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All Things Come To Those Who Wait (Being Patient Pays Off)

All Things Come To Those Who Wait (Being Patient Pays Off)

Don’t you feel like you’re always waiting for something? You’re waiting to finish school, you’re waiting to get a good job, you’re waiting for the right man… but nothing seems to happen?

How can I then tell you that patience pays off? You have been patient for so long already, and yet nothing has happened.

Well, you have probably confused waiting with being patient. Being patient isn’t about just waiting around for good things to come to you by themselves. It’s about working your way toward them. It takes effort, endurance, and dedication. Good things come to those who wait, but they can’t just wait and do nothing. They have to live their life the best way they can. While they’re waiting for a life full of achievements, they have to work on achieving those things.

You have to work toward your goals. Maybe you can do that, but are you ready for all the waiting and not giving up?

We live in a world of smartphones, microwaves, tablets, and so many other gadgets that represent shortcuts. Everything needs to be faster and faster because we aren’t willing to wait for anyone or anything.

We don’t like standing in line or being stuck in traffic. All we want is instant gratification. Everything tastes better when it’s sooner rather than later. But the key to success is patience. Maybe life is being unfair to you now, and it’s reasonable that you sometimes lose hope as well as your patience.

Bad things are a part of life. No one likes it, but it happens to everyone. I bet every single person you know has a sad story of their own. And all of them thought that their problems were the worst problems in the world. How are they now? You can probably write down their main problems and check in on them in a year.

Life goes fast, and things change. When you make a choice to live a fulfilling life, all it takes is for you to take the first step and keep going. Once the universe sees how determined you are, you only have to be patient. The universe will help you have everything you always dreamed of having. Still, that kind of change can’t happen overnight. You have to put in a little effort, have faith every day and be patient for your efforts to pay off.

Just think about the people who have a successful career; they all had to build it over several years.

Consider the people who have found their soulmate. Their soulmate was probably not the first person they dated and most of them had to go through a heartbreak or two on their way to finding true love.

I have been a writer ever since I was a little kid, but I always worked toward building a career around helping people. It’s hard to believe, but I never realized for all those years that I could do both. I had to be patient and wait for the right opportunities in life. The first thing I had to do was decide that I wanted my life to be different and believe that it would be and then I had to be patient. But I had been patient already for all those years, and now that I had made a decision, I had to wait again? 

Yes, but once you put things into place, you’re not just waiting like you did all that time. You’re inviting change into your life instead of just waiting for it to happen. You have to make room in your life for this change; for example, when I decided to work from home, I created a space for myself in which I would enjoy working.

If you decide to find the love of your life, get rid of everything that reminds you of your past relationship. You don’t need pictures of your ex or the presents he gave you. The first step is leaving the past in the past. Now you can empty a drawer for the love of your life. When he comes into your life, he will want to have a space in your home that is just for him.

I know it seems silly thinking about it before you have even met him, but the point is in making room for the change in your life and inviting it into your life. Invest in your belief that it’s going to happen. My husband bought me the laptop I write on now because I would use it for the work that I didn’t yet have. I just wanted to have it and worked toward it.

After you do all these things is when it becomes even harder to wait and that is when patience is most important. You have been waiting for your whole life, and nothing has changed for the better. Now you have decided for that change to happen, invited it into your life, and invested in your belief that it will come. It’s time to be patient once again. 

I decided to work from home, but I had rent to pay, and the bills kept piling up. Of course, I could have gotten an office job and taken care of it by doing something that didn’t interest me or I could have been patient and believed in myself. My point is that it won’t always be easy and not only when it’s your career, but when you’re waiting for the right man as well.

You’ll meet men who aren’t right for you, but you will feel so lonely that you might want to hook up with someone who you will settle for. Don’t do that. Just think about how your soulmate is going to laugh once he finds out why you had an empty drawer ready for him; it’s because you waited for him and decided that you were ready to meet the one. You didn’t settle for anyone else. You were patient.

Won’t that drawer be a great way of saying, “I love you,” for the first time, once you’re both in that place in a relationship? Until then, it could serve as a reminder that one day, that day will come.

What makes patience different from simply waiting is that when you’re patient, you know that you’re waiting for something… and you know that it will come to you.

All Things Come To Those Who Wait (Being Patient Pays Off)

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