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Are You Wife Material? 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

Are You Wife Material? 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

Finding the right person to spend your life with is hard, I know. Most women, when a relationship gets serious, start to wonder if he will propose to them.

Then the next problem appears and they start to wonder if they are wife material.

Looking for the person whom you will give your heart and soul, your mind and body, your everything, is truly hard and some people will tell you it is scary.

It’s scary to think that you are going to spend your life with one person who completes you.

This article will help you notice if you have the traits to be a great wife to your partner. Don’t be fooled; most men have dated many women.

They dated those women because they wanted to have fun and not feel the need to justify their actions.

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

Having a girlfriend like that is a great way to kill time, but when reality kicks in and a man starts to wonder whether or not he will have a wife, that’s when the tables have turned.

Are you wife material? Well, that is a question that requires a rather elaborate answer.

You see, in the 1950s, the term ‘wife’ was assigned to a woman who took care of the household and the kids, and had dinner ready when her husband got home from work.

That’s because men were the ones who provided. Women’s desires and needs came in second place because being a wife was the priority.

Thank goodness’ it’s now different. Still, if one thing is for sure, the question, “How do you know that you have found the one?” still exists.

When you find someone with whom you are ready to reject all those bad habits that you accumulated throughout your life and have the desire to become better, believe me, you have found the one.

However, there are some characteristics, or rather, signs which can help you determine whether or not you are wife material, and here are some of them (from a man’s perspective):

1. You love each other equally

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

Is there a better feeling than loving someone who loves you in the exact same way? Loving a person isn’t just saying, “I love you.”

It’s not the romantic ideal that I’m talking about but rather love and attraction.

If you have ever had an argument, where your blood is boiling, you want to throw him out of the window, but in the middle of it, you still care for each other and you think, “Does he have an umbrella for work?” then that’s real love.

A woman who loves that much is wife material.

A woman who cares about a man even though she wants to kill him, and I don’t mean literally kill him, is wife material.

Everybody makes mistakes and everybody fights. It’s part of a relationship to fight, no question.

The aftermath of that argument is what matters.

If a woman loves a man in the exact same manner, then I can assure you, that particular woman is wife material.

If a couple can argue without the fight escalating into something toxic, that kind of relationship will overcome any obstacle.

A couple should be able to deal with the problems at hand without screaming, yelling, or cussing at each other.

A woman who’s wife material should be able to communicate with her partner without huffing and puffing.

2. You apologize

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

A woman who is able to accept her mistakes is definitely wife material.

This kind of woman should be ready to apologize for her mistakes and knows when she has done something wrong and is ready to face the consequences.

She admits when it is her fault, and you work things out from there.

As long as it’s not the worst thing a woman has done in her life, it’s important to keep your composure and accept her mistake.

Nobody’s perfect. That’s a fact. Finding flaws in someone is something no one should do, especially a guy who wants to marry a woman.

3. You take care of yourself

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

It is not looking your best every day that counts.

It’s those moments when you don’t feel like doing anything that day, but still, you take care of yourself physically and emotionally.

If a woman takes care of herself, her health, and general well-being, that particular woman is ‘wife material‘.

A man doesn’t want a woman who needs constant attention and care. Just like a woman doesn’t want to be like a mother to her man.

I once dated a girl with low self-esteem and she was always in a bad mood.

Hear me out first. It wasn’t a problem that she had low self-esteem, but rather when I pointed out certain mistakes that she had made, she wouldn’t listen to me at all.

She didn’t take care of herself mentally and was constantly looking for validation.

A ‘wife material‘ woman is someone who accepts her mental state and works on it.

That type of woman appreciates a man’s advice and doesn’t just reject his opinion.

For goodness’ sake, men are human beings too. Their opinions matter, just like a woman’s do.

4. You are intelligent

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

Let me tell you firsthand that nothing is more attractive than a woman who is intelligent.

No other feature attracts at the same intensity as an intelligent woman.

A woman should not just be pretty.

Women are not tools or trophies which you can hang on your wall and boost your ego every time someone comes over and looks at it.

A ‘wife material‘ woman should also have brains, namely intelligence.

An unintelligent woman is just a fling, and a real man, an emotionally mature man, will not settle for this kind of woman.

A woman should push her man to be the best version of himself physically and mentally.

A constructive conversation drives men crazy, in a positive way.

It’s like driving a Ferrari for them. Intelligent women approach problems from other angles, they encourage men to think.

If you are one of those women, rest assured, you are wife material.

5. You laugh

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

If you have already decided to grow old with someone, I suppose you want someone who makes you laugh, right?

If you don’t seek those qualities in someone, then you should reconsider your values.

A couple whose relationship is chill and they have a sense of humor, those are the ones on the right path.

Every man wants a woman who, after a hard day at work, makes them laugh and smile, and not be serious.

Your sense of humor needs to align with each other because it is important to have that in a long-lasting relationship.

A man wants to marry a woman who makes him laugh and vice versa.

6. You have ambition

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

A ‘wife material‘ woman is someone who is strong, decisive, and knows what she wants in her life.

Not just that, but she knows how to achieve those dreams and desires.

A strong man wants a strong woman. Simple as that.

If women seek men who possess the courage to make hard decisions then so do men look for those exact same qualities in a woman.

It is a beautiful sight to see a confident woman beside you. If she has the will to make her dreams come true, then there is no stopping her.

I know, men love to be the caregivers of the family, but they also want a woman who complements them.

They want someone who possesses the abilities which men are lacking.

A man wants a decisive woman.

A woman who aspires to be great at her work, or to succeed in her work, will also aspire to be a great wife and eventually a great mother if she wishes.

7. You’re a man’s best friend

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

From my perspective, this one is the most important one, period. You cannot marry someone who is not your best friend at the same time.

You will always be together. Always. That means if a woman doesn’t know how to live her life and have fun, a man will grow tired of her.

It’s simple as that. Marry your best friend and you will be happy forever.

A woman who has faith in her man and believes in her man’s potential is great wife material.

That type of woman lifts her man up when he needs it, supports him in his adventures, and vice versa.

Your best friend always knows when push comes to shove and they know you shouldn’t give up on your dreams.

A ‘wife material‘ woman, just like a best friend, believes in her man, believes that her man can reach his goals, and completely supports him as long as he works hard for them.

8. Your principles and plans match

DONE! Are You Wife Material 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

You cannot say that a relationship is just an obligation. A man won’t marry a woman whose morals and principles are not aligned with his.

It is easy to have differences in your own lives, but those morals and principles need to match each other.

A man won’t settle for less, because he knows that he is in for a treat if he finds that type of a woman.

Arguing is good, but constant fights are never the solution.

On top of that, your future plans should be the same.

A man wants a woman who shares the same future plans as his.

So, if you want to travel the world, and he wants to settle down, then honey, you are not wife material to him.

Maybe to another guy, you will be, but to him, you are not.

If one partner gives up on their plans just for the sake of the relationship, it will end up in sorrow and regret, and those types of marriages never last.


My purpose was not to tell you how to behave if you want your boyfriend to marry you.

These are just signs that you should take as a precaution.

These are not applicable to every woman, as not every woman is the same, and some signs could be applicable to both men and women.

Are You Wife Material? 8 Qualities Every Man Seeks In A Woman

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