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Being Single Is Always Better Than Running After The Wrong Man

Being Single Is Always Better Than Running After The Wrong Man

Being single is always better than running after the wrong man and that is a fact.

When you’re single for a long time, there are many questions directed at you.

Why did you ghost that guy? Are your standards really that high? Is there something wrong with you? Aren’t you too old to be so picky with men?

It’s gotten so frustrating at some point that you might have even thought about getting a boyfriend just to show him off to your friends and family.

They are so extremely persistent that you’d actually consider going to that extreme.

But you know better than that. You know that it’s not worth it.

It’s better to stay single than to run after a man who you aren’t even sure about.

Yes, there might be someone you’re talking to, but the very first time he shows any red flag, your entire world crumbles into pieces.

Why would you want to disrupt your beautiful single life to run after an unworthy man?

DONE! Being Single Is Always Better Than Running After The Wrong Man

People should rather ask themselves this: Why is it better to be desperate for someone else than to be single and happy?

You should know this out of experience.

You went through so much in your past relationships that when you think back on it all, you appreciate your single life even more.

You were lied to, betrayed, and maybe even cheated on.

What would’ve happened if you continued running after the wrong man?

Think about it for a moment. In your past relationships, you put in so much time and effort that love seemed to equal pain.

You would plead for a moment of their attention.

And when they eventually did make time for you, they made it seem like the biggest gift they could’ve ever given you.

Every man in your past made you feel like your effort wasn’t enough. That’s precisely why you always had the feeling he was slipping away from you.

DONE! Being Single Is Always Better Than Running After The Wrong Man

The last man to ever make you doubt your worth was one who made you realize just how much you should appreciate being single.

When he called and you always responded, it never seemed to be an issue.

But when you ran to him, when you cried and he looked at you like you were crazy, or the very first time you asked for something in return, he made a run for it.

He accused you of being selfish, clingy, and needy.

I don’t know if you need to hear this right now, but you’re none of those things!

You shouldn’t be sorry that you walked away from a man who wasn’t even aware of how much he hurt you.

You stopped running after the wrong man. The moment you realized that a man who loves you shouldn’t treat you like that, you packed your bags.

As you should.

So many women never make it out of relationships like that.

DONE! Being Single Is Always Better Than Running After The Wrong Man

They believe that if they just pushed a little harder, if they put in a little bit more work, that things would fall into place.

What they don’t realize is that we can’t change people.

It doesn’t matter how hard we try, loving someone isn’t enough to change the way they’ve always lived their life.

There are countless men out there just like him.

Unfortunately, there are also countless women who would much rather stay by their side than be single.

It’s sad when you think about how badly single life has been demonized.

You learn from a very young age that marriage is sacred, that we should all strive to find our soulmate. But what about our own happiness?

Why is the happiness of a woman only valid when it’s created by a man?

We are more than capable of making ourselves happy! We are totally capable of providing for ourselves and treating ourselves nicely.

Sometimes, even when it hurts and there is a part of us still begging to stay, we walk away.

Because being single is always better than running after the wrong man.

DONE! Being Single Is Always Better Than Running After The Wrong Man

Of course, you cried your eyes out when you walked away from the man you loved. But you knew that he wasn’t the right one for you.

There was always a nagging feeling from deep within telling you that there’s more to love than suffering.

You fought hard with your traitorous heart in order to finally walk in the other direction and free yourself.

Even if being single for this long wasn’t your initial plan, it’s still become the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

You’ve learned so much about yourself. Sure, there are days when you feel lonely and forgotten, but you also know that you are enough.

You are enough to make yourself happy and you’ll always choose this life over running after the wrong man.

Every lesson that you’ve learned while being single will help you the day you really do decide to love again.

When you decide to love a man again, you will make sure he’s worthy of your time and effort.

But you will never run after the wrong man again.

DONE! Being Single Is Always Better Than Running After The Wrong Man

He may be cute, handsome, and extremely funny, but he will never be worthy of your own peace of mind.

The next man you love will have to be caring, thoughtful, and loving in order for you to leave your single life behind and settle down.

He should know better than to play games with you.

Being single is so much better than running after the wrong man.

And that’s the exact reason why the next man in your life will have to (almost) be perfect.

You know what you bring to the table and you expect nothing less in return.

If you’re going to start a relationship and leave your single life behind, he has to know that you love yourself and that you won’t back down.

You have learned that protecting yourself and running after the things you know you deserve are much more important for your happiness.

So enjoy yourself right now! You’re single, you’re free! You have endured so much and this peace you feel right now is the reward.

Being Single Is Always Better Than Running After The Wrong Man

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