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After Being Hurt Dozens Of Times, I’m Finally Ready To Feel Real Love

After being disappointed numerous times, you don’t seem to trust your own judgment anymore. It’s difficult to understand what real love feels like after being hurt over and over again.

When you know you’re going to suffer and be let down again, you become paranoid that every relationship you start will be the same.

You’re convinced that you’re going to end up devastated and even more damaged.

Instead of giving another guy a fair chance to prove to you that this time will be different, you back away from him, believing your relationship is already doomed to fail.

Despite giving everything you have, after being heartbroken every time, you lose faith that real love even exists, even if it’s right in front of you.

You question what’s real and assume that every man you meet is pretending to be something he isn’t.

DONE! After Being Hurt Dozens Of Times, I'm Finally Ready To Feel Real Love

However, true love isn’t something that happens immediately. It takes work and dedication to create perfect harmony between two people.

Many pieces need to fall into place so that you can call it real love.

I know you’ve been hurt before and that you’ve been left heartbroken many times, but don’t lose trust.

Believe that God will give you a person who’ll show you what unconditional love really means.

Your heart might be torn into pieces, but there’s a guy out there who’s ready to put in the effort and bring those pieces back together as if nothing ever happened.

You have to be patient and have faith in God!

After meeting countless immature boys who don’t know how to express their feelings, you wonder whether there’s a thing called real love.

Let me tell you there is and this is how you’ll know what it feels like when you’re truly loved by your partner:

1. It feels like home 

DONE! After Being Hurt Dozens Of Times, I'm Finally Ready To Feel Real Love

Many of us think of home as a physical space, but it’s much more than that. It’s true what people say, that you can feel it in a person too.

When you’ve been hurt countless times, you feel like you don’t belong to anyone anymore. You become lonely and sad.

On the other hand, when you’re really in love, you feel safe and secure in your relationship.

You’re no longer tense about what might happen, but instead, you’re content and relaxed.

There’s a major difference between loving someone and being in love, and that’s what you learn when you find real love after being hurt.

You feel like you’ve finally found your peace. It feels like home.

Those hysterical outbursts that you had in your previous relationships won’t happen anymore, and there are no more sleepless nights wondering where your boyfriend might have been.

Living in constant fear that your partner might leave you is definitely one of the worst feelings you can have in a relationship.

However, when you find real love after being hurt, that simply doesn’t cross your mind anymore because this person makes you feel safe with them.

2. He accepts your flaws and quirks 

DONE! After Being Hurt Dozens Of Times, I'm Finally Ready To Feel Real Love

With your exes, you had this feeling like you needed to satisfy their needs first. You had to prioritize them over yourself, and that took a toll on you.

You were either too much for a man or not good enough.

As time passed, you did everything you could to make these guys feel loved and appreciated but they always struggled to see how hard you actually tried.

You changed for them, and instead of embracing yourself, you embraced this change in you that was forced. In the end, you lost yourself.

However, when you find real love after being hurt, that completely changes.

Once you finally meet a man who accepts you for who you really are, it’ll be like you’re in seventh heaven.

You’ll have this magical feeling when your perfect match comes along and sweeps you off your feet. And it’s okay if he doesn’t like every part of you.

Everyone has something that needs to be worked on, but at least this guy won’t pressure you to change.

3. He won’t be afraid to commit 

DONE! After Being Hurt Dozens Of Times, I'm Finally Ready To Feel Real Love

Commitment, honesty, and loyalty are the pillars of a successful and happy relationship. Those things should never be questioned, nor left out.

However, in today’s world, it’s quite difficult to find those qualities and if you do, then you should consider yourself one of the lucky few.

So what’s the difference between real love and the previous relationships that you had?

Well, once you find a man who possesses all of these qualities and who won’t be afraid to commit to you, he won’t have trouble labeling your relationship.

Real love should make you feel safe not just in yourself, but also in your relationship.

This guy won’t lead you on for years and with him, you’ll know what to expect as far as your future goes.

His intentions will be known to you and he’ll completely devote himself to your relationship.

You won’t feel like you’re the only one who makes an effort.

After being hurt before, that’s when you’ll know it’s real love.

4. There are no excuses or blame games 

DONE! After Being Hurt Dozens Of Times, I'm Finally Ready To Feel Real Love

You know those times when a guy promised you he’d do something or said something but didn’t match his words with actions?

How many times have you been with a man who promised you the world only to find out he was offering you nothing and made your life a living hell?

Well, that won’t be the case when you find real love. There are no excuses or half-truths.

When a man truly loves you, there’s nothing in this world he won’t do for you.

He’ll always be there for you, no matter what life throws at you and him.

He won’t make any excuses as to why he couldn’t help you with your tasks and he’ll prioritize you over everyone else.

And you’re going to laugh together at those societal expectations such as ‘keeping score’.

Why? Because you’ll be ready to put as much effort in as needed to make it work.

5. You grow as a person

DONE! After Being Hurt Dozens Of Times, I'm Finally Ready To Feel Real Love

All those other guys who made you feel insecure were the wrong ones.

That’s what you’ll finally realize once you find real love after being hurt countless times.

Those relationships that made you feel worthless are behind you.

Once true love enters your realm, it will help you grow as a person, and finally, you’ll feel loved.

He’ll teach you how to love yourself so that you can love him. That’s the best thing he can do for you.

A real man will be proud of you and he’ll be proud of your achievements.

Never forget to be patient, since there is a guy out there who’ll make your life amazing!

After Being Hurt Dozens Of Times, I'm Finally Ready To Feel Real Love

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