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An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

We’re taught our whole lives that men are the strong ones, while girls are fragile. Still, when a woman sheds a tear in front of a man, he feels the need to run away.

He deals with her tears aggressively or runs away and hides. It’s like he doesn’t want to see them because he doesn’t know how to react.

We’re taught that guys are strong, and that it’s for the purpose of protecting girls when they are emotional and can’t defend themselves.

Still, men so often hurt women when they act too emotional.

A guy will say that a woman is too clingy and always cries, but why is she acting that way?

A lot of times, it’s because the man in question didn’t treat her the way she deserves.

The truth is, an emotional woman needs a real man because he’s the only one who can handle her.

A real man is polite and caring.

DONE - An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

He treats her with kindness and respect. He knows how to calm his girl down when she’s emotional and isn’t scared of being emotional himself.

When a woman cries, he wipes her tears away and stays beside her until he makes her feel better, instead of running away.

He makes her feel safe by holding her in his arms and reassures her that everything will be okay. A real man is not a coward who flees.

Instead, he sticks by his woman and helps her deal with whatever is bothering her.

A real man isn’t put off by hardship.

DONE - An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

Hard times and messy situations don’t scare away a real man, and that is how a woman can recognize him.

He never brings her down when she feels good enough to laugh out loud.

Instead, he laughs with her, sharing a happy moment together that they both can enjoy.

The point is all a real man wants is for the woman he loves to be happy. And he’ll do anything he can to make her feel that way.

It’s his priority to make her life joyful and fulfilling, and he doesn’t find it hard to do.

If she’s upset with him, he doesn’t run away from her. He knows that there’s a reason she’s wound up.

He talks with her to see how they can work things out. And he apologizes if he’s done something wrong.

A real man never leaves a woman alone when she’s upset to cry herself to sleep.

He knows that it’s important not to go to bed angry at each other, so he tries to patch things up again.

A real man understands when she’s feeling jealous.

DONE - An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

He doesn’t make a scene because of it. Instead, he reassures her of his love so she knows she’s got nothing to worry about.

The greatest gift a man can give an emotional woman is telling her that she’s the only girl he wants to be with.

He doesn’t mind repeating to her that there’s no other girl for him, and she knows it’s the truth.

A real man makes a girl feel special, loved, cared for, and appreciated. That’s why she can be sure that he will always be faithful to her.

A real man isn’t afraid to show weakness.

DONE - An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

He doesn’t think that it’s wrong for him to cry if he’s hurting. A guy like this isn’t scared to show love and affection.

Real men know that women want their men to be strong… But being strong also means not being afraid to show weakness.

Guys can have bad days too, and he’s a real man if he’s not afraid to show it.

Even when it gets difficult and requires a lot of effort and time to understand her and stand by her, it’s not too hard for him.

All this is because…

A real man knows how to love.

DONE - An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

He knows how a woman deserves to be treated and would never mistreat the woman he cares about.

A real man wants to keep his woman safe and to protect her, even when it means protecting her from herself.

If you’re an emotional woman, you just need to hold on.

Many women have been continuously hurt by guys who have tried to convince them that their emotions aren’t valid and they’re acting irrationally.

If you are one of those women, you should know that you don’t need to explain or rationalize your emotions.

Emotions can’t be rationalized or explained anyway. You shouldn’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise.

DONE - An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

Besides, when a real man walks into your life, you won’t ever be too hard to handle or not good enough.

He’ll make you see that it’s okay to be emotional and that he won’t ever walk away because of it.

You’ll be able to be yourself around him and freely express your emotions.

The best part is that he’ll always try to make you feel better, not guilty for the way you’re feeling.

He’ll understand that being emotional is part of being human.

You won’t ever have to hide the way you feel in front of him… And he won’t hide his feelings from you either.

In fact, when you cry and he can’t make you smile, he’ll cry with you because he feels your pain.

DONE - An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

His wish will be to feel that pain instead of you because your happiness will be more important to him than his own.

That’s how much he’ll love you, and how pure his love will be.

We’re taught that real men never cry or express any emotions, but that’s not true.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

A real man has a big heart. He always tries to be your rock, but he shows you his fragility too.

When you find a man like this, hold on to him. Don’t ever let him go.

It’s the kind of man you have your happily ever with. A man like this truly gives his heart and soul to the one he loves.

Cherish him because he’ll forever cherish you.

An Emotional Woman Needs A Real Man

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