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Anger Doesn’t Destroy Love, Not Caring About Your Partner Does

Anger Doesn’t Destroy Love, Not Caring About Your Partner Does

I find it strange that many people hold within themselves so much anger and negative emotions when they’re in a romantic relationship. Why are so many couples afraid to let go of those feelings and talk with their partners about them?

And I’m not talking about those never-ending fights that last for days on end, after which it’s almost hopeless to save the relationship. I’m talking about small, meaningless arguments that everyone has.

Why do couples bottle up and suppress those emotions? Why are they afraid to honestly and openly talk about them – do they think their partner won’t understand them?

Arguments and fights are not a bad thing. Even though they can provoke negative feelings such as anger or frustration, they actually do more good than harm.

It’s a surefire sign that your partner still cares about you. Because let me tell you right now, if he didn’t care then he wouldn’t start a fight in the first place.

Anger doesn’t destroy love, but not caring about your partner does.

Anger is a completely normal and natural human emotion.

 Anger Doesn't Destroy Love, Not Caring About Your Partner Does

Let’s face it, no one is perfect. And even if you’re head over heels about this guy, he still has some imperfections and differences. And that’s totally okay.

He doesn’t have to agree with every decision or proposition that you make, but you have to be able to work things out afterward.

If your partner says that something doesn’t suit him or he doesn’t want to do something that you want, then there’s no need for you to be angry about it.

What’s important is how you deal with that anger inside you. Embrace your differences and accept that fighting is a natural reaction.

Be careful, though, not to let your emotions get the better of you.

Never let emotions cloud your judgment as you’ll say or do something you’ll regret afterward.

Remember, there’s always something worse than anger.

Anger Doesn't Destroy Love, Not Caring About Your Partner Does

You might’ve guessed by now, but it’s indifference.

It’s something that can take a real toll on your relationship and break the bond that you and your partner have created.

It’ll push you to the breaking point where won’t be able to fix or save your relationship.

Actually, it’s the leading cause of many broken hearts and failed relationships.

It happens when the honeymoon phase fades away and you start to notice some flaws about your partner.

Eventually, both of you cool off and there’s nothing left but just a cold sheet between your love.

Regardless, anger is an obvious sign that your partner still cares about you.

Anger Doesn't Destroy Love, Not Caring About Your Partner Does

Tell me this: How many times have you fought with your parents?

And how many times have you had an argument with them and still said “I love you” afterward? You said it because you still love and care about them.

Well, the same principle can be applied here.

If your partner makes you angry or upset, then it’s a clear sign that you care for them, even though you have a hard time thinking that while in the heat of the moment.

You would never allow a person who means nothing to you to upset you that way because you wouldn’t care about them at all. But you do care.

It’s never a good idea to be the Yes person to everyone, especially to your partner. It’s completely natural to be upset over some of his actions.

However, the moment you stop worrying about your partner’s actions and stop being angry and upset about the things he says or does, that’s the moment your relationship is en route to its end.

It’s better to feel anger than to feel nothing but cold-heartedness.

DONE Anger Doesnt Destroy Love Not Caring About Your Partner Does 4

Many people will tell you that the opposite of love is anger or hate.

However, I truly believe that it is indifference because it’s something that you feel only about those who mean nothing to you.

You feel nothing at all for your partner.

Truth be told, anger is just a temporary emotion that will fade.

You’ll calm down, your mind will slow down and you’ll eventually forget that it even happened.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have indifference, which is largely a permanent emotion. It’s a sensation that sticks in your heart forever.

It’s rather difficult to change your emotions about someone once you feel indifferent toward them.

You might not be able to change those feelings ever again.

The tricky bit is you won’t even try to, because you stopped caring for that person as a whole.

Every emotion has its purpose and anger is no exception.

Anger Doesn't Destroy Love, Not Caring About Your Partner Does

Anger is by no means a simple emotion. When you’re angry at your partner in a relationship, it has different purposes.

The most valuable purpose is that it teaches you important lessons. It deepens the emotional connection that you share with your partner.

It’s important that you embrace it properly, because if you feel anger, that means that you care about your partner and it shows how big your love for them truly is.

No matter what other people say, I’ll always look at anger as a gift.

Most of us tie anger with negative emotions, but it can also be a valuable gift.

If you have found yourself in a monotonous relationship, it can help you shake things up, which will help you keep the flame burning.

It’ll also remind you how valuable your partner is and how fragile your relationship could be.

That’s when you’ll join forces with your partner to make everything work.

Never use anger as a weapon, but rather as a tool.

DONE Anger Doesnt Destroy Love Not Caring About Your Partner Does 6

Anger can make or break your relationship. It can save it or ruin it entirely.

That’s why it’s important not to let it control you because it’ll make you do stuff and say things you never thought you were capable of.

And it’s really up to you to learn how to properly use it. Whether you use it for good or bad depends on how much you care about your partner.

It can strengthen the emotional connection with your partner, but it can also break it.

Anger and love are inseparable. It’s like yin and yang.

Anger Doesn't Destroy Love, Not Caring About Your Partner Does

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