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Being A Gentleman Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Being A Gentleman Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Times have changed. Both women and men have taken upon different roles in their lives. But in my opinion, one thing still carries the same value, and that is being a gentleman.

No matter what changes, chivalry will never go out of fashion.

I’ve dated many guys and only a precious few of them know how to treat a woman with respect. The rest only focus on their macho appearance and don’t care much about making a woman feel comfortable in their presence.

All these guys did was talk about themselves and try to present themselves in the best light. That standard story about how amazing they are and how lucky I was to go on a date with them.

The more words that come out of their mouths, the more I realized that they’re not the kind of men I want to date. They’re nothing like the guy I’m looking for.

Then, refreshingly, I finally met a man who was a real fossil in the current age. From the very start, I noticed that he was different, but I couldn’t yet figure out why.
DONE! Being A Gentleman Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

There was something about him that made me feel relaxed whenever I was in his company. Something in the way he talked to me with such respect that made me feel special.

Every time we went out, he’d make sure to open the car door for me. Sure, it wasn’t a big deal as I could easily do it myself, but still, the mere act of him getting out first and making the effort to do such a thing was a totally foreign experience.

Sadly, I’d never had that before. And what’s even worse is that I didn’t even know that there are still men like that in the world.

And it wasn’t only car doors, he always made sure to open the restaurant doors too. He’d let me in with a smile and at that moment, I finally felt like I’d been treated properly.

Whenever it rained, he’d never let me get wet by walking to the car. Even if I had an umbrella with me, he’d still go get his car and repark it right in front of the building. That way, I’d be able to jump in without even getting a drop of rain on me.

This man was different from all of the others. And I started to realize that he still had traces of the chivalry of yesteryear. He was a real gentleman, a rare sample of this near-extinct species.
DONE! Being A Gentleman Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

With him, I always felt like I was treated with respect. I always felt like was living in a dream.

I was the first one to order food while he was the first to invite me on a date. And he wouldn’t simply text me “Let’s hang out.” Instead, he’d already have it all planned before asking me out.

He’d always offer me his coat when I was cold and he’d never let me walk on the side of the curb that was closer to the traffic.

I know that many of you will see these things as trivial and useless in today’s day and age. I know that a woman doesn’t have an issue with getting wet when it rains and she clearly knows how to open the doors by herself.

But it’s not only about the actions that gentlemen do. It’s also about the character and the way their company makes you feel.

When he attentively listens to every word you say, that’s what chivalry is all about. When he knows you haven’t been feeling well and buys you your favorite chocolate to lift your spirits, that’s what we need in this world.
DONE! Being A Gentleman Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

Being a gentleman in today’s world is different from what it used to be and that’s okay. But as long as a man’s presence makes me feel comfortable to be around, I’ll treat that man as a gentleman.

Many guys today have no idea how to act when they’re around a woman. They pretend to be something they aren’t only to impress us, when we still deeply care about those little things.

We want them to make us smile when we’re sad. We want them to take care of us when we’re feeling sick.

I can easily make myself some soup when I’m under the weather, but it’s nice knowing that he’s willing to do that instead. It’s nice to know that he’ll repark his car only so I don’t get wet.

We need more of these tiny practices as that’s what matters the most – little actions like these show he cares and respects you for the high-value woman you are.

I understand that some women aren’t looking for men like these. They don’t need anyone to hold a door for them or to give them a coat when they’re cold. They’re not looking for a man who’ll take care of them because they can take care of themselves.

Still, I believe that chivalry will never go out of style. I believe that being a gentleman is something that can’t do you any harm, no matter what.

If the whole world was filled with gentlemen, I’d sure have an easier time finding the right one. Because right now, I constantly feel like I’m looking for that proverbial needle in the haystack.

Being A Gentleman Will Never Go Out Of Fashion

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