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Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

It’s tough to recognize a real man in a sea of boys. There’s an enormous difference between dating a boy and dating a real man.

Often, women get confused about whether or not they’re dating a real man, especially when caught up thinking he’s the one.

I must agree that real men are really hard to find these days.

It’s like they learned how to stay hidden all this time, and you’re making an effort to find one.

Maybe you’re unable to see a real man standing in front of you because of all those toxic men you’ve dated in your past.

So what’s the difference between a real man and a boy then?

A boy will always make excuses for his mistakes and won’t have the courage to say sorry, while a real man will accept that he made a mistake and make an effort to improve himself.

DONE! Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

He’ll make a real effort to tell you he loves you unconditionally and he supports you no matter what.

It’s no secret that a boy will also tell you he loves you, but his words won’t be backed up with his actions, meaning he won’t do anything to prove it.

A real man doesn’t walk or talk in a specific, telltale way. The difference is a real man shows with his actions that he loves you – a boy doesn’t.

Boys will always be intimated by your success.

They’ll be drawn to a successful woman, but only a real man will be proud of your accomplishments.

A real man knows his worth and in return will show you respect, and he’ll love you the way you deserve to be loved. He knows you’re worthy of it.

Just like you, a real man won’t settle for anything less than he deserves and that’s exactly what you want.

He knows you’re a valuable gem and that’s why he’s with you.

Boys make excuses, real men make an effort.

DONE! Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

And that’s exactly what a real man will do on dates. He’ll show up and put effort into looking great for you.

He won’t use any silly mind games to get your attention or have the need to manipulate you to feel better about himself.

He’s already grown out of it, and he knows no one benefits from playing games.

He might have even been hurt once by someone who played mind games with him and that’s how he learned not to do the same to anyone else.

And the on-and-off-again mind game only happens when you’re in a relationship with a boy and not a real man.

A real man knows that your happiness is his happiness. That’s why he’ll do anything to see you smile.

He’ll make an effort to brighten your day with small acts of kindness because he cares about you.

A boy will simply leave you desperate and empty.

A real man is protective.

DONE! Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

A real man will do anything to make you feel safe and secure.

He’ll hold your hand in public, kiss you, and keep your head on his chest so you know you’re safe even when you’re sleeping.

A real man values your time.

He won’t leave you hanging when you surprise-text him.

He knows how valuable your time is and won’t let you wait for his reply. He’ll strive to show you he can take care of you.

A boy won’t do that. A boy will leave you waiting for his texts and returned calls because it gives him the sense that he’s holding power over you.

He feels dominant if he does that.

Boys are all song and dance, while real men step up to the plate.

DONE! Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

A real man takes responsibility for his wrongdoings.

He won’t be afraid to say sorry to you if he needs to apologize for the way he treated you in certain situations.

He knows it’s acceptable to be humble and vulnerable in a relationship.

A boy, on the other hand, won’t take responsibility for his actions.

He’ll rather turn the table on you and say that it’s your fault. And such a toxic relationship never ends well.

A real man behaves like a gentleman and his gentlemanly traits come naturally.

DONE! Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

A real man doesn’t think much about whether or not he should pick you up or invite you to dinner with him.

He does it for you because he cares about your well-being.

He’ll make an effort so that you feel special whenever he gets the chance to show it to you.

A boy won’t do that. He simply doesn’t care how you get home and will never ask you on an actual date, but rather to hang out with him.

A real man will treat you with respect because you deserve it.

DONE! Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

He knows how to treat a lady and that’s with the utmost respect.

Even if times are difficult and you’ve had your share of arguments, he’ll keep his composure and show that he respects you.

Maybe he doesn’t like something you’re doing at the moment, it doesn’t matter to him.

He knows he needs to show his respect at all times and that’s what he’ll do. No excuses whatsoever.

Most importantly, a real man won’t be afraid to express his true feelings.

DONE! Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

He will always say those big three words when he gets the chance because he knows the weight that “I love you” carries.

He wants to share with you his feelings and won’t be afraid to let everyone know how badly he wants you in his life.

He’ll scream his love for you from the rooftops if he needs to.

A boy won’t do that. He’ll make excuses, saying he isn’t sure how he feels or that it’s not manly to express emotions.

A real man isn’t afraid to love and be loved. He’ll give it generously with all of his heart.

Boys Make Excuses, Real Men Make An Effort

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