may even save him the trouble of picking the perfect restaurant or bar.

Going someplace where you feel comfortable will increase the chances of this date passing smoothly. It will also allow you to completely be yourself and dazzle him with your smile.

Did he tell you how he likes acoustic covers of older songs and you just found out that a local band will play in your favorite pub? I’d say it’s an ideal plan girl! That is unless you already arranged something else when you agreed on a date.

4. Timing is important

Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Don't Sound Desperate

Knowing when to actually send a little reminder and a confirmation at the same time, can be a little tricky. Should you send it three days prior to the actual date, or maybe two days before? Is it too late if you text him just one day ahead or is it better to send him a message in the morning on the same day?

Ugh, I got lost. You’re making things extremely complicated and there’s no need for that. Yes, timing is important, but you don’t have to lose your head in the process of confirming a date. You can casually mention it during a conversation as well.

If you know his schedule, send him a text when you know it won’t interrupt his daily activities. Even better, call him if you’re brave enough. Hearing his voice (and vice versa) may calm you down and make you impatiently wait for the date.

Don’t wait last minute to tell him that you’d like to go out with him, especially if he wanted to keep it cool. You know I’m talking about that moment when you accidentally bumped into each other last Friday night and he mentioned the hangout.

Of course, he’ll show you he cares about you, but no man will wait an eternity for you, no matter how much he likes you.

5. The anticipation is half the fun

The anticipation is something that actually keeps us alive and our relationships interesting. When you’re excited about something, you simply cannot hide the happiness once it’s there.

Whether you’re waiting for food in a restaurant, waiting for that shipping that was supposed to arrive today, or you’re looking forward to a date with him – the anticipation is half of the fun!

This is the part where you can use all those flirty messages you’ve always wanted to. Make him wait a bit for your answer to his message or simply tell him that you’ll share the details with him once you two meet.

However, don’t let this turn into playing some mind games with him, because he may choose to hit the road and never look back.

Examples you can use to confirm a date casually

DONE Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Dont Sound Desperate 4

Now that we’ve covered all the tips on how to text him and confirm a date, it’s time to write down some examples as well. As long as you’re following the advice I previously gave you, chances are high that you’ll be able to write something on your own.

In case you’re afraid and you’d like to simply check out what others write in these situations, I got your back. For some of us, it’s not a piece of cake to put our thoughts on paper or in a text where we have to pay attention to the number of characters.

How can I be flirtatious and tease him a bit when I can only write 160 characters?!

If this crossed your mind right now, don’t worry. I’ve told you that I’m going to help. In the next part, you can find simple and interesting confirmations for that date of yours I came up with.

1. Simple and classic way

I know that sometimes you want to keep it classy, but you want to remind him that you’re patiently waiting to meet him. Sometimes it’s not easy to write a simple message, but I’m sure these will help.

In case you don’t want to beat around the bush, pick one of these and hit that send button.

1) I’m looking forward to our date tomorrow.

2) Texting just to check if the deal is on for tomorrow.

3) What do you say about that new restaurant for our dinner date tomorrow night?

4) How does *insert the name of your favorite place* sound like for tomorrow?

5) Friday, 8 pm, still works?

6) I’ve heard there’s this concert tonight. How do you feel about changing our plan a bit?

7) See you soon.

8) I hope your day has been good. I can’t wait for those drinks tonight. You’re still up for that?

9) Hey, are you still in the mood for that coffee tomorrow?

10) We’re still eating lunch together? Tomorrow at *insert time* that is.

11) 9 pm still works for you?

12) Is there a dress code for tonight’s party?

13) I’m not sure where exactly that restaurant is. Can we meet at the station?

14) Still keen for today?

15) The movie starts at 7 pm tonight, right?

16) Do you mind if we meet somewhere before? I’m not sure how to get to that coffee place.

17) Just confirming that I’m still up for that hiking tomorrow!

18) They say it’s going to rain tomorrow. I better find my umbrella.

19) Should I dress up for tonight? I love that you want to surprise me, but I have to know this.

20) Everything has changed recently, but not our plans for the date, right?

2. “I’m running late” date confirmation

Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Don't Sound Desperate

Whether you’re actually running late, or you want to casually check if the date is still on, you can text him one of these messages. Maybe he’ll be grateful, cause he’s a bit late as well.

Also, you’ll give yourself some additional time to get ready and at the same time subtly remind him in case he unintentionally forgot. Keep in mind, however, not to be late for those dates that included prior booking. That’s simply not polite.

1) Hey, some obligations came up. Is it okay if we meet half an hour later?

2) I’ll need 15 more minutes to get ready, hope that’s fine.

3) Roses are red, and violets are blue. I’m going to be late, what about you?

4) Is it okay if we meet a bit later tonight? I don’t want to postpone, but I’ll need a bit more time.

5) How are you getting to the restaurant? I’ll walk so I may be a bit late.

6) I’m going to be late. Is it okay if we meet 10 minutes later?

7) I know I promised that I won’t be late, but I guess it’s in my DNA; 5-ish this time, sorry.

8) I’ll be late a bit. Sorry!

9) Is it difficult to find a parking spot next to the restaurant? If it is, I’ll be late for a couple of minutes.

10) My gut is telling me that you won’t mind if I’m being late. No more than 5 minutes, I promise.

11) I’m not going to stand you up, I’ll just need a couple more minutes. Is that okay?

12) I had a meeting at work. Can we make it at 7:30 instead of 7 pm?

13) I’m not ready to go out on a date with you. But only because I’m running late, sorry!!

14) Can we meet directly at the pub tonight? I may be late otherwise.

15) Don’t get sad, I’ll be there soon!

16) I’m running late! I don’t know why people need to go to the gym when there’s clearly a cheaper solution to working out.

17) Please don’t get angry. I guess being late is my worst habit. I’m there soon though.

18) If I’d have one more hour to get ready, I’d still be late. I’m coming, sorry.

19) I know it’s not a good first impression, but I’ll be 5 minutes late.

20) I’m worth the wait, I promise.

3. Keep it short and playful

Do you want to make your message sound flirty, and you really want to tell him you like him without scaring him off?

These are perfect then! Use these for when you’re feeling a little bit mischievous and you want to spice it up a bit. You probably got bored of those mainstream confirmations and you finally want to have your own, unique approach. It’s super easy.

Text him one of these short and playful messages, or modify them a bit and have fun!

1) Hey stranger, we’re still up for tomorrow?

2) See you later. Oh, I’ll be the most beautiful girl in *insert the place where you agreed to meet*.

3) In case you really have to know, I’ll be wearing a black dress. See you soon.

4) Looking forward to beating you at bowling/pool/darts tonight. Hope you’re getting ready!

5) See you later 🐊.

6) Food then movies? Just making sure I’m not late for that burger.

7) The date is still on?

8) Hope it’s not going to be doomed. See you tonight?

9) I hope I’m not going to the pub to drink alone. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

10) I don’t have to change plans for tomorrow, right?

11) Did you have something in mind for tomorrow or do I have to think of it?

12) The movie date is still on? I’ve bought some snacks to smuggle them, but psst.

13) In case you really want to know… Or no, I’ll tell you tonight.

14) I hope you reserved us a table. The restaurant is your choice.

15) I love long walks and I hope you’ll wear comfortable shoes tomorrow.

16) I remember the time and place, but do you?

17) I already know that we’ll meet at least one more time after tomorrow.

18) Pizza, a glass of cola, cake and maybe ice cream. Are you joining me, or do I have to feel guilty on my own?

19) Ice coffee would be a perfect refreshment for tomorrow. Do you know a place or I’m taking you to one?

20) I know a perfect pizza place. Are you up for it?

What if he didn’t answer after you’ve confirmed a date?

DONE Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Dont Sound Desperate 6

Don’t stress about it, his loss. You should always have some kind of a personal deadline. I mean, you’re not going to wait forever for him to make up his mind. Not being available all the time will only make him chase you more.

Anyways, set some time boundary, let’s say 3h before the date is supposed to happen. If he doesn’t reply in that time frame, text him something like Hey, you weren’t texting back, so I made other plans. We can see each other soon.

It can happen that he was really busy, so he didn’t have time to answer your text, or maybe he took one of those naps that last a lifetime. Whatever the case, you can easily postpone the date and now the second one is completely in your hands.

This way, you’ll show him that you have other important things and you’ll make him realize your value. Next time he’ll make sure to confirm the date on time and to be available when you send him your confirmation.

However, if he continues to behave like a douche, just abort the mission. He’s not worth your time or energy if he keeps postponing the dates, and not texting back when you need it the most. Also, if he starts making some lame excuses, run girl, as fast as you can.

Tips And Tricks On How To Confirm A Date And Don't Sound Desperate

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