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Before You Date A Woman With A Broken Heart, You Need To Know This

Before You Date A Woman With A Broken Heart, You Need To Know This

We’re all a little broken from our previous relationships. Somehow, those people we’ve dated all left a mark on us even if we refuse to admit it.

That’s exactly why she’s heartbroken. She’s seen the worst things love can do to a person, but she’s still ready to give love another try. You convinced her to give you a chance, even though she warned you.

You didn’t want to let her go through this alone and you can see that the spark in her eyes hasn’t died out yet. She’s somewhere inside there, waiting to get back on her own two feet and be happy again.

But she will need time to do so. You won’t be able to help her heal unless she wants that herself. She will need a lot of time in order to become the person she was before her heart was shattered into pieces.

When you love someone, you don’t expect them to do this to you, so her wounds will be open and painful for a long time.

She’ll believe that she doesn’t deserve your love.

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When you date a woman with a broken heart, she will never let you convince her that you love her. She’ll believe that you’re just a liar like her ex and that you’ll leave when things get tough.

A woman like her believes that she’s unlovable. Why would someone love damaged goods? She can’t see her worth, so she believes everyone in her life would much rather leave than stay.

It’s devastating to see someone you care about think like this, but it’s her reality. You need to be prepared to validate her and affirm her of your love. Otherwise, her brain will convince her that you’d be better off without her.

She’ll break down even in times you try to hold everything together.

You will always be on the edge because of her. She will break at times when you don’t even see it coming. You’ll find her crying in the corner of the room before going to bed or in the morning while she’s making her coffee.

This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you, just that her wounds are awful and she can’t help but think that you’re wasting your time on her.

She will break down when you try to work through your relationship problems. She doesn’t understand that you won’t leave her just because there may have an issue right now. Her tears will remind you of the awful human who did this to her.

She’ll love you, but her past will haunt her.

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Heartbroken people aren’t really able to let go of their memories easily. They would love to free themselves from the feelings that plague them, but it’s a near-impossible task.

Instead, she will love you, even when her past comes knocking at the door. Those are the times where you’ll have to love her just a bit harder, but believe me when I tell you, it’ll be worth it.

There’ll never be a reason for you to doubt her. She’ll never hurt you because she knows how awful it is to walk around with a broken heart.

She wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if she ever caused you that much pain. So you won’t ever have to worry that she’d cheat on you or hide things from you.

A woman like her will forever be honest and faithful. You will never feel like she’s manipulating or gaslighting you.

She’ll try to give you her everything, even if it’s in pieces.

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People who were broken in the past aren’t really able to give you their all right away. They’d love to, they just simply don’t know how. That’s why she will give you herself in pieces.

One day she will let you hold her while you’re sleeping, the next she’ll tell you that she loves you. She’ll always want to show you her love, but be apprehensive out of fear that you too will abandon her.

Heartbroken people can’t just trust you right away. It takes time because the last time she trusted someone it ended badly.

So be patient with her, because you’ll get everything you’ve ever needed in a woman and more from her. She just needs to know that you won’t leave the moment you get it.

She’ll forever be grateful for the things you do for her.

Before you love a woman with a broken heart, you have to understand that she needs you more than you will ever need her. Even though that’s the blatant truth, it doesn’t mean that she won’t remember every single thing you’ve ever done for her.

She will be grateful for your patience, your unconditional love, and your empathy. That’s why you’ll get that same treatment back the very moment her crumbled pieces fall back into place.

When she heals fully, she’ll become the perfect woman who’ll treat you just the way you deserve to be treated.

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I won’t lie to you and tell you that everything will run smoothly. It won’t.

There will be many ups and downs. You’ll at some point feel like she’ll never move past her pain.

But she will! And when she does, she’ll love you more than anyone she’s ever loved before.

For that exact reason, don’t shy away from giving her a helping hand. Love her through the process, but also feel the love she’s giving you.

Just because she’s scared to show you how much she cares, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t love you. It only means that her love will become stronger and stronger over time.

You will be happy with her. I can promise you that! Just don’t give up on her.

When times get tough, stay by her side. Help her heal, then watch the magic happen.

Before You Date A Woman With A Broken Heart, You Need To Know This

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