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An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

Take a glass and throw it so that it breaks. Now tell it that you’re sorry.

Did anything change? Have your words somehow managed to get the pieces to form into a glass again?

Well, that’s exactly what happened with my heart. You broke it, and saying you’re sorry won’t fix it.

An apology isn’t going to make up for everything you did to me. It can’t make me forget about all the sleepless nights I spent crying because of you.

You only needed to be honest with me, but you lied to me repeatedly, and saying that you’re sorry won’t ever make that any less of a fact. 

How can I even believe you when you say that you’re sorry, after all those lies you told? Is this just another one?

You know what, it doesn’t even matter.

An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

Even if you’re genuinely sorry, it won’t make the baggage I now have because of you disappear.

It’s great if you’ve finally realized how much you hurt me, and what damage you caused, but it’s too late to say sorry now.

An apology isn’t a magic eraser that will undo all the things you did, and all the pain you caused me.

It won’t make the nightmares and the flashbacks I had because of it suddenly turn into beautiful memories.

Your apology is not accepted, and you can’t do anything else now anyway, but what you did is not forgotten and never will be, and I will not allow you to walk into my life again.

The trauma I experienced because of you for all those years isn’t a joke, and it’s even insulting that you think that an apology would make up for it.

The guilt has finally caught up with you, and I’m sorry you feel bad and have trouble sleeping, but you know what? So did I when I was with you.

An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

It’s too bad that you want me back now because I am never going to let you get close to me again.

To be perfectly honest, you actually deserve what you’re going through right now.

You feel bad about what you did? Well, you should feel bad. You should feel guilty because you are.

Did you really expect that I would give you another chance after everything you did, just because you apologized?

You treated me badly for years, and I suffered so much before I finally got the courage to try to survive all that.

I did, and now you want another chance to hurt me?

No! I will not allow you near me, and I will block your number.

An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

I’m removing every trace you ever existed in my life because you do not exist for me anymore.

The way you treated me is unforgivable, and I’m not going to forgive you even if you drop to your knees and beg me to.

You can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me.

Tell yourself that you didn’t mean to do and say all the bad things you did and said, and make yourself believe that you didn’t break my heart on purpose.

Lie to yourself as much as you want.

Tell yourself whatever helps you sleep at night but don’t tell it to me. I know the truth, and that is why your apology means nothing to me.

You don’t deserve for me to hear you out, because it’s too late now, and I’ve had enough of you.

An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

I don’t need those fights or that drama in my life again, and I won’t let you bring them back, because I had enough.

I’m not going to talk to you or explain things to you again after this. Can’t you see that I’ve moved on?

Everything we had is buried in the past now, and I won’t let the ghosts of the past come haunting me now. That is all you are to me now – a ghost.

Yes, I remember everything, but I do not want to be reminded of it, and I’ve left it behind.

I am much better now, thanks for asking, and thanks for allowing that to happen by not being in my life anymore. It needs to stay that way.

Don’t bother me again, and let me live my life because there’s nothing you could do to make up for what you did.

“I’m sorry.” Don’t make me laugh.

An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

You probably aren’t even genuinely sorry, and can’t even comprehend the extent of the pain you caused me… but you know what?

I don’t care. Even if you’re completely aware of what you did and cry at night because of it, I don’t care.

I don’t care so much that I’m not even glad you’ve finally realized how much you hurt me.

You need to live with that, and that is your problem; I already dealt with the ones you caused me.

Don’t expect me to sympathize with your pain when you never did with mine, and you brought this on to yourself anyway.

All I can say about the fact that you’re feeling guilty is ‘don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time’.

Would my forgiveness help you sleep better at night? What about my sleepless nights, did you help me back then?

An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

No, you only knew how to make things worse, never how to make them better.

The lack of sympathy I have for you now isn’t any different from the one you had for me back then…

Only, you now get to experience how I felt, why I had to suffer because of yours for years.

What else can I say? If forgiving you is what it takes for you to give me the pleasure of never seeing you again, I forgive you.

Thank you for apologizing, but it means nothing to me anymore, and neither do you.

The only thing I have left to say to you is that I’m sorry for telling it like it is… I apologize for telling you the ugly truth.

Does it hurt any less now?

An Apology Isn’t Going To Make Up For Everything You Did To Me

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