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After Too Many Failed Relationships, I’ve Learned That No Guy Is Worth My Sanity

Some people mistake toxic relationships for passionate relationships. But that’s not true. In the past, I didn’t know what a toxic relationship was, let alone that I was in one.

I always assumed that a passionate relationship was some kind of an obsession for your partner. A relationship in which you worry a lot and have constant arguments and fights, but at the same time, you deeply express your love and gratitude to your partner.

But boy, was I wrong about that. The sad part is, that wrong judgment cost me my health, time, and everything else I put into past relationships.

And in those relationships, I questioned my own sanity. After being blamed for every mistake and every argument, being criticized for my choices, it’s safe to say that I thought I was losing my own mind.

Luckily, I decided to stop in my tracks for my own mental health. I realized that I’d mistreated myself. I resolved to take things into my own hands and turn everything upside down.

No one and no man is worth my sanity. Ever!

That’s why I decided to write down my own list of things that I’ll exercise in my life for the benefit of my own well being.

1. I won’t try to help those people who refuse to be helped

DONE! After Too Many Failed Relationships, I've Learned That No Guy Is Worth My Sanity

The truth is you can’t change someone who willingly doesn’t want to change. Change comes within us.

We have the power to decide whether or not someone or something is worth our change.

If someone forces you to change, the only thing they’ll damage is your sanity.

So, that’s why I decided not to stress over things that I can’t control.

You shouldn’t try to control it in the first place, especially when human emotions are involved.

You can’t force someone to love you. That’s not what love is about. Love comes naturally and without any pressure.

So, that’s why if someone genuinely wants to be with you, they’ll find a way to change for you.

They won’t play any mind games because they know those games won’t lead them anywhere.

They’ll be straight to the point and won’t hesitate to tell you the truth.

2. I won’t accept immature men into my life

DONE! After Too Many Failed Relationships, I've Learned That No Guy Is Worth My Sanity

Tell me, how many times has your boyfriend purposely done something that he knows will make you lose your cool, or just plainly disrespected you?

How many times have you been left hanging by a guy who doesn’t have his priorities set straight?

And how many times have you promised yourself you won’t accept his apology, yet you accepted him back because you thought he would change?

Don’t even think about settling for someone who behaves immaturely. Those guys don’t have their priorities set.

They don’t know what they want from you other than to have fun. They don’t want to be tied down.

For them, taking responsibility for their actions is absurd and you’ll never hear the words “I’m sorry” from them.

That’s why you shouldn’t accept those men into your life.

3. I’ll fully enjoy my life without any hesitation

DONE! After Too Many Failed Relationships, I've Learned That No Guy Is Worth My Sanity

Life should be less about drama and more about having fun and being happy, right?

The truth is, I’m tired of constantly arguing with someone and fighting about irrelevant stuff.

Instead, I want to fully enjoy my life without holding back.

A toxic relationship consumes your whole life. It emotionally drains you of your energy and fills you with sadness and hurt.

Another thing that affects your life while you’re in a toxic relationship is that you don’t see anyone else besides your partner.

You become consumed by your toxic relationship and it’s hard to find a way out of it.

The rest of the world ceases to exist and the only thing that’s on your mind is your toxic partner and your toxic relationship.

That’s exactly why I remind myself every time to focus on the beautiful things in my life and let go of the negativity and toxic people.

After all, life’s too short.

4. I’ll live a drama-free life

DONE! After Too Many Failed Relationships, I've Learned That No Guy Is Worth My Sanity

When you’re in a toxic relationship, your vision becomes clouded by all the negativity that surrounds you.

The drama that comes with it seems so stupid right now.

I know I’ve lost a ton of energy trying to fix unfixable things. I know I’ve had enough of it, so that’s why I decided to live a drama-free life.

And I don’t want a man who’ll always nag about something and who’s looking to pick a fight, instead of looking for a solution.

5. I won’t let anyone push me to my breaking point

DONE! After Too Many Failed Relationships, I've Learned That No Guy Is Worth My Sanity

Whether you read it somewhere or someone has told you, constantly fighting with your partner is never a good idea.

It’s not called passion. It’s just plain stupid and harmful to your mental health and sanity. That’s not what constitutes a healthy relationship.

So, I’ve decided to maintain my sanity by never tolerating things that I wouldn’t tolerate from my friends.

6. I won’t waste my energy on unimportant things

DONE! After Too Many Failed Relationships, I've Learned That No Guy Is Worth My Sanity

Worrying and stressing about unimportant things cost me so much.

It damaged my mental health and I had to take a long break to heal myself from it.

I wasted so much energy on unnecessary drama, negative emotions, and hurt when instead I should’ve removed myself from the whole situation.

Toxic relationships can wreak havoc on your well being, but in the end, you can learn which things should be appreciated more.

Always remember to keep moving forward no matter what obstacle comes in your way. Don’t lose hope because better times will certainly come.

People learn by making mistakes. So, as you make them you also grow as a person.

After Too Many Failed Relationships, I've Learned That No Guy Is Worth My Sanity

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Monday 22nd of March 2021

It took a long time for me to find my peace. Now I'm fine on my own and I'm not missing anything by not dating. My life is peaceful and happy:)