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A Strong Woman Walks Away If She Feels Unwanted, She Never Begs For Love

A Strong Woman Walks Away If She Feels Unwanted, She Never Begs For Love

You’d be hardpressed to find a woman who hasn’t gone through the struggle of wondering whether to end her relationship or stay and try to fix it. The fact that he’s pulling away is destroying you emotionally, but you’re still hoping that there is some good in him and that he’ll come around.

Unfortunately, we both know that’s never going to happen.

And I know that you’ve been in this situation before. You fell for the guy because he did everything by the book. He treated you like a gentleman, he said the right words, and you developed feelings for him.

You knew that there was a connection between you and him. The physical attraction was on point and the tension was clear as day.

You were careful not to fall too hard for him, so you slowed things down. You didn’t reveal too much about yourself immediately and you gave him space to explore you. Finally, when everything felt good and you sensed this could be the real deal, suddenly he became distant and cold.

His nervousness increased as things got serious between you two and he started to ignore you. All of a sudden, he made excuses as to why he can’t go out with you and why it takes him a couple of hours to reply to a simple text.

You got your hopes up and started planning your future together, but he proved to you that he’s just like the rest of the guys – selfish and immature. You let your guard down and he disappointed you.

DONE! A Strong Woman Walks Away If She Feels Unwanted, She Never Begs For Love

And I get that because I’ve been there. You’re angry at yourself because you thought that this time is going to be different.

All that you’re thinking of is to confront him and pour your heart out to this man who means so much to you. You want to ask him why he’s become such an idiot by deciding to run away from you instead of confessing his feelings for you.

But let me tell you something that you probably already know: He doesn’t deserve you! And you know why? Because you’re a strong woman who never begs for love.

Send him on his merry way and let him break other girls’ hearts. After all, he’s too much of a coward to own up to his feelings and admit that he’s actually into you.

There’s no need for you to chase him to make him see you’re worth it. Your value isn’t defined by some man who is scared to allow a woman to get close to him. He’s just a little boy who hides behind fake words and empty promises.

Don’t be the woman who falls for that. Don’t stoop to his level. See those red flags that he’s not right for you and walk away from him.

After all, your happiness doesn’t depend on him. If he was your soulmate, then he wouldn’t be cold toward you when you need him the most. He wouldn’t vanish into thin air whenever you need a shoulder to cry on.

So, wake up and stop living in an imaginary world you’ve created where you’re together with him. That won’t come true and you know it.

This guy isn’t worth your time. You’re too strong and too proud to be spending time wondering about his feelings –asking yourself over and over again whether you should call him one last time or face facts that it wasn’t meant to be.

You have to break free from those vicious thoughts and stop going after guys who clearly don’t value you. You’re too amazing to be chasing anyone who clearly doesn’t want to be yours anyways.

Be the woman who never begs for love and let guys fight for her instead. Be the woman who can take a punch and get back up stronger than ever. And be the woman who leaves the second she sees she’s been taken for granted by a man.

That’s the type of woman you should aspire to be. One who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t scared to say NO.

The fact is that you’re too good for him. And the moment you realize that, your perspective will become so clear. You’ll stop looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

Stop holding onto someone who clearly doesn’t want to be held. He’s already gone and has no intention of coming back to you ever again.

Don’t get your hopes up and think that he’ll miraculously change if you give him some time and space. He’ll always be the same guy who’s afraid of commitment no matter what you say or do.

DONE! A Strong Woman Walks Away If She Feels Unwanted, She Never Begs For Love

So do yourself a favor and start living your life to the fullest. Your future clearly doesn’t involve a man who can’t see the value of a woman who’s ready to give her heart to him.

The next time a guy leaves you hanging when you start catching feelings for him, just let him go. Never beg for love because no one is worth doing that for.

Be thankful that you’ve saved your precious heart from the pain, and focus on yourself. Know when it’s time to leave and know when your presence is valued. Let this be the quote you live by and walk away from anyone who tries to tell you differently.

Believe me when I say that a real man will appreciate you for who you are. He’ll never make you feel unwanted and unloved. That’s why you have to make some room for a guy whose worthy of your time.

A Strong Woman Walks Away If She Feels Unwanted, She Never Begs For Love