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Be With A Person Who’s Scared Of Losing You

Be With A Person Who’s Scared Of Losing You

When you truly love someone and realize their worth, you’re scared of losing them. This sounds perfectly natural and reasonable, but we still chase those who don’t care enough to keep us around.

Instead of searching for someone worthy of our attention and time, we just waste it on those who can’t appreciate it.

You can date as many people as you want and whomever you like… but if you’re doing it to find the person who’ll stay, you have to be picky.

If you’re dating for fun and aren’t looking for anything serious, that’s okay! Enjoy it and have a great time until you’re ready to settle down.

But if you want to settle down, why would you let someone in just so they’d end up breaking your heart eventually?

Be with a person who’s scared of losing you because that’s the person you have a chance to be with forever.

DONE! Be With A Person Who’s Scared Of Losing You

When you meet a guy like this, let him in and open up completely. Let him see the real you, with everything that makes you who you are.

After some bad past experiences, this can sound scary. Maybe you’ve done that before and got hurt, but you probably haven’t tried it with the right man.

If he’s scared of losing you, trust me on this and feel safe to trust him. Show him all your wounds and scars and let him help you heal them.

Everyone likes to have fun, so you don’t have to be picky when you just want to have a good time, but can you let everyone see who you truly are?

I don’t think so, but even if you can, not everyone will like it. Only the right person will appreciate it and love you for it even more.

Stop chasing players and wasting your time on all the wrong men. If forever is what you’re looking for, give the goofy nice guy a chance.

He’s not like all the others and he’ll be scared of losing you. Do you know what that means?

He won’t be able to stay angry at you because he’ll actually want to forgive you.

Whatever he’s upset about, the feeling of love for you will always be stronger than the feeling of anger.

Instead of settling for someone who wouldn’t mind breaking your heart or letting you go, find this guy. He’ll be scared of the possibility of watching you go because it would break his heart.

DONE! Be With A Person Who’s Scared Of Losing You

Be with a man who genuinely wants to know what your day was like and how you’re feeling. This is a guy who can’t possibly stand not being able to talk to you.

Be with a man who’d do whatever it takes to keep you. This is a guy who’s always proud of you and everything you accomplish.

Choose a man who wants to know your demons and isn’t scared of them. He’ll truly understand you and help you fight them.

Choose a man who sincerely respects you, even more than he possibly could anyone else. He’ll value your opinions and ask you for your input.

If you want a guy who’ll look at you the same way when you’re old and wrinkled as he does now, be with him.

To him, you’ll always be the most beautiful woman in the world and he won’t hesitate to let you know that.

He’ll never get tired of being with you and he’ll never stop pursuing you.

You won’t have to beg him for love because you’ll see it in everything he says and does.

Let him try to win you over and he won’t stop fighting for you once he wins your heart. You deserve nothing less.

Throughout history, men have even fought actual wars to have the woman they love.

Don’t settle for a man who’d surrender and give you up at the first sight of trouble.

Be with the guy who’d go to war if that’s what it takes to be with you.

Forget about guys who only see how you look on the outside. You’ll just waste your time and they’ll never bother to notice your beautiful soul.

Go for a guy who’ll make your walls tumble down so he can love you for the scars that built them.

DONE! Be With A Person Who’s Scared Of Losing You

Be with a man who loves all of you, both your soul and your body. He’ll think of you as the best thing that ever happened to him.

A guy like this will be proud to be able to call you his girlfriend, no matter what.

He won’t settle for calling you just a girlfriend either, because he’ll want you to be his wife.

Someone who’s scared of losing you will make sure to promise you eternity. He wouldn’t be able to imagine spending his life with anybody else anyway.

He’ll actually care for you and make you a top priority.

Even if you try to push him away, he won’t let you. He’ll just hold you in his arms even tighter and whisper, “I love you,” in your ear.

He won’t let you go so easily because he’ll be ready to fight for you. You need consistency and he’ll make sure that you see it.

He’ll never want to do anything that could hurt you.

If, by any chance, he unknowingly does something that hurts you, he’ll give you a genuine apology and never repeat his mistake.

You’ll know that his promises aren’t just empty words and that he’ll make sure to keep them.

He’ll just want you to be happy and he’ll do everything he can to see you smiling with joy.

DONE! Be With A Person Who’s Scared Of Losing You

This is a guy who’ll truly love you and make you feel like the happiest woman in the world.

A man who’s terrified of the thought of losing you will stay with you forever. Not because he has to or feels forced to, but because he wants to.

He’ll choose you, and he’ll never stop choosing you. Every single day, every single year, and until the end of time, he’ll choose you.

This is why you need to choose him.

That’s what love looks like, and you deserve to see it, so, please stop fighting for a guy who isn’t afraid of losing you.

Be With A Person Who’s Scared Of Losing You

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