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Before You Decide To Cheat On Her, Read This

Before You Decide To Cheat On Her, Read This

Dear potential cheater,

This is a letter to you, so you can keep your hands to yourself and hopefully understand what your actions will cause in the life of the woman who loves you. You can’t just tell me that you’ll skip through this because you really need to pay attention to each and every one of these words.

Before you cheat on her, know that you’re not just ruining your relationship. You’re ruining her general trust in people.

Trust is such a fragile thing. Once you start to play with it, it can slip through your hands and shatter into a million pieces!

Do you believe that she’ll wake up one day and just forget that you did this to her? Do you genuinely think that cheating on her will make her trust you more or anyone else for that matter?

DONE! Before You Decide To Cheat On Her, Read This

Before you cheat on her consider that you’re actually losing the only person who loves you deeply. She’s trying her best to make you feel loved and protected, but she can’t do that if you choose someone else over her.

She won’t trust you after that and she’ll doubt if you ever loved her at all. She’ll stop trusting you and even though it’ll break her from the inside out, she’ll walk out of your life.

You’ll lose her. Are you aware of that?

Every single time she looks at you, she’ll remember what you did to her. She’ll remember what you did to the relationship that she thought was perfect. At one point, she’ll even start to believe that everything you said was a lie.

And she won’t get that thought out of her mind. It’ll haunt her for ages.

Before you cheat on her consider what you’re trading here. You’re trading a woman that loves you genuinely for a woman who only wants to see you in her bed for one night. Even if that wasn’t true, you know full well that you’ll never be happier with another woman.

DONE! Before You Decide To Cheat On Her, Read This

That’s why you’re not leaving her. You just want the thrill of being with someone else while she waits at home for you. You want to be able to have more than one woman, but you must know that to a real man one woman is enough.

You’re so selfish. Why don’t you think that she deserves honesty? If you can’t figure this problem out, then at least be man enough to break up with her. It would hurt her, but she’ll understand that you made this decision instead of cheating on her.

Is there no other way to end these stupid thoughts of yours? Do you really want to cheat on her?

Well, if you’re ready to cheat on her, then at least give some thought to the possibility of her doing the same thing as you. That doesn’t feel alright, does it? It makes you want to throw up and it makes you squirm.

What would you do if she came home one day with hickeys all over her neck? You know for a fact that you didn’t cause those, but you also don’t want to believe what that insinuates.

You would lose your mind completely. Take a moment to imagine someone else’s hands all over her while she doesn’t even spend a moment of her time thinking about you or how much it would hurt you.

DONE! Before You Decide To Cheat On Her, Read This

This is a very graphic thing to talk about, but I feel like you have to experience that feeling of absolute disgust! The feeling you get when you think about this will be the least of her problems.

She’ll feel it, too, but multiply that by the knowledge that it actually happened. To her, it wouldn’t just be a mere thought but rather her reality. Do you want to cause such emotions within her mind and body?

If yes, then you definitely shouldn’t be with her. She deserves someone so much better than you are. If you’re even considering cheating you should be ashamed of yourself to the point where you shouldn’t even show your face in front of her.

However, I know that the guilt is eating you up. I would like to believe that someone isn’t a bad person just because they have bad thoughts. A bad person is someone who acts on those thoughts without even trying to better themselves.

For some reason, there’s still hope in my heart that you’ll do the right thing. Block the other girl, remove her from your social media accounts, and delete her number. Get rid of any and every temptation you may have to cheat on the woman that falls asleep next to you every single night.

DONE! Before You Decide To Cheat On Her, Read This

You’ll be happier. One day you won’t wake up just to remember what an awful human being you were to actually cheat on someone and break their heart this way. The lack of your empathy will only leave permanent damage to both of you. So why even bring yourself into this situation?

I hope you find it in you to listen to this. I know that if you really want to cheat on her, you’ll do it regardless of what I say, but I can at least say that I tried.


Every girl ever

Before You Decide To Cheat On Her, Read This

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