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Before Loving A Girl Who Recovered From Emotional Abuse, Read This

Before Loving A Girl Who Recovered From Emotional Abuse, Read This

Being loved and loving someone are certainly two of the greatest feelings that you can have.

However, many women have been tricked into thinking that they are loved by that one guy, only to find out that he took advantage of her and hurt her on purpose.

But true love isn’t like that. A real man will never abuse his lady in any shape or form.

I’m not talking just about physical abuse. There are also other types of it and none of them should be tolerated – ever!

A real man will do everything he can to protect his woman and if something isn’t going well, he’d rather walk away than hurt her purposely.

Nevertheless, there are many women out there who have recovered from emotional abuse. And before loving a girl who’s been through hell and back, these are the things you should keep in mind.

1. This girl is extremely sensitive and emotional

DONE! Before Loving A Girl Who Recovered From Emotional Abuse, Read This

Listening to her and knowing her story is a crucial part of you dating a woman who’s been through emotional abuse.

If you pay close attention to what she says, then you know how poorly she was treated by that toxic guy.

Those kinds of toxic relationships will always leave you with scars. That’s why she’ll be more emotional and sensitive than other girls.

Don’t raise your voice at her as she might get scared every time you do that.

She also might be offended when you don’t reply to her messages or she has to wait for you to call her back.

Those are just a couple of the small things that can hurt her again. And she doesn’t want to be mistreated all over again.

If you want to love her and keep her by your side, show her how much she means to you through small acts of kindness.

2. She knows what she wants in a relationship

DONE! Before Loving A Girl Who Recovered From Emotional Abuse, Read This

Because she’s been through hell and back, she knows that she wants things to be different now.

There are certain things that she missed out on when she was in a toxic relationship. Now, it’s up to you to give her those things.

She knows what she wants and she won’t settle for anything less than she deserves.

Even though her story is full of pain and suffering, she’s ready to give her heart to you if she believes that you’ll protect her at any cost.

She wants someone who’s going to stick with her through thick and thin and who won’t manipulate her in any way.

3. She’s extra cautious

You know, when you experience so much pain in your life, you learn to be extra careful not to repeat the same mistakes again.

You walk on eggshells and think that everyone will treat you the same.

She knows that you won’t be in a good mood all the time. She’s aware of that, which is why she’s extra cautious about you.

She just hopes that you’re one of the good guys who won’t take advantage of her.

She wants you to treat her with respect because she deserves to have a man like that.

Nevertheless, she won’t let you into her life so easily. First, you have to prove to her that you’re worthy of her love and that you’ll take care of her.

4. She needs to regain her faith in love

DONE! Before Loving A Girl Who Recovered From Emotional Abuse, Read This

Sometimes, it’s difficult for us men to put ourselves into women’s shoes and see things from their perspective.

However, if you want to love a woman who’s been through emotional abuse, you have to do that.

Remember, she’s had her fair share of the wrong guys, those who made her life a living hell, who manipulated her, and made her feel unworthy.

They told her that she wasn’t good enough for them, but she recovered in the end and you have to respect that.

However, that’s when you come into the equation.

You have to make sure she knows she’s good enough for you and that she’s worthy. She lost her faith in love once, so don’t make her do that again.

Prove to her that she’s all you’ve ever wanted and all that you’ll ever need again and don’t be too harsh on her.

Give her space and time when she needs it and be patient because she still needs to heal completely.

Be there for her at all times and she’ll regain her faith in love.

5. She doesn’t give up so easily – she’s a fighter

DONE! Before Loving A Girl Who Recovered From Emotional Abuse, Read This

Experiencing emotional abuse or any type of abuse will definitely leave some scars on you.

It will also toughen you so that you don’t allow anyone to treat you the same way again.

And this girl isn’t the same woman she was last year. She won’t give you everything she has immediately because she has learned her lessons.

She won’t allow you to victimize her in any way. She’s a fighter now, someone who won’t give you a second chance.

Once you mess things up, she’ll walk away from you like it’s nothing.

She knows that loving someone isn’t easy and that you have to be strong all the time because people will let you down.

However, if you prove to her that you’re worthy of her time, she’ll love you even more.

That’s how strong she actually is.

6. Don’t try to change her

DONE! Before Loving A Girl Who Recovered From Emotional Abuse, Read This

It’s expected of a girl who’s been through emotional abuse to be a mess sometimes, and that’s completely fine.

It’s understandable if you can’t handle her and you want to leave.

However, deep down, her greatest wish is to find a man who won’t give up on her so easily.

Someone who’ll stay by her side and who won’t try to change her.

She needs a man who accepts her flaws and quirks. She’s aware of the fact that she’s not perfect, but neither are you.

Why would you try to change her beautiful personality and imperfections?

Those things made her grow into the superwoman she is today. Don’t try to change that!

Before Loving A Girl Who Recovered From Emotional Abuse, Read This

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