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30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

It’s finally that time of the year! No, unfortunately, I’m not talking about Christmas-related things this time. I’m talking about summertime. Is there a better way to spend your vacation than with your loved one on a beach date? I think not!

The first thing I think of when someone says summer is a perfect, sandy beach. Well, after really hot weather and high temperatures. Those who are able to spend the whole summer at the coast have no idea how lucky they are.

The calming sound of waves crawling gently to the shore, that warm summer breeze at night, and an endless blue ocean on the horizon. Palm trees create the perfect shade over my towel… Can I somehow teleport there? Like, right now? Pleeease?!

Okay, enough of me venting and begging, time for some serious business. In this article, I’m bringing you tips for a perfect beach date with your one and only and a bunch of ideas that you can use to arrange one. Buckle up, we’re about to start!

7 tips for a perfect beach date

There are a couple of tips for a perfect beach date that I can think of, and probably some of them you already know. But, as they say, repetition is key in learning. Therefore, here are 7 utterly important tips, and things you should pay attention to, in my opinion at least.

1. Chase the sunset

30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

I’m the one who always chases sunsets. There’s something magical about those colors spreading around the blue canvas. So, I’d always opt for a beach date around sunset time. Check the exact hour, prepare the necessary things and simply go to the abandoned beach.

Bonus points if you bring your loved one with you. Just kidding. Sunsets are, proven, the best when shared with people you care about. Even if the temperature lowers a bit – swimming under the moonlight is one hell of an experience; you should try it.

2. Get up for a sunrise

Waking up early in the morning gives you an extra energy boost and your days appear to be longer. So, why would you complain about getting up before sunrise and watching it with your loved one?

The colors of the sky will speak a thousand words, you’ll just have to listen. Grab your morning coffee on your way to the beach, or prepare it before you leave home, and enjoy that deeply serene period of the day.

3. Prepare a food basket

DONE 30 Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Most Beautiful Rendezvous 2

Well, you don’t necessarily need a basket, but prepare some sandwiches and refreshments. Fruit salad, cold freshly squeezed juice, and even homemade cake. Bring whatever you two love the most and get ready to enjoy your beach meal.

You can surprise him and prepare it on your own, or he can assist you in the kitchen. That way fun is doubled, quality time guaranteed and anticipation will just add up to the perfect rendezvous.

4. Find a quiet spot

I guess the most important thing that you have to pay attention to if you want to have an unforgettable beach date, is to find a quiet spot. Go somewhere people usually don’t go and make it your private hideout.

Enjoy spending time at your spot, whether you’ll just swim in pristine water or admire the beautiful view. I’m talking about the landscape; stop looking at your boyfriend.

5. Take a blanket

30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

If you want to keep that sand out of your clothes, you better take a blanket or a mat to put down before you sit. This is essential if you want to have a beach date and avoid any inconvenience. You can bring a big one in case you choose to lie down.

6. Forget about phones

One of the most important things that you have to do while you’re on a date (not only a beach date!) is to forget about your phones. When the two of you are spending time together, there’s no need to constantly check your social media accounts, or text other people.

Be present at the moment, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s not like you have a date every single day, right? So choose to be with your loved one both mentally and physically. Don’t let the world disturb your peace. It’s just the two of you for the next couple of hours.

7. Be ready to get into the water

DONE 30 Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Most Beautiful Rendezvous 4

Why are you going to the beach if you’re not ready to get into the water? Don’t forget to put on your swimming suit before you leave the house and bring at least one smaller towel in your backpack.

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do in the water that level up the typical beach date, so don’t hesitate to get at least a bit adventurous. Explore those water sports, or swim around the coral reef if you will. Just don’t stray from jumping in the ocean.

Wonderful beach date ideas

Okay, once we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to write down some concrete ideas and help you organize that perfect beach date you’re already looking forward to. You can combine them, or treat them as separate, but don’t forget to have fun!

1. Go for a swim

30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

What would a beach date sound like without swimming beforehand at least? Bring your best swimsuit and jump into that fascinating blue vastness. All the magic and fun at sea can officially start, am I right?

Go for a swim with your partner and enjoy it completely. Don’t let the rain (if it happens by any chance) ruin your plans. Swimming in a coldish ocean while hot summer rain is pouring down is the most wholesome moment you’ll experience, I can promise you that.

2. Build sandcastles

Do you remember how you were building sandcastles when you were a kid? You’d spend almost the entire day playing with that plastic little bucket, shovel, and rake. Oh, and not to forget those molds!

What is stopping you right now from doing the same? Give that inner child of yours time to shine and get creative. Make a competition out of it, if you will. Who’s going to build a more beautiful castle? Whose sand construction will endure the influence of the environment?

Or simply, build one together and make it your future straight-out-of-a-fairy-tale home. What do you say? Sounds like something you’d like to try?

3. Have a romantic picnic

You know what I’m talking about here, right? Either take a little foldable table and chairs and set up the whole dining room vibe or bring a blanket and lay it down before arranging the food.

Simple sandwiches, some fruit, and nuts; combined with a bottle of wine, or your favorite juice will do the trick. If you’ve found the perfect, quiet spot, you can prepare it all on your own, then blindfold your date and surprise him completely.

To add a bit more romance to all of it, catch the sunset or sunrise and you’re good to go. If you have a portable speaker, you can play your song (or whole playlist) in the background and make it even more special.

4. Walking along the pier

There are a million things you can do while walking along the pier. Personally, those are my favorite parts of the cities on the coast. You can have dinner at one of the restaurants there and explore local cuisine, or shop for souvenirs in those little stores.

Also, you can find the fun part of it, if there is one of course, and enjoy arcade games and take a ride on a Ferris wheel. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

5. Go beachcombing

DONE 30 Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Most Beautiful Rendezvous 6

Have you heard about beachcombing? It’s a very fun and completely free activity. You can decide what you’ll collect while you’re “combing” the beach and have fun while doing so. This is the perfect time to expand your shell or little stone collection.

You can also agree to do something positive for the environment in case you’ve noticed that there are a lot of plastic caps on the beach, cigar filters, or some trash here and there. Simply bring some rubber gloves with you, a big bag, and save the planet together.

6. Scavenger hunt beach edition

I’m not sure if I have to explain this one, because it’s basically a scavenger hunt, but beach edition. If you and your lover adore having fun on dates and playing some games, this will be the perfect beach date for the two of you.

Take photos of some parts of the bay, write down some riddles and let the game begin.

7. Paint

Even if you bring just two canvases and some colors, it will be perfect. Bring a bottle of wine as well and enjoy while you’re painting that magnificent landscape in front of you. Or, paint a portrait of each other!

8. Have an active beach date

This type of beach date allows you to do whatever you want. You can even make a series of dates and just do these activities. If you want to stay active, have fun, and have a really dynamic date, let me help you by suggesting some activities.

Try throwing a frisbee, play beach volleyball, rent a bike and ride it along the beach. If you’re feeling extra adventurous go kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or parasailing. Choose fishing, beach soccer, or badminton for a little calmer date.

Be childish and play tag or put on that swimsuit and go jet skiing. Go ahead, pick the perfect option and get active.

9. Explore sea life

One of the most beautiful things you can do to connect with nature is to explore sea life. Swim around coral reefs, discover tide pools, and go scuba diving. You’ll definitely enjoy seeing all those magical ocean creatures.

10. Visit a beach cafe

30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

Take your lover’s hand and visit a beach cafe. Go for a morning coffee or take a break during the day. Order iced coffee, or a hot one and enjoy every sip of it.

If you’re not a coffee lover though, there are many other options as well. Freshly squeezed juices, cocktails, iced tea, and lemonade. Pick your refreshment and savor everything around you with all your five senses.

11. Movie night on a beach

This one may be a bit tricky to handle on your own, but if you have a little portable projector, and a simple white bed sheet, you’re good to go. Just find a couple of sticks or branches to set up the screen, put the blanket on the sand, and voila – your private movie theatre (and perfect beach date)!

If you don’t have all the resources, you can always use the drive-in cinema and enjoy the movie under the stars.

12. Hiking near a beach with views of the ocean

This idea is for those who actually love hiking and adore both mountains and the sea. Put on essential equipment and go hiking near a beach that has astonishing views of the ocean. Bonus points if you go during sunset or sunrise, it’ll be more romantic.

13. Go surfing

If you don’t know how to surf, this is your opportunity to learn and have an unforgettable beach date. You can also try windsurfing if possible because some beaches aren’t equipped for these sports.

14. Camping in a tent

If it’s legal, set up a tent and make that beach date last all night. Include different activities from the list, and let the stargazing be the cherry on top of your perfect outing.

15. Light a bonfire

DONE 30 Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Most Beautiful Rendezvous 8

This can also be forbidden in some cities or countries even, so make sure it’s okay to light a fire on the beach prior to doing so. You can take marshmallows with you and roast them. Enjoy the sound of waves while drinking cold drinks and keep the conversation going.

16. Go snorkeling

This is one of the most rewarding activities one can do at the beach. It’s completely safe and almost anyone can do it, so why wouldn’t you give it a try? Put on a mask and snorkel tube, take in those tips on how to breathe underwater, and explore that shoreline.

17. Do yoga at the beach

Even if you have never done yoga, or you’re not flexible enough, use this type of beach date to connect more with your partner. Try to sync your breathing, opt for couple’s yoga and have fun experimenting with those weird positions.

A lot of laughter is guaranteed, so failing to imitate the pose successfully is more than welcome.

18. Listen to the live music

One of the blessings of those hot summer nights I cherish the most is live music concerts. Maybe it’s directly at the beach, or at some bar nearby, go on a date there and let the sound take you to the other dimension.

19. Barbecue on the sand

This can be a perfect day-long beach date or just a couple of hours, but before you opt for this option, check if it’s allowed. As camping and bonfires on the beach can be forbidden, chances are that barbecue on the sand is not welcomed either.

If it is, you can enjoy eating those spicy chicken wings while the waves kiss the shore.

20. Go for a long walk

30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

Walking alongside the beach is one of the most relaxing activities in which you can engage during your vacation – so make it a long one!

Put some refreshments in your backpack and walk from one end of the city to the other while occasionally stopping to admire the view. Ask him some random questions and get to know him even better.

21. Enjoy sunbathing

A little sun never hurt anybody. Well, unless you have allergies, then I’m sorry, skip this one.

For those who can freely absorb some vitamin D, go ahead and take your boo for a sunbathing beach date. Put some sunscreen on one another and get that tan!

22. Fly a kite

This may sound like an activity for kids, but are you forgetting your inner child? Compete whose kite will fly higher, or longer. To spice it up, you can make a bet and whoever loses needs to pay for dinner or think about another beach date.

23. Rent a boat

If you’re in the mood to spend a decent amount of money, you can always rent a boat and go for a ride with your lover. Have dinner in the open sea, sunbathe on the deck and take a swim far away from the coast. Spend some time alone surrounded by nature and once you’re ready to go back, do it.

24. Have a beach photoshoot

Hire a professional photographer and have a beach photoshoot. This may even be a surprise for your boyfriend or husband if you’re celebrating your anniversary (or it’s pretty close). Keep it a secret, but tell him to dress up and turn on the model status.

Vibe check before you head to the beach and one of the most interesting dates, even though one of you (or both) doesn’t like being photographed. I promise it’s going to be fun and you’ll have memories that will last forever. Strike a pose, love birds!

25. Jump waves in the ocean

DONE 30 Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Most Beautiful Rendezvous 10

This is actually a really cute pastime activity. If you don’t want to get completely wet, you can try jumping waves. The whole point is to wait for the waves to come to the shore and then jump over them. I just hope you’re not too clumsy (I am) and that you won’t lose your balance (I did once. It was embarrassing).

You can do this together with some other activities, but it’s also interesting as an activity on its own.

26. Stargaze

If the night sky is completely clear, there’s nothing better than to go stargazing. Put the blanket down at some dark spot, a bit further from the pier and all the noise, and enjoy his company. Try to find constellations, and name all the stars you know.

And don’t forget to make a wish if you see a shooting star. (Even though yours probably already came true.)

27. Have a moonlit beach dinner

Having dinner with your lover is an incredible experience and each date is unique. Now, imagine that you have your late-night meal on a beach. Sounds cool, but average, right?

So let’s put it like this. It’s a full moon, you set up a beautiful table close to that lagoon you’ve discovered yesterday. There’s no need for candles because the moon is shining so bright that it’s lightning up the whole scene. You have privacy and your most romantic beach date can start.

28. Go to a beach dance party

Picture this; you’re wearing your favorite flowy summer dress, and you’ve put on your favorite body lotion after an hour-long bath. You’re completely relaxed and kind of got addicted to that perfect sea life. The love of your life is super handsome in his white shirt and his perfume is absolutely captivating.

You’ve decided to go to a beach dance party as tonight’s date of choice and you simply can’t wait to move your body in the rhythm. Once you’ve approached the pier, two hostesses greeted you with a smile and gave you a flower necklace, and the way to the dancefloor was lit with torches.

Seems like a movie scene, right? I bet that this will be one of those beach dates you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Have fun and seduce him again!

29. Cover each other in the sand

I assume you were doing this when you were younger with your family members or friends. Dig up the hole in the sand and lay there. Afterward, make sure every inch of your body is covered with sand, except your head, of course.

To make it a bit more interesting, organize a little competition. Who’s going to dig up the hole first? You can then cover yourself in the sand and that can be the second game of your championship. However, make sure you don’t dig too deep because there have been a lot of accidents.

Keep it to some reasonable depth and don’t try to make tunnels. Also, avoid doing this if the sand is too hot, because you may get burnt. Instead of having a romantic beach date, that’s filled with laughter and fun, you’d have a date gone wrong.

30. Bring your Twister mat

30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

Who says Twister has to be played indoors? Bring that mat with you and have fun on the sand. When your feet start sinking in the sand, it will get super tricky, don’t you think? You’ll have fun with your lover and maybe other people may join you as well when they spot you.

31. Make a memory jar

This is something you can keep, or you can give it to him as a memory. Go around the beach and collect colorful stones and shells, and add a bit of sand as well for the aesthetics. Then use little pieces of paper in your favorite colors and write on them.

You can write down some quotes that will help you express your love, or you can simply note what you love about your relationship and read it together when times get tough.

32. Have fun people-watching

Simply observe what others are doing at the beach. Are they swimming, or playing with a beach ball? Is there another couple that’s on a beach date? Analyze your environment and invent stories about everyone. Engage your imagination and even write down some short stories.

You can also have a little roleplay. For example, if you’re looking at two kids talking as they’re trying to get in the water, guess what is their topic. Are they discussing how water is cold, or are they afraid of sharks because they saw Jaws last night?

33. Book a seashore massage

Sound of the waves and a relaxing massage? Count me in! I can already smell those wonderful essential oils, and salty air and feel the warmth hugging me.

You can book a couple’s massage and chit-chat or spend a couple of silent moments while your muscles are relieved from the pain. Use this moment to meditate and increase your mindfulness as well and later you can enjoy a beautiful meal or a cocktail with splendid views!

34. Make sand angels

Who said angels can only be made on the snow? Lay down in that sand and move your limbs! Try to make a perfect sand angel and then jump straight to the ocean to wash the dirt away. Afterward, add a little halo over their heads as a finishing touch.

Same as for covering in the sand, ensure that the sand is not too hot so you don’t get burns all over your back.

35. Enjoy crabbing

DONE 30 Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Most Beautiful Rendezvous 12

You’re probably thinking what the hell is crabbing, but it’s self-explanatory. Crabs live in the ocean (nothing new) and when you’re looking for them on the beach and catch them, that’s crabbing. Later you can prepare those crabs you captured and have a tasty meal.

Not only will it be a fun experience for both of you, but you’ll actually have a perfectly healthy and well-balanced meal. If you didn’t know, some nutritionists argue that crabs are more beneficial for us than fish.

36. Go wading

Yes! Go for a walk in the water. Wading is actually one of my preferred activities when I’m on vacation, so it would definitely be my choice for a beach date. Take your lover’s hand and sink those ankles in the pristine, salty water.

Go for a walk while you’re watching the sun setting (or rising). You can also go deeper into the water, depending on your clothing choice for that date.

37. Send a message in the bottle

This one is kind of old-schoolish, but why not? Send a message in the bottle together, or write to each other. In the second case, of course, you’ll exchange it, so make sure you get a bit creative with decorating it. Maybe even include some beach sand or shells that you’ve collected the other day.

There you go. I hope you’ll be able to find something for your beach date and that I didn’t gather all these ideas for anything. Make your boyfriend obsessed with you just a little bit, but remember – the most important thing is that you enjoy the quality time spent together and create memorable stories.

30+ Beach Date Ideas And Tips For The Perfect Rendezvous

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