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An Open Letter To A Woman Who Is Falling Apart

An Open Letter To A Woman Who Is Falling Apart

This is an open letter to a woman who’s falling apart, a woman who has loved and has been left heartbroken.

I know that you’re pretending that you’re fine, that nothing could touch you… And I also know that your entire world is collapsing or it feels that way…

So many different issues can creep their way into your life without an invitation and I know how that feels. I know that you’re pretending to be okay in front of others but I also know what hides behind your eyes.

When I look just a little deeper into them, I can spot the sorrow and pain that you’ve been struggling with for so long. Maybe I can’t give you the warm hug I’d want to offer but I can give you the words that you really need to hear.

I know your pain because I have felt it too and I now need you to know something.

It will pass. As long as you hang in there long enough, all the pain you’re feeling will pass.

You don’t have to prove anything to others but you need to hold on.

DONE! An Open Letter To A Woman Who Is Falling Apart

You’re the only one you need to prove your strength to because your happiness depends on it.

The truth is, all lives are full of unwanted problems and bad things happen to good people too. Sometimes, it doesn’t even get better with time, you just learn to cope with it.

You will, at times, even feel like you’re not good enough and like you’re not yourself anymore. Sometimes, your closest friend can betray you or the person you love can turn out to be the entirely wrong person for you.

If we didn’t go through things like this, though, how could we truly realize our strength and become even stronger?

Our problems are there to help us achieve that. They help us grow a thicker skin to prevent feeling more pain in the future.

Bad things have to happen to show you that you can survive anything and that you will do everything it takes to keep yourself safe.

Then when danger comes knocking, you’ll know what to do because you’ll have been in that situation before and know what could happen if you open the door.

Sometimes, you even have to close doors to others, even when it means closing them on people who mean the world to you.

This is an open letter to a woman who’s falling apart, which is meant to remind you not to give up when things like this happen. Don’t despair because as you know, when one door closes, another one opens.

DONE! An Open Letter To A Woman Who Is Falling Apart

Don’t cry or beg God to give you a sign that you shouldn’t give up. You know that teachers always stay silent until the exam is over.

What you’re going through is just another test that God has in store for you. You need to go through it in order to rediscover yourself and become complete.

Good things can’t complete you. It’s a mixture of everything good and bad that makes a person whole.

You’re complete when you experience both and still manage to stand with both feet firmly on the ground. You’ll be truly complete once you stand up for yourself instead of just going with the flow.

You need to tell people what’s on your mind, whether they like it or not. To truly feel like yourself, you must stay true to your emotions.

Stay true to everything that makes you you.

Someone has hurt you and the next time someone does that, let them go. If they’re not right for you, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later.

If the friends you care about the most betray you, find real friends instead of fighting with them and showing them that you’re broken or desperate.

Go out there and meet new people because there are those who would never break your heart no matter what.

Holding onto grudges isn’t a good thing, so just let go of those who disappoint you. You are above all the drama and the issues that come with having the wrong people in your life.

DONE! An Open Letter To A Woman Who Is Falling Apart

Believe in yourself and listen to your heart because it can’t break as easily as your mind can lead you to think. Your heart is capable of enduring a lot more than dishonest people and a bad boyfriend.

This is an open letter to a woman who’s falling apart, a woman who cares too much about those who hurt her, every girl who’s ever lost herself to a toxic man.

This is a letter to a girl who doesn’t believe in love anymore… To you, even if you don’t feel like yourself any longer.

You are incredible and unstoppable and if you don’t believe me, just place a hand on your chest. Can you feel your heart beating?

You’re alive and you will learn to love again.

So please don’t let yourself fall apart just because of someone who’s not worthy of your tears.

DONE! An Open Letter To A Woman Who Is Falling Apart

Loving a broken girl takes strength but so does keeping yourself from falling apart and becoming broken… So, I’m asking you to be strong and wipe those tears away because you can’t let anyone else break you.

Hold on and when you feel like you can’t anymore and release that negative energy. Scream, destroy things, laugh, cry, and do whatever it takes to let all those bad feelings out.

Hold on to the good things and let out everything that doesn’t belong in your heart. You have to get all of the anger and pain out of your system or you’ll eventually explode.

Such bad feelings can break you and you can’t let them. You always have a choice and you need to choose to be wise about what you’re feeling.

If it hurts too much to hold it in, let it out and keep it out so that it never finds its way back inside. You have the right to decide what your life is going to be like, so make any changes you must make.

If some people don’t belong in your life, let them go and close the door behind you. Slam the door if you have to but don’t ever open it to anger and pain that can break you into pieces.

This is an open letter to a woman who’s falling apart and to those of you who need to remember to put a smile on your face. Problems can be solved, so keep your head up and don’t let anyone make you think that they can’t.

Stay strong!

An Open Letter To A Woman Who Is Falling Apart

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