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The Law Of Attraction: Can You Manifest For Someone Else?

The Law Of Attraction: Can You Manifest For Someone Else?

Those of you who are familiar with the law of attraction may be wondering can you manifest for someone else. So, let’s start at the beginning.

The law of attraction is a theory that says our thoughts shape our reality. Is this true?

Well, when you give it some thought, you realize that our energy really affects our lives. Life can basically give you what you want but it’s not as simple as wishing that everything will work out fine.

You have to have a positive mindset and really invite the things you need into your life. The universe needs to receive a loud and clear message about whatever you need.

By sending positive thoughts and positive energy out into the universe, you’re inviting positive changes into your life. You probably already knew that but can you manifest for someone else?

What if what you’re hoping to manifest isn’t for you but for another person? Does it work the same way?

You can learn how to manifest someone to fall in love with you but can you manifest someone to fall in love with your best friend? Is it enough to think about it and wish for it to happen?

It’s certainly a part of it but it’s not enough.

Maybe you wanted to manifest someone for your best friend. Let’s say she’s single and really wants to find her soulmate but hasn’t had any luck so far.

Can you do it for her? Can you manifest for someone else?

What if you’ve already spent a long time visualizing her perfect soulmate, created a vision board, and meditated daily? Maybe you’ve even done a manifesting ritual but your best friend is still single and her soulmate is nowhere in sight.

Perhaps you instead wanted to manifest a new job for your partner. You’ve tried everything but they’re still unemployed.

What’s happening and does this mean that you can’t manifest for someone else? Let’s find out the answer and try to help your best friend find her soulmate or your partner get a job – or anything else that you’re thinking of.

Whomever it is that you want to help, there’s always something you can do.

Can you manifest for someone else?

The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else

In the end, it all comes down to the alignment of their frequency, their vibration, and their energy. If your best friend is in alignment with manifesting her soulmate or your husband is in alignment with manifesting a job, it’ll happen.

When it does, does it mean you did it for them, though? Can you manifest for someone else if you’ve been really focusing all your energy on that?

That’s not really how things work and in the end, it all depends on the person who needs something manifested. You can send them positive energy, which will help, but it’s not going to change their reality on its own.

In addition, you may end up lowering your energy reserves, which is pointless unless they’re trying to manifest what they want too.

You also need to have faith in divine timing and let the universe unfold things the way they were planned to.

If your best friend is not meant to meet her soulmate right now, there’s nothing you can do about it. She needs to be ready to meet the love of her life and while you can help her, you can’t force it to happen.

The same goes if you want to manifest a job for your partner. If they aren’t working toward it and don’t really want to get a job, you can’t force it to become their reality.

All you can really do is share positive energy and remind others to search for the light in them.

Can you manifest for someone else? Actually, you can in a way but only if they want the same thing.

You can explain to them how the law of attraction works. Help them by motivating and supporting them to visualize what they want and go after it.

Here’s how you can help them manifest something:

1. They need to focus on what they want

DONE The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else 2

Worrying is like asking for what you don’t want. When your thoughts are focused on negative outcomes, it’s probably the ones that will happen.

The person who wants to manifest something in their life needs to be focused on the positives.

Can you manifest for someone else? Maybe not directly but you can help them be more focused on what they want.

Talk to them about their goals and encourage them to go after them. Try to distract them from thinking about what they don’t want.

Don’t remind them of the things that are negative and help them find the time to focus on what they want. Encourage them to work toward their goals and most importantly, believe in them.

2. They need to be prepared for what they want to manifest

The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else

Do you know how they say that you should dress for the job you want? If you want to manifest a job for your partner, help them be the kind of person who would do that job.

Maybe you’re trying to manifest a soulmate for your best friend. So, you should help her be a good match for the person she wants to be with.

Can you manifest for someone else? By helping them to become the best possible version of themselves, you can.

Inspire them by your own example and motivate them by talking to them about what kind of person they want to be.

For instance, if they would like to change their career path, you can help them develop the skills they need for new work opportunities.

If they want to be with a person who is well-read, you can buy them books that you can later discuss.

These are just simple examples but depending on what you want to manifest for someone, you can help them be prepared for it.

3. They need to know what they want

DONE The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else 4

Maybe they think that they already know what they want but how clear is the goal ahead of them? Visualizing your goal is like zooming in on it so that you can see it more clearly and therefore know exactly what you want.

If they know what they want, they may also want to make a vision board, where they just need to have somewhere to put pictures and notes that they can look at often, which will remind them of their goal.

They may also want to create a chart of what they want to have, who they want to be, and what they want to do.

If they don’t know what they want, maybe you can help them think of short-term and long-term goals.

The law of attraction only works if they want what you’d like to manifest for them and this will help them be clear about what they want.

4. They need to already imagine having what they want

The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else

Imagining that you’ve already achieved your goal can be really motivating, so the person you want to manifest something for should imagine already having it.

They should visualize it already manifested and think about the joy it’ll bring them. Their positive thoughts will create the positive vibration that they need to send out to the universe.

It’ll also keep them on track and look forward to having what they want. They’ll feel more motivated to work toward having that and the reality they expect to happen.

5. They need to lose any limiting beliefs

DONE The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else 6

Maybe they have negative thoughts that make them feel like they’re not good enough. Perhaps they even think that they’re not worthy of what they want.

You can help them by showing them that you believe in them and that they should believe in themselves too. Let them know that they’re so focused on their flaws that they’re ignoring their good qualities.

If they keep thinking, “I can’t do it,” they won’t be able to do it, so they need to change their mindset and care about themselves more.

Ask them how they would want people to treat them and help them treat themselves that way. They need to be kind to themselves just like they want others to be kind to them.

They need to love themselves and they need to feel worthy of love in order to do so, so give them compliments and boost their ego if they feel like they’re not good enough.

Don’t ever badmouth them and don’t let them do that to themselves either. They can say affirmative things about themselves instead and try to have a positive point of view.

Writing in a journal is also a good idea that you can recommend to them. Most importantly, they need to really believe that they are worthy of what they want.

6. They need to be patient

The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else

Can you manifest for someone else right away? No and they can’t do it that fast either.

Unless it’s already a part of their plan, it won’t happen until they’re ready, so they need to be patient and slowly work toward their goal. If nothing happens after they visualize it and make a vision board, they shouldn’t give up.

How long has it been and have they really changed their thoughts? Have they moved toward what they want by taking action, even if it’s a small step?

The universe will help you on your path by giving you a push in the right direction but you need to do the walking. Things aren’t going to appear out of nowhere; they’ll slowly unfold as your friend progresses.

Sometimes, miracles do happen and you do get what you want pretty quickly but it’s only because you’re ready. It’s because you know what you want and you started going after it.

You can’t give up if things aren’t going according to plan straight away, because the universe has a plan for you and we can’t comprehend it. As long as we clearly show what we want in our life, the universe helps us have it, though.

We have to have faith in divine timing and be patient and helping your loved one understand this will help them with this. Don’t let them give up when they encounter an obstacle, as they need to keep believing.

7. They need to believe that they’ll have it and have faith in the process

DONE The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else 8

Maybe they have doubts that this will work and even doubt themselves but that kind of energy isn’t going to help them get what they want. They need to really believe that it’ll happen and you can help them with that.

Support their belief and encourage them to keep believing. Don’t say things that would discourage them and show them that you genuinely believe in them.

It may make them believe in themselves and the positive outcome of their thoughts.

8. They need to let go of the past

The Law Of Attraction Can You Manifest For Someone Else

Many wise people have said that our thoughts shape our reality – and they aren’t wrong. Fears and doubts are our enemies on the journey toward our destination.

The same goes for carrying baggage from the past into the future. Having all that weight on your shoulders makes you feel bad and think negatively.

Somehow, we remember the bad things from our past more than the good things but letting go of the past is the only way toward a brighter future.

Your loved one needs to make peace with any bad experiences that happened to them in the past and start afresh. They need to look forward to the future and they can’t do that if they’re constantly facing their past.

Forgiving those who have hurt them and forgiving themselves are both important. It’ll help them close that chapter of their life and manifest a new one.

Don’t remind them of their past and instead support the person they’re trying to become. Say positive things about them and show that you’re happy for them.

Ultimately, let them know that what’s meant to be theirs will always come to them. They just need to be patient, have faith in themselves, and try manifesting what they want.

If you want to manifest someone to fall in love with them or someone to think about them or you want to manifest love with a specific person, you should encourage them to read about it and learn more.

Good luck!

The Law Of Attraction: Can You Manifest For Someone Else?

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