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Am I Really In The Friend Zone? 3 Reasons Why You Are There

Am I Really In The Friend Zone? 3 Reasons Why You Are There

I know. You like him. Like, you like him a lot. And maybe you are not sure if he likes you because he’s just a friend right now.

He is a nice guy. Not nice actually, a great guy. And most importantly, he is single.

You spend more and more time with him, and as time passes, your mind becomes occupied with him.

You have this feeling like you can’t resist him and you are giving him signals that you want something more from him.

And so you are left there scared; scared that if you confess your feelings to him, you might be rejected.

It’s not just the possibility of rejection that pains you, but also the idea of ruining your friendship altogether.

Am I Really In The Friend Zone 3 Reasons Why You Are There

I know it’s hard to confess your feelings and I know that being friend-zoned is an awful feeling.

Sometimes it is good to have a male friend and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you don’t see him like that.

You want him to seize the opportunity and to be the one for you. So you start to question yourself. “Am I really in the friend zone?” “What did I do wrong?”

Most men have difficulties overcoming that famous friend zone and there are a million tips and tricks on the Internet on how to get out of it.

Nevertheless, it is easier for a woman to get out of it than for a man.

Yes, men are simpler than women. If the problem of being in a friend zone repeats itself, then you start to question if the problem is you.

How can you be sure that he wants you just as a friend? Let’s list some of them:

Am I Really In The Friend Zone 3 Reasons Why You Are There
  1. He doesn’t reply to your messages
  2. He openly talks about other women
  3. He doesn’t give you any compliments
  4. He doesn’t notice any changes in you
  5. He doesn’t want to spend one-on-one time with you

Men are actually quite simple human beings. If he likes you or even if he loves you, he will show you that.

Those signs are mostly nonverbal, like a sudden gentle touch on your shoulder or hair, frequently hugging you, etc.

Women have great intuition; that’s a fact. They can feel when some things are not right.

Most of the time, a woman can ‘feel’ that she will be rejected so instead of asking him to go and see a movie, she will stop trying and wait for him to make a move. And that’s good.

A man should usually make the first move. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Nevertheless being friend-zoned isn’t cool and here are some of the reasons why it is happening to you:

1. You act ‘like a guy’

Am I Really In The Friend Zone 3 Reasons Why You Are There

Some women find it hard to accept that a man is being a gentleman to them.

The concept of a strong woman is a difficult one for men so if he wants to pay, let him pay.

Don’t act like you need to prove something to him by paying half of the bill.

It’s okay to do that later on in a relationship, but during the first few weeks, don’t do that.

Most women tend to act like a ‘guy’ so as to not feel weak or portray themselves as a weak person.

If you encounter a real man, he will do those gentlemanly things.

If he is stripped of that possibility, he might put you in the friend zone because he didn’t get the opportunity to prove himself to you.

Another thing to keep an eye on is when talking about other girls.

If you start talking too much about them or, even worse, about women he might like, who seem to be his type, that’s a huge red flag.

Don’t do that or you’ll end up just being his friend.

2. Maybe he’s not ready for a relationship

Am I Really In The Friend Zone 3 Reasons Why You Are There

This one is pretty direct. You hang out most of the time, but you are getting this vibe like he isn’t into anyone, not you or anybody else.

And that’s perfectly okay. Maybe he is not ready to commit to anyone, or maybe he just wants to play the field.

This is especially the case with younger generations when the responsibility to love someone and fulfill their needs starts to scare them off.

First, focus on yourself and on your career. There are tons of men out there, so don’t let one man crush your dreams.

3. He’s just not into you

Am I Really In The Friend Zone 3 Reasons Why You Are There

Let’s face it, if a guy doesn’t like you, then he just doesn’t like you. That’s just a fact and you are not able to do much to change that.

I listed some of the signs of this above, and if you can find yourself in at least two of them, then just accept the reality, and move on.

Most women can’t accept that fact. They huff and puff till the guy that they have a crush on likes them too.

However, if he has made up his mind, eventually you will end up hurting yourself.

He might not be into you for several reasons.

Maybe you are not his type, there’s a lack of attraction, or it’s simply because he likes someone else.

And believe me, that is more than fine. Just don’t be the type of woman who says, “Oh, okay, now I will make you like me.”

That kind of a relationship never works and you will just be wasting his time and yours.

Don’t get me wrong; some of this advice can be applicable to both sexes. If he likes you, he will show you, believe me.

And if you play your cards right, then there is a great chance for you to land your dream man.

Contrary to that, if things are not going as you expected, it will save you months or even years of your life living in an illusion if you just accept the facts.

Am I Really In The Friend Zone? 3 Reasons Why You Are There