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Being In Love Isn’t The Same As Loving Someone

Being In Love Isn’t The Same As Loving Someone

Most of us are familiar with this feeling – your heart skips a beat when your partner walks into the room and every time you’re together, you feel these weird butterflies in your stomach. But is being in love the same as loving someone?

Love is indeed a wonderful and amazing feeling that each of us strives to experience. And even though everyone is able to feel this emotion, there are many that can’t tell the difference between loving someone and being in love.

It’s a very common misconception that both terms refer to the same thing but they actually don’t. The passion and excitement may feel the same but the intention is different. The thing we usually forget is that there are many different types of love.

A happily married couple will have a deep and meaningful connection to each other and a parent who loves their child will do anything they possibly can to protect them. That’s why the latter type of love is usually considered the strongest one anyone can experience.

When you’re infatuated with someone special, you may feel as if your heart is melting whenever you see them. When we talk about romantic love, the feelings of love and being in love are different, however. It depends on whether you two are still dating or you passed the honeymoon stage and moved on to the next level.

Being in love can be heartbreaking; loving someone can heal a broken heart.

DONE! Being In Love Isn't The Same As Loving Someone

When you meet someone who checks all of your boxes, you become instantly infatuated with them. You barely know this person but despite that, you take your chances to see whether or not you could have a future together.

Being in love with someone can certainly lead to a broken heart. And the reason for that is because most relationships that are based on physical attraction can be destroyed fairly easily by the smallest of challenges.

You can’t expect to build a healthy relationship with someone if you only hang out to sleep with each other. That’s not the kind of love I’m talking about here.

But the energy and passion you experience when you love the other person can ultimately help you heal your broken heart faster.

It’s an extremely powerful force that can erase all the negative energy you feel inside yourself. It can make the pain go away and push you to reach your full potential.

Being in love can be interpreted as a selfish act; loving someone teaches you to be selfless.

DONE! Being In Love Isn't The Same As Loving Someone

Many people in a relationship make the mistake of acting selfishly because they think that’s the only way to keep that person in their life. They’ll use anything they can to hold on to their partner and they don’t care about their emotions at all.

They may even play mind games and use all sorts of deceitful tricks just to be sure they have the upper hand in their relationship. Some might refer to those people as narcissists in disguise who only think about themselves and no one else.

On the other hand, loving someone teaches you to be selfless. Suddenly, your needs and emotions don’t matter as much anymore. Instead, you put all of your efforts into making your partner happy and keeping them satisfied.

It’s those things that force you to be better with each new day. You strive to grow not just as an individual but as a couple as well.

Being in love can have a deadline; loving someone can last forever.

DONE! Being In Love Isn't The Same As Loving Someone

You never know when the honeymoon stage will end. Essentially, being infatuated with someone is inconsistent and has a deadline.

I’m not saying that being in love isn’t magnificent but it’s possible that that feeling will fade away over time. Things can certainly take a turn for the worse if you find out something that defies your definition of a perfect partner.

Loving someone with all your heart means that you accept them as they are. You don’t try to change them in any way because you love their imperfections. Also, you embrace their flaws because you know that’s what makes them unique.

There’s no single person on this planet who is absolutely perfect. And as soon as you realize that and you still want that person to be in your life, then you can safely say that you’ve finally found the right one.

Being in love is falling for someone quickly; loving someone is falling for them repeatedly.

DONE! Being In Love Isn't The Same As Loving Someone

The moment you meet someone who suits your criteria, you suddenly get this unusual rush of emotions and admiration for them.

This type of attraction is called infatuation or love at first sight. You think of them as your perfect partner and you immediately imagine spending your life together with them.

However, infatuation only lasts for a couple of months before you encounter your first problems and fights and arguments can certainly make or break a couple. But loving someone is effortless and easy.

As time passes and you get to know each other better, not just as a partner but also as a friend, you start appreciating their presence in your life. You fall for them over and over again and you can’t do anything about it.

Being in love starts with physical attraction; loving someone means appreciating their beautiful soul.

DONE! Being In Love Isn't The Same As Loving Someone

It’s quite normal to fall in love with someone who’s physically appealing to you. Sometimes it happens that you can’t control your emotions when you see someone beautiful. Being in love can start with that but it doesn’t end there.

However, that isn’t the most important factor if you’re trying to find real love. Loving someone means going beyond the physical.

You don’t just admire the other person’s physical appearance but their beautiful soul as well. It’s all about how they make you feel when you’re together.

Being able to tell them everything about yourself is truly blissful and that sort of deep and meaningful connection is something we all search for.

Being in love makes you feel weak; loving someone empowers you.

DONE! Being In Love Isn't The Same As Loving Someone

When you fall in love with someone, your physical appearance and the way you talk to and interact with that person suddenly become important.

While it’s a good thing to be self-conscious, it can certainly force you to think about whether or not you’re worthy of being with that person.

You focus on your weaknesses and your insecurities, which can cause you to hide your true face from your partner because you don’t want them to leave you. But loving someone makes you feel strong and confident.

You don’t think about your imperfections anymore because you know that the other person appreciates you for who you are.

Even if you’re not an ideal partner, they accept you and your quirks and that can empower you to be a better person for yourself and for your partner.

Being In Love Isn't The Same As Loving Someone

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