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Be With Someone Who’ll Make You Forget Your Heart Was Broken

Be With Someone Who’ll Make You Forget Your Heart Was Broken

When you fall in love, the last thing you want is to feel your heart break. You know that there’s always that possibility it could happen, but you fight to save yourself from the pain it causes.

Still, it often comes and knocks you on the ground, showing you that you can never be prepared enough for that kind of ache.

Afterward, you become cautious and start being afraid of every man that comes into your life. No matter how well he treats you, there’s always this thought in the back of your mind: What if he breaks my heart?

And no matter how much time goes by, the pain of heartbreak always remains the same. You just learn to live with it, so you don’t pay much attention to it.

But the moment you start dwelling on it, you realize that it still hurts the same way it did that exact day, that exact moment you got your heart broken.

Maybe you still think that you’ll never find someone who’ll love you the same as the person who broke your heart. Maybe you can’t imagine yourself with anyone else.

But one day, it will all change and you’ll be ready to start all over again. One day, you’ll fall in love and your whole life will take on new meaning.

Because when it happens, it will be with a person who’ll make you forget that your heart was ever shattered in the first place.

This person will be your true love and soulmate – the one who was created just for you. And all those before him would only be your lessons – chapters that you had to get through to get to the finale.
DONE! Be With Someone Who'll Make You Forget Your Heart Was Broken

You’ll meet this guy and he’ll put all of your broken pieces back together. He’ll be gentle and caring, and he’ll know how to treat you right and help you heal the pain.

His eyes will be your safe harbor and his embrace your best medicine. He’ll make all of the troubles go away. You’ll finally feel what it means to be happy in love.

He’ll change you for the better and at some point, you’ll realize you’re not the same person you were before. But you’ll like this new version of yourself. It will be everything you ever wanted to become, and more.

One day, you’ll start the day thinking that it’s just another average day, but it will be completely different from anything you’ve ever expected. It will be the day you finally meet the one who makes you forget you ever had your heart broken.

This guy will give you butterflies with a simple look. Your heart will skip a beat every time you hear him say your name.

From now on, the sound of his voice will be your lullaby, the only thing that can make you feel calm.

With him, you’ll learn to smile the brightest, most genuine smile. You’ll learn to believe in love, in tomorrow, in destiny.
DONE! Be With Someone Who'll Make You Forget Your Heart Was Broken

You’ll realize why there were some moments in your life where you felt like giving up. You’ll realize that he was the one who gave you the strength to survive day after day.

Because if it wasn’t like that, you’d never have been where you are right now and never have found him.

All those moments of loneliness will be gone. Those feelings of being lost in a world full of people you don’t understand will disappear.

When you meet the one who makes you forget that you ever had your heart broken, you’ll realize that everything in life happens for a reason.

And he’s your reason behind everything you had to go through. He’s your savior, your knight in shining armor, the one who’s destined to be yours only.

Maybe right now, you can’t picture this. Your heart is still broken and you can’t imagine a future this bright.

Perhaps you feel hopeless and can’t imagine that there’s someone out there who’ll love you how you deserve to be loved.

But as time goes by and your wound starts to heal, the magical approach of the one will come closer and closer.

And then at one point, your worlds will collide and you’ll instantly know that he’s the one you’ve been looking for your whole life.
DONE! Be With Someone Who'll Make You Forget Your Heart Was Broken

He’ll be your last love. He’ll be the lesson that teaches you that we all have someone who’s destined to be ours.

It may take you a month, a year, or even a decade to find him, but eventually, he’ll show up in your world and make you realize why things never worked with anyone else.

It will be the love that lasts forever – till death do you part. It will be the love that makes you wish to grow old together because there’s no one else you could imagine yourself with.

Your special guy will never abandon you. His hand will always be in yours, no matter how hard life gets.

He’ll stick around because he knows the universe sent you into each other’s arms. It’s destiny that brought you together.

So, no matter how devastated you feel right now, know that one day, the pain you feel will be completely gone.

One day, you’ll meet a guy who’ll make you forget that your heart was ever broken. He’ll show you what it means when someone loves you unconditionally and never leaves you behind.

This man is the only man who’s ever destined to be yours and everything will finally make sense.

Be With Someone Who'll Make You Forget Your Heart Was Broken

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