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Be A Real Man And Admit You Never Truly Loved Me

Be A Real Man And Admit You Never Truly Loved Me

Not every guy possesses the courage to be a real man and admit the truth. And you’re one of those guys because you couldn’t be honest and tell me that you never truly loved me. You at least owe me that.

Don’t think that I’m some timid girl who’ll stay by your side even though you have no feelings for me. What you had for me wasn’t love at all. You put me through so much misery and suffering that I can’t even imagine how you treat people you don’t love.

I can’t say that you hated me per se. I mean, I never did anything bad or gave you a reason to hate me. That’s impossible, no matter how cruel your heart is and how bad of a person you actually are.

The only thing you ever received from me was my pure and unconditional love.

DONE! Be A Real Man And Admit You Never Truly Loved Me

The truth is, my feelings for you were genuine. I believed with all my heart that you were the one for me. I made you a priority and you still used me for your selfish needs.

I never asked for anything in return because I wanted to give you space so you could see how perfect I was for you. I didn’t wish you to love me more. The amount of love you gave me wasn’t that important to me at all.

But I know now that I was wrong thinking that way. I deserve to be with someone who can make my heart skip a beat and whose eyes will shine every time he gets the opportunity to see me.

I know my worth. I now know I want a man who’ll be there for me whenever I need him, and use any given chance to shower me with his love and affection.

I deserve to experience love in its entirety or nothing at all.

DONE! Be A Real Man And Admit You Never Truly Loved Me

There was a time when you called me your and-and-only and you saw how happy we were together. The beginning of our relationship was incredible. You dedicated your time to us and we enjoyed life to the fullest.

But you’ve broken the connection we once shared. I don’t enjoy our time together anymore and that makes me miserable. The one you called your girlfriend is now full of hate. And it’s all your fault.

You broke me with your cold words and hurtful actions.

I wish I could say that I hate you, but unfortunately, I can’t. But my heart couldn’t take the beating anymore. The feelings I had for you are long gone.

I only hate myself for giving you a chance to be part of my life. And I blame myself because I didn’t recognize all those red flags.

DONE! Be A Real Man And Admit You Never Truly Loved Me

I was foolish to think that your love for me was real. You had my heart in the palm of your hand and decided to trample over it, again and again.

Now, I’ve learned that I have to be more cautious about who can get close to me. And I have to keep my heart locked for some time before I do decide to give another man a chance.

I feel sorry for the guy who’ll come after you. I know that he’ll have to work very hard to find the key. He’ll have to prove himself that he’s worthy of my time and energy.

Truth be told, you managed to sneak your way into the deepest parts of my heart and I allowed you to stay there for too long. I knew you didn’t deserve to be there at all, and yet I gave you a chance to convince me.

And now that part of me is unavailable and I’ll never allow anyone else to take that place.

DONE! Be A Real Man And Admit You Never Truly Loved Me

Sometimes I think that I’m not made for this world. As if my soul is too pure for fake people like you. Perhaps I might be a bit naive, but I know that my feelings are genuine and that my heart is pure.

But don’t worry too much about me. Your words and actions pushed me to change myself. I’m still learning how to deal with fake people, but at least I’m becoming a better version of myself.

And I won’t allow my heart to be as cold as ice. I’m not saying that I’ll become a heartless woman. But I’ll definitely prioritize myself the next time someone tries to love me.

I have to admit, you’re the only one who could force me to question my worth. You played with me and betrayed me. I was at my lowest when I was in a relationship with you.

You put me through a roller coaster of emotions, but that’s all part of my past now. I realized that my heart isn’t the only broken one here. You and I were in the same boat and I managed to save myself.

I know I’m going to heal completely from you, but I have to be patient. I just don’t believe you’ll be able to do the same thing, though. I came out as a winner and you’ll be stuck there thinking about what we could’ve been if you’d only known how to love me properly.

There’s no way that I’m giving you a second chance – not now, not ever. I wouldn’t survive the same hell one more time.

DONE! Be A Real Man And Admit You Never Truly Loved Me

That’s why I’m saying forever goodbye to you. You never truly loved me, but that’s okay.

There’s a man out there who’ll appreciate me and accept me the way I am. He won’t be troubled by my flaws – he’ll know they’re part of my identity.

Be A Real Man And Admit You Never Truly Loved Me

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