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A Strong Woman Would Much Rather Be Single Then Beg Someone To Stay

There isn’t a woman out there who was born strong. She didn’t always know what it meant to beg someone to stay.

Every strong woman in this world had to fall victim to heartbreak and a world of pain caused by someone she loved.

Her heart is shattered within her chest, but the walls she has built will crumble when she’s in the arms of the man she loves.

And she does find herself in his arms.

She knows that there is strength in being vulnerable and in being in love. And there is nothing that can happen that can change her mind about this.

Just because there were men in her past who saw her vulnerability as a weakness, doesn’t mean that she has adapted to that mindset.

They would misuse her kindness and take advantage of her love.

But there is always one man in the past of every strong woman that made her this strong.

DONE! A Strong Woman Would Much Rather Be Single Then Beg Someone To Stay

Let me tell you the story of a strong woman.

She fell in love with a man who made her smile. There wasn’t a person in this world who would make her smile that bright.

The way he looked at her always made the butterflies in her stomach go crazy.

He was charming. He seemed like someone she could spend each morning waking up next to.

She never wanted to part from him for the rest of her life.

She was falling in love with him more and more with each passing day.

There was a point in their relationship where they became an extension of each other.

It’s like they were joined by a weird force that didn’t let them do anything without each other.

But at one moment her world came crashing down on her when she realized that she was the one holding everything together.

DONE! A Strong Woman Would Much Rather Be Single Then Beg Someone To Stay

He never texted first, he never remembered to call.

He would lash out at her for the smallest things and she started losing herself in order to appeal to him more.

There wasn’t a thing that she wouldn’t have done for him.

“I think we should see other people.”

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

“I don’t love you anymore.”

How generic can a man be? These lines were used so many times that she never thought she’d hear them herself.

Couldn’t he at least be a little more original?

That’s when she realized her own strength.

DONE! A Strong Woman Would Much Rather Be Single Then Beg Someone To Stay

Why should she beg a man to stay if he didn’t see all the sacrifices she had to make in order to be with him?

There wasn’t a man out there who had made her feel like she didn’t do enough in the relationship.

She knew, from the very beginning, how much she brought to the table.

That didn’t change the fact that she broke down into tears, begging her heart to stay in one piece.

Crying felt like the only thing she could do for weeks, yet she gave herself time and she made sure to heal.

It would take her a while to stitch her broken pieces back together, but the walls around her heart were already set.

Her strength is what made her move on, loving herself enough and realizing she is going to be loved one day.

She will never again waste her time on a man who says that he needs time to change.

DONE! A Strong Woman Would Much Rather Be Single Then Beg Someone To Stay

Or a guy who says that it was just a one-time thing, he could do better.

She’s far more deserving of a man who will know her worth. And that man will love her more than anyone before him ever could.

However, she will never force anyone to stay.

Begging a man to stay, chasing him and convincing him that she is the right match for him simply doesn’t sit right with her.

Why would you ever want to make a man stay? If he wants to leave, let him.

She knows that a man who wants to be a part of her life will make the effort to do so.

No amount of heartbreak can make her forsake her own values and ignore her own worth!

She’s going to be happy either way.

A strong woman would much rather be single than beg someone to stay by her side.

DONE! A Strong Woman Would Much Rather Be Single Then Beg Someone To Stay

Single life has become this huge taboo nowadays, but a strong woman knows that it isn’t a bad thing.

Being single serves to get to know yourself better. It serves to show us what we do and don’t want.

Staying single and giving yourself time to heal can only make your future relationship better.

A strong woman knows that and even though her heart is broken, she won’t ever plead for someone to be with her.

A strong woman doesn’t beg. Not today, not tomorrow. She knows she’s worthy of pure love and if someone wants to be by her side, they will.

She will either love someone unconditionally or not love them at all.

There is no in between.

DONE! A Strong Woman Would Much Rather Be Single Then Beg Someone To Stay

But she will never lie to someone, she will never pretend to be someone she’s not just to make someone else love her more.

Her confidence wasn’t heaven-sent, she had to work hard for it. So don’t expect her to change that.

If you (or anyone else) want to play little games with her just to make her beg to take her back, you’re playing with the wrong woman.

Just know that the moment you decide to leave will be the very moment she will hold the door open for you.

If you don’t want to stay, you don’t have to. She will cry, but she will pick herself back up.

She knows that it’s better to stay single than to beg someone to stay.

A Strong Woman Would Much Rather Be Single Then Beg Someone To Stay

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