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An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

Not all men are comfortable dating an independent woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to be single. And being in a relationship with a woman like this can be the best decision you’ve ever made, but you need to know how to treat her right.

Unfortunately, many men are somehow intimated by independent women. And instead of breaking up, as a real man would do, they keep stringing them along until they decide they’ve had enough.

The truth is, an independent woman doesn’t need anyone in her life to feel complete and fulfilled – she already is that. Consequently, she isn’t interested in flings or casual relationships. She’s looking for a man who’ll be her best friend, lover, and life companion.

That’s why you have to step up your game if you want to keep an independent woman happy. You can’t play any mind games with her and expect her to stay with you because she’ll walk away the moment she sees that she’s being taken for granted.

So, here’s a list of things that an independent woman wants from a man:

1. Freedom

DONE! An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

Many people will think that their partner doesn’t love them when they hear them say they need some alone time. The truth is everyone needs it, whether or not we want to admit it to ourselves.

An independent woman might ask for some alone time to get her head straight, to let her emotions settle down a bit, and then get back on the saddle. That doesn’t mean she wants to break up with you or has grown bored of the relationship.

It’s just that freedom gives her the opportunity to see things as they really are without your influence.

Once you realize that she’s not cheating on you or drifting away when she takes some alone time, then she’s going to love you even more.

2. Love

DONE! An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

You’ll hear from her friends that she’s the strong and tough one in her group, but that doesn’t imply that she can’t get hurt by your words or actions. She’s actually hurt every time you think that she’s prioritizing her goals and dreams over your relationship.

Sure, she’s a career-oriented person, but that doesn’t make her less emotional than any other girl you’ve dated. She’ll be hurt whenever you say that you doubt her love for you. So keep that in mind.

On top of that, when an independent woman decides to let you be part of her life, then you better believe that you’re special. She won’t give a chance to just any man she meets or dates.

Only those who she thinks are worthy of her time will have the opportunity to experience her unconditional love. But she expects the same from you.

Your only responsibility is to take care of her and prove that you love her because, despite her tough exterior, she’s a woman with a soft heart.

3. Respect

DONE! An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

An independent woman will always demand from you to respect her time, effort, and feelings. She knows that a relationship has no future if both partners don’t feel appreciated.

And if she sees that you’re taking advantage of her in any way, then be sure that she’ll be out of that door.

A woman like this has survived many hardships on her own and is always working to be the best version of herself. That’s why she knows what she can bring to the table.

But if you’re neglecting her wishes and opinions, just because you think you’re somehow better than her, then she’ll leave you in an instant and you’ll never get another chance with her.

4. Compassion

DONE! An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

At first, you may think that an independent woman is cold and distant, but that’s not true at all. There’s a reason she shuts down emotionally every time you try to get close to her. She’s built walls around her fragile heart because she’s been disappointed too many times.

So, to have her let you in. You need to prove that you’re a real man who protects his woman and not abuses her.

She’s sick and tired of hearing empty promises and lies. She knows that words mean nothing if actions can’t follow them.

Compassion and love are on the top of her priority list. And if you can show her that, then she’ll never leave your side, trust me.

5. Honesty

DONE! An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

She isn’t looking for a man who is immature and jumps from one relationship to another. If she wanted that, then she would go out and have her fun with some random guy.

She doesn’t care about quantity, but rather the quality of relationships. If an independent woman shows that she’s genuinely interested in you, you need to be straightforward and open with her.

She has to know that you’re committed to her and that she’s not just another challenge for you. You have to be 100% real with her at all times.

6. Time

DONE! An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

You have to be patient and give an independent woman time. She won’t let you in quickly regardless of your chemistry or strong feelings of attraction.

You need to slow down your pace because a woman like that doesn’t make any sudden decisions. She knows that not everyone has her best interest at heart and letting someone in is really terrifying.

Let her explore you and don’t be afraid to show her that you’re vulnerable. Only then will she see that you’re the real deal.

An Independent Woman Wants These 6 Things From A Man

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